Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ufos and artifacts on mars filmed by Spirit

The Mars rover Spirit recollected some very strong artifacts on his journey.

In my first video you will see the three UFOS discovered from Spirit in the sky at mars.

three UFOS flying above Spirit

The second video has some artifacts to show. He was taking this strange evidence at the same place. Only some weeks he was stationed on the same place, because his slow energy. He couldn’t travel some days, but he could take images. And he has done his work very well. The man from NASA put all the images in a panoramic picture and now we have the results. They are very, very strange evidence of life on mars. Go on to take a look.

The first video with the title:

The second video with the title:

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three Ufos are flying above Spirit, the mars rover on Mars


Here you see photos from Mars and there are three UFOS who are flying above Spirit, the mars rover on Mars.
Also on my other blog you will see a lot more.
Here the link to the video in YouTube of this report
El video de los tres Ovnis en forma triangular vuelan sobre Spirit
Three triangles are flying in formation above the Rover, the Spirit. What can it be? UFOs? Don´t know. Take a look and think about it. I do only an amplification and a relieve transformation on this photos, because they are visibly only in an amplification. For this reason the NASA no have had nothing to hide it.
triangulo en marte_1417

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