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Indian god, Kubera with Laser transmitter Part-1


Report: 123.
I found other evidence of the use of modern technological devices in the hands of the gods of antiquity.
In this case the gods of ancient India used the same devices, such as Annunakis at the time of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, today's Iraq, part of Lebanon and Syria. kubera con laser_1  Indian gods, not indigenous, were powerful gods.
They are so much more than Annunakis because Annunakis, although beings from another planet, they were not the command, they are only staff of the gods of heaven or of the heavens.
Heaven is the word for a particular place somewhere up there in the space, perhaps from a spaceship, and they are many, so we speak of different heavens.
Because each city in the sky turning into another high, and when the Annunakis climbed the Sky with small aircrafts, they went to different cities in different levels, in different skies.
The Indian gods were the guardians, or masters of their own giant aircraft, which were in the orbit of the earth.
These gods had a mentality in relation to the people of the land differently than other gods. They did not take advantage of people, the gods taught all, and gods lived together with the people. kubera con laser_2  Naturally they are protected from their powers. The existence of gods in India was so common.
The sighting of ships flying among the clouds, rising and floating down, it was so normal. That was something from everyday living. That was No miracles or magic, without understanding.
No, the gods described precisely the materials of their technology, but I'm sure a lot was not understood. But who today understands some electronic circuits, or thirty-two nanometers circuits, or monitors or touch screen phones?
We know it's not magic, but it is a set so complicated and so much technology of different materials and programs, which surpasses knowledge of the people. There are so many skills needed to understand a function, which was impossible to the Indian before understanding everything. But no one fell to the floor from fear by the presence of the gods. kubera con laser_3  They came from heaven with much power and help, and were always. The fear comes from misunderstood or interpreted technology disguised as magic.
No, in India the presence of the gods was normal. Also on earth and in heaven, this was inhabited by the gods, because they were able to fly.
The temples and statues are full of gods, and home flyers, or other artifacts not interpreted as something technological. kubera con laser_4  Kubera the treasurer of the gods is holding something very important in his hand.
Although it seems to be gold, because the role of Kubera was treasurer, I do not think, he having a kilo of gold in his hand, but an artifact, which protects him in case of emergency or it, facilitates communication, or protection. Kubera, the Indian god with a power transmitter in his hand. Very similar to the Annunakis. kubera con laser_5  They are present in several previous reports. You can see thus on the labels under Aliens/gods 02
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Really awesome collection by admin... Great article keep on going admin... provide hanuman chalisa too

Josef Bauer on July 24, 2015 at 2:31 AM said...

Thanks for your kind words

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