Thursday, April 29, 2010

The UFO of Paraguay reveals its size and shape

ufo py_1


Report: # 117

Amazing how is the structure of this device.ufo py_2  At the moment it is a UFO. Don’t know where it comes, where it goes.

I know its here in the Air on Earth, flying with a supernatural grace.

The aesthetics of their symmetry. The beauty shines of the energy aura that envelops the object. The possibility of flying without feeling the gravity. All this shows a very far advanced technology and far from understanding of many human scientist. Do not say all, because it is not probable, that no man, no scientist knows the technology used.

It is not yet clear the connection between man and extraterrestrial civilizations. The connection is from millions of years, but with people selected.ufo py_3  I made the first step. This fully confirmed the existence of UFOs. There is no doubt.

Now I have this device measures.

It’s a device, which uses no aerodynamics, but other technology.

This UFO moves vertically inclined!ufo py_4  Observe, and think about physical laws, which break with that. Meditate with all that is known so far in physics, in religion, in history, and then tells me the conclusion reached.

Josef Bauer

Link to my Report : The UFO, which I photographed in Curuguaty

The UFO from Curuguaty , Part-2

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The UFO from Curuguaty , Part-2


ufo curuguaty _0

Report: # 116

The UFO of seven mountains near Curuguaty, a city in Paraguay, reveals the secrets of its form, and its measures.ufo curuguaty _1 The shape is typical of a flying saucer with a symmetrical shape.ufo curuguaty _2  The floor was flat with a diameter of approx. seven meter and eighty centimeters.

The walls heights were approx. two meters without give them importance to the aerodynamics designs of an airplane or car. Then he begins to curve with a height of one meters and a half to go about forming a dome of two meters in height and a diameter of approx. two meters. In total it has a height of five meters and a half.

The relationship between diameter and height of a UFO of this type are as follows: the diameter is the height multiplied by 1.41515,

or height is the diameter divided by 1.41515

ufo curuguaty _3  The images outlined the perfectly symmetrical of the object, and the body of the device. You can also see the aura that surrounds the object.

The first time it looks so clear in the graphics filters used, which is the form of the device, how is occulting the aura of energy the object and how it is flying vertically. ufo curuguaty _4  What means the vertical tilt?

The device does not fly on its axis horizontal?

No, they fly vertically in a horizontal flight.ufo curuguaty _5  How is it possible? Thus, if a plane would fly up ninety degrees and moves forward in a horizontal direction.

A plane can do?

Not in upward direction. Down a few seconds before it crashed, but never one meter in horizontal direction.

Because it depends on the aerodynamics!

What is that?

The curved wings produce a boost from the bottom up, and over the wings produces a small vacuum, which lifts the plane up.

The two forces together, the effect of the wings, and turbine thrust, they keep them in the air.

It can never stand still in the air. Only these three forces together can prevent that the force of gravity gets the power over the mass of the aircraft and only when it is in movement.

The UFO moves itself with other energy as we known. That is another form of energy properties with others characteristic who may be just because of their otherness also used differently.

There are no signs of aerodynamics. The air don't slows it down and therefore don't  heat the appliance, because there is no friction between the appliance and air.

There is no gravity! There is no friction.

Between our dimension and the dimension in which the UFO is moving there is no physical contact!

If you don't use propellers or turbo engines that keep you in the air, then you have to use any invisible force like magnetism for their displacement and a force to maintain the flying object in the air without being exposed to the phenomena of gravity.

View this product means so much that you cannot describe it in a nutshell.

The force of gravity can be overridden. How many physical laws broken by this? How many new laws were discovered? What energy is used?

I said as long as he sees smoke coming from a vehicle, while viewing a mirror to the side, while using "wipers" and while oil is loaded in the various holes in iron, such as motor box not yet completed the phase of technical and physical findings.

UFO's transport system, without knowing exactly what energy is used and which physical law was invented, shows that we are totally wrong about everything, but with all the scientific postulates.

Religion must be reformed to include life on other planets and possibly in the near future the wild life on our planet as creatures with soul and senses.

The situation of god is complicated. He has to retire or expand over all the matter equally. But it can never be a god for this earth and only for a part of this humanity.

There is not a world with blessed life, and made of God, and Mars, or any other planet in the universe, without the presence and the blessing of God.

The written history hidden more than it tells us.

We know of five thousand years of our past. What son five thousand years?

That’s nothing. The earth has 4.5 billion years and one billion years after the formation of the earth, d there was life on earth.

The sciences of medicine, biology, astronomy, philosophy, physics and chemistry have to start again.

We see an apparatus with the weight of a truck; it stays in the air, in silence, inclined to side as he wants, speeding or still and not falling and crashing into the ground. Magic not exist, but there are new technologies.

They, no matter who they are, people from here or from other planets, they are showing that there is more to discover.

But we must also ask, who decides to what level the common man can find information about new discoveries.

Until reading and writing was banned recently. And where not prohibited is not encouraged. Why there are so many Illiterate just where the land is more fertile, In Latin America and Africa?

Why first world countries do not help poor countries with the development of education. What salary gets a teacher in an underdeveloped country? They gain two hundred dollars per month. With a missile less, with one day less of war could be built in a year, all necessary classes and pay all the teachers.

But a developed intellectual people think for themselves and no more is left to manipulate. A herd of sheep is easier to run as a society informed and prepared.

Always someone was afraid that people discover the truth, the truth about the world.

Adam ate the apple yet. It’s a Lie that he bit the apple. Now is the time of heavy biting the apple of the Garden of Eden. I mean the apple of knowledge.

It is a lie that we were expelled from the divine Garden of Eden. They never let us go in. We were never inside. It is time to eat the apple that Eve offered us, to complete our knowledge with hidden information.

Knowing everything and everyone knows, we could enter and settle into Eden, the Garden offered by god.

Josef Bauer

Link to my Report : The UFO, which I photographed in Curuguaty

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More than one folk chosen by God

Report: # 115

There was another people chosen by God

The stones speak more, as the scriptures.

I discovered, in addition to Israel, most other people, was chosen from the gods. The Olmecs, and their heirs, the Toltec’s.

This connection is not clear yet, but the treasures of the Olmecs were saved and hidden, when finished the power of the Olmecs.

As in the sects of the West was also in South America a group of shamans who kept the secrets and technological power they had in their care.

Just as the sacred ark is kept care to this day in some secret place and hid hundreds of years, some requirements in the past were given to the people of the Olmecs of the gods themselves.

When then comes the right time they give all or some artifacts to the new Toltec’s tribal society and the Toltec’s could use this artifacts what helped them to gain more in authority to other tribes.

The Olmecs, a Tribe, Mexican peoples, who lived in the jungle in southern Mexico 3500 years ago is the mother of the cultures of Central America. Also, the empire of the Incas claimed for itself.

The Origin of the Olmecs is mysterious and cannot be satisfactorily clarified. They share this experience with many ancient cultures. The secrets of the Olmecs remain more likely by the loss of documents, whether they were once written, or directly by lack of documentation in place and at the time of those times.

As I told many times, luckily each culture begins just start a partnership with cultural works, works of art. With reliefs and sculptures and statues and scriptures engraved in stone.

These are the unique testimony of glory days of the daily life of a people in motion. This relief tells us many times with full compliance to be accurate, and not work of fantasy, the relevant facts.

Although sometimes as tell some very normal day work from the time as bringing water from a well with a with a jar, which was formed from clay and to hard it was possibly burned in furnaces as is done today with plates of table, tea cups or containers for ornamental plants, not seems to assert the effort of carving such a scene in stone.

But luckily no one thought like that before. Today we can read between the lines, between the drawings of ornaments and even they tell us much of their sense of aesthetic and beauty. The ornament shows that they were cultured.

They knew, thus, are so beautiful and lovely then put these ornaments in and around a story.

The same thing we do when we put a picture of our beloved in a special frame. Sometimes carved wood or less cultured today used because their lowest price, plastic frames, imitating something that previously was at least as cute and so difficult to do as the picture itself, whether in oil or stone. The framework for a relief of whatever material is the final point, the completion of a work.

Just talk about the sense of aesthetics, which conveys the fact itself, that relief has a frame. Not yet analyzed the reason for the scene, or even less material and the tool used for the manufacture of a relief.

Analyzing the set of all, gives us much more knowledge of an artist and ergo of its people that reading the scriptures which in turn logically crucial keys to understand and know the names of rulers, names of the people....

But in case of the Olmecs, we don’t know how they were called. Only other people, who survived them in time, given them names and in this case they called them Olmecs.

If a people spent on works, means they have enough to eat. And at the sometime the can feed people who do not produce food. This means that the work is organized. A group goes hunting, other crops, others are in housing constructions and manufacturing of weapons and utilities such as plates of table, clothing...

Yet we need for more analysis writing letters. We read a lot. We know a lot, without analyzing the contents of a relief.

What we know so far? We know that a tribe in the jungle, normally busy of survival starts a new behavior.

They were sitting in one place. There they were building houses and cultivated plants in their surroundings for food.

This jumping behavior was never delivered with sufficient respect and with a sharp surprise. It is taken for normal.

It is not normal! Instead of hunting, you put a seed in the ground and wait five months and harvest the fruit, grain or whole plant.

You have to invent new tools so that it seems impossible that they have done over and over again. If you change today being a writer at a desk in your office for example, to be a biological food producer on a farm, without chemical use and far from civilization you have to prepare all the tools you need.

You now hold in your mind the plan of many of them. You have the patents on many devices in your head, and turn it around in the jungle in something useful with the materials, which gives you the jungle.

In the case, if you did not know which tool to use to prepare the land to plant. Who gives you all the ideas in an instant?

You also want to know, when comes the moon to be full, when the time was come colder or warmer. Which seed is planted on what date and what to do with the seed after harvest and at all from where you become the first seed to begin the cycle of planting and harvesting?

How can you eat them? Who invented the grain milled and mixed with water, the pasta? And who put them the first time on a hot stone to bake the dough.

It is easy to eat bread every day, but it was easy to invent?

It’s easy to bring water into a glass, or jar, but who tells you all that, how to make a jar with clay, water and fire and that you can use it to store almost any food, not only water.

If you want to look in a mirror you have to know first that there are and second you have to know from what material they are made.

You still yet cannot do. The Olmecs had mirrors, that alone by itself was a miracle.

Almost like a hologram the image is reflected on either sides that is about or things that are closer to the mirror. This requirement in itself is an OOPART, which is an artifact out of time.

An artifact not known and less still manufactured in stone, not Silicon, which is the burning sand, the glass. Possibly another gift of a god to a human goddess.

There are many inventions that man certainly did, but almost every culture, which began well from one day to another, speaks of divine teachers, gods who taught them everything.

That was it. The man always received instructions from the gods. If hi not did hear what they told him, hard were the consequences.

If peoples are aware of all the sciences at the same time and also capable to feel love for the beautiful, the aesthetic in the works, to the works of construction of a dwelling, whether a temple or a house itself, then one part is missing in the evolution. Knowledge is the sum of experience or of teaching work.

Also a company, societies, a technology, an organization must evolve.

Or someone creates it. God gives some instructions and then as a supernova, a solar flare, a people rises.

If temples are built with technology, knowing the direction and the axis of the pole, knowing the cosmic frequency that crossing the earth diagonal hundreds or thousands of times, then it’s not wrong to speak of teachers, trainers.

The gods always accompanied man.

The gods created the human being as his image as the Bible says true to his lyrics.

Some people were more loved and more important ones for the gods than others. Not all people are equal before the eyes of God.

Some people took from the surface of the earth as the wind blows the sand and drops in the desert. In contrast, other peoples gods provided a safer life, and with more power against their enemies. We are not and never were equal before God, or gods.

Moses and his people were elected and thanks to the sacred texts and transmitted in written form until the present time it is known that.

The Olmecs were a people also elect of the gods. Only in another place and unfortunately got loosed and missed all this culture, except their works in stone.

These statues of soldiers of the culture of the Toltec’s, which are placed in the city of Tula with the name of the Atlantean giants, have a very modern look.

They carry unusual artifacts or not invented at this time. Not only wear shoes, pants, shirts or sweaters with long sleeves, batteries for military equipment including weapons of Laser and Taser.

They fought on the distance and not in a melee fight.

God gave arms and batteries and light reflectors to the people of the Olmecs.

These people were elected from the gods in this part of the world, but the gods got away or absent for any reason, and leave everything in the hands of a group.

These elite solders got their powerful weapons for the defense of his chosen people. These People were faithful to their god. Only for the great trust that the gods had in them, give them weapons made of the gods. An enormous privilege. The Olmecs were left 1700 years in power, which means the great power they had at their disposal.

Olmecs used weapons of the gods, just as Moses!

When gradually disintegrated the society of the Olmecs, as in all the cultures in history has done, those initiated into the sacred secrets of a sect or a group of shamans began to withdraw and hide all that was sacred and waited for a return of their gods whenever they would come back.

That happened hundreds of years later. There is give all or some of these artifacts hidden to the new leaders, the new protected from the gods. The Toltec’s were the chosen heirs.

Of that, some other time!


Josef Bauer

The Weapons of the Olmec

the video: The Laser-Gun of the Olmec

Laser-Gun or Taser in the hands of the Olmecs


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The soldiers of the Olmecs



Report: # 114

To defend their territory, were a group of elite, skilled, and equipped with technology of extraterrestrial origin.solderss_1  The soldiers of the Olmecs were well-trained athletes, but they were good technical and with strategic instruction and trained in the use of a technology unknown to their enemies.

A small group was sufficient to defend the people of any threat of hostile tribes.solderss_2  With modern weapons could kill, or detain hundreds of offenders, without much effort.

Their weapons were developed technologically thousands of years before anyone could image this thing of power. They used Laser rifles or handgun´s or Taser.

The Laser weapons drilling, and burning the attacker with his hot lightning.

The Taser gives an electric shock, scare and immobilize him for a while, not injure or kill the enemy.solderss_3  That was the biggest surprise when they saw that a motionless body could be recovered again. Greater was than the fear, which the enemies after all had.

How great warriors were the Olmecs, was spoken in their surroundings. Without touching the enemy, they can kill or detain anyone. They were similar to God. The enemy’s life depended solely on the will of the soldier.

It is amazing the use of these weapons by the Olmecs. More surprising is that the gods gave them weapons, which in many other stories of other cultures is described, but only in the hands of the gods herself.

The weapons or artifacts come always from the gods to selected peoples.

The Olmecs were peoples selected from the gods, and they in turn loyal to their gods.

They were certainly unique in his character and were certainly much disciplined in managing these artifacts of the gods.solderss_4  Remember, Moses also received a heavy weapon to defend his people. It is the only historical account, where a human being receives a weapon of a god.

Now I have the certainty that he was not alone. The Olmecs were also one of God’s chosen people.

I send Greetings to my Mexican friends and my respects to the decedents of the Olmecs. Although the people of the Olmecs disintegrated, the genetic material is alive in some people. They can be very proud of their origin.

Not every culture and his people are chosen of God. Although some claim it today, not all are worthy of that.

Josef Bauer

The Olmec and the ANNUNAKIS used the same Power

The Weapons of the Olmec

Laser-Gun or Taser in the hands of the Olmecs

the video: The Laser-Gun of the Olmec

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Laser-Gun or Taser in the hands of the Olmecs

Report: 116.
The Mystery of the Olmecs is not clear. Only a stone sculpture testifies to this great Mexican jungle culture. They appeared 3550 years ago and remained as an Indian tribe of unknown origin, almost 1700 years in power in the occupied territory.
They had modest knowledge of astronomy, and knew how to work extremely hard stone, like basalt. Since, and because heavy stones brought from the quarries of over a hundred miles away in low places, is not known. It is said that they lived in the heights of some volcanic mountains, and eventually began looking for more fertile land. You will be working very hard materials, it means having tools toughest yet.
But we are talking about ancient times, far more advanced cultures in metallurgy. What were their tools?
It is possible that a group selected of the gods received tools that serve as weapons and as shapers of stone, like a modern laser?
A laser can be easily cut any material; you can burn and evaporate rocks.
They used a laser to carve the stones and at the same time used the laser in case of defense.
A portable laser would be the ideal tool for sculpture in stone and for defense against enemies. An example of the use of advanced technology is in these robots or soldiers carved in stone, but with details so precise that only a frontline observer could have made this sculpture.
Often these drawings in stone or this stone statue are distributed at the fantasy of an artist. There are not much surrealist artists in the modern era
Not much surrealist artists in the modern era can do it. Because of that surreal paintings are so expensive.
The fantasy of something that does not exist is very difficult for the human mind. Create surreal things, and turn it into hard a material which is difficult to manage, is a superhuman job, for Mind and body.
More likely, it was a testimony or a replica of something real, existing and in view of the artist.
Why many scientists are always looking for explanations in fantasy, in the abstract, when they know that thinking abstract costs the human mind much more than copy something existing.
The reader of my thoughts should not forget that they had no white paper in packs of five hundred sheets to draw what he wanted. Today is a drawing dashed, what does not like and was repeated in another clean sheet. Do the same with a stone that someone brought a hundred kilometers away and letting go of your fantasies surreal.
I would not dare, or to begin. What if the supplier of the stones does not like the portrait Horrible? It could be a certain death of any artist. That is what became of stone was in front of the artist as a replica made. That is, what was done in stone was in front of the artist, as did the grip. The surrealist was born in modern times, with enough material to reach without concern that you like someone or not. But never in the old days was work done with so much sacrifice to any Art being modern, surreal or fantastic. The art never had a room for the madness of a great dreamer. Thus, an any and all culture, art is the best testimony of a culture. All that is seen today in thousands of year’s old stones is a copy of a moment of time. A moment frozen in time to tell what you saw in those days. Like this: no other explanation.
What I see in these statues of soldiers is a witness and not a fantasy of anyone or me. Soldiers have a technological device in his hands. I do not care if it is or could be 3700 years ago.
There he is. It is not a weapon to fight. It’s not a stick to hit someone. There is no something sharp. It is simply a device that can shoot energy at a distance. Be a laser to pierce or burn the enemy or a Taser to shoot electricity I cannot say, but it is something to attack or defend on distance away. Not a weapon for a melee fight.
But even more evidence as a sign of advanced technology. The grip of this weapon is ergonomic correct. The balance of this weapon is accurate and ergonomic .The word ergonomic is used in modern science.
The modern designer today is advised by doctors and the anatomist and any implement is adapted to the anatomical shapes of men. The use of a computer mouse is an excellent example. It adapts to the shape of the hand.
All the movements should be smooth without fatiguing a muscle. The hammer of today is no longer a heavy stone, but a smart tool, well balanced. So this weapon is also well suited to a man’s hands and the strength of a man.
The Olmecs had contact with the gods of space.
For some reason, may be that the Olmecs received by their gods, these dangerous weapons for its defense whiles the gods are not.
I imagine that the return of the gods goes late or the no comes ever more, and the energy in these weapons release over time, and lost their effectiveness. This was the moment where other tribes rose to the rule of the Olmecs.
If I’m wrong, is not by much.
 Josef Bauer
the video:
the video: Olmecs laser gun
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