Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson said:”Remember the time.”


Reflection: 004.
Michael Jackson, you said:”Remember the time.”
Now, the time will remember you
The King of Pop is gone, but we all will remember you of the rest of our life.


 Good by Michael Jackson
my condolence to his familys
Greet´s Josef Bauer
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A crater on Mars, which is not a crater


A crater on Mars, which does not originate, in a meteor impact, or don´t appears, to be a Vulcan.
To be a crater of a Vulcan, I need more mass on the walls. The walls are very thin and regular in all directions. The eruption of a volcano, the crater opens, shooting outside the substance, and the lava is directed outward and cooled, leaving the edges ever higher. Whenever, any lava flow toward the sites below the Volcano. A rash can last for hours, days and weeks, even years. We have pictures of other moons in our solar system, where an eruption follows years.
I mean with that, that a strip of this lava runs down and has nothing in his mind, if it has a mind, with the symmetry, that often characterizes the crater itself. A crater of a volcanic eruption has a concave shape with a diameter much smaller than the diameter of the crater on the rim.
A one side they becomes a flood of slowly hardened lava, with a layer above the other. Many times, this lava, or this hot mass is going Miles from the center, and leaves a mark on her journey to eternity.
In our image is the going on the contrary.
Nor is the crater of a meteor impact, as revealed in some, and as seen in images of the moon. The impact, normally clean everything inside of a crater, pulling or vaporizing and burning everything in front of him.
Normally do not have an edge above ground level. It is just a hole, according to the size of the meteor. This image shows a rising edge high above the ground on Mars. That means, it is not an impact.
Then it must be the wall, formed by an eruption inside. As explained above, a crater of Vulcan is a concave from the inside out. Here is something strange. The top diameter, on the edge, is smaller than the inside, and decreases in the form of an eye-Round, thin, elegant, and symmetrical. Also outside the wall is very symmetrical, round and beautiful.
Looking up toward the center of the crater, I have no other word to describe it, but I do not seem to be the product of an eruption, it is something or someone inside.
I don´t think something like the rest of a cooled lava. I think someone or something, is there hiding. As with many images, I can not give explanations. I think in future we will need geologist´s there, to determine geological and new items. Possibly in many cases have to go with the geologist, a biologist, to provide answers about the possibility of different forms of life. I think that this eye in the Martian soil is a hideaway, a nest, a home for a form of Life on Mars.
 Josef Bauer
credit:Nasa/Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780
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Monday, June 22, 2009

The best liquid water and life evidence at Mars



In the “Hirise- ESP0128731075RED.abrowse ,Image”, I found, and I say it, with absolute security, once again, evidences of liquid water, and biological Mars life.
Little times in my blog, I express myself with as much vehemence and as much security, as today in the publication, of these evidences irrevocable, of life in Mars.
I thought much, before publishing this evidence of life in Mars.
Now I put myself in row, or able to side, of other investigators, more known, like Mr. Joseph P. Skipper, or the discoverer of the Mars face, Mr. Richard C. Hoagland. biolifeinlake_0_thumb1
Also I expose myself to the attacks, of the opponents to the extraterrestrial existence of life, wherever he is and in which form that is.
The history shows, that all these investigators, who managed to discover true, tests of Ufos, extraterrestrial lives, or contact with them, today, or in all history of impossible devices and many others of these facts and secret things, were persecuted or bothered in their honor and personal and professional credibility.
The risk is not small, to give to the opinion publishes, clear and unquestionable evidences, of secret things, facts that are hidden, already so many thousands of years of the public opinion.
But also, the more people they have it, in its computer, the less danger has by the evidences in if, of which they are lost once again.
As a unique carrying person of knowledge, no longer is so important, when she shares his discoveries with others. Internet in this sense has an uncontrollable force contrary to governments or hidden groups of the power.
Now to the photos, those are a true surprise.
In means of this image a lake with liquid water and a colony of a new form of life is seen.
I already found many forms of life, that it still does not publish, for the mentioned reasons above. But this form is special. It lives in a lake, which can as well be, that this is a little congealed in the surface, but not as much, that the roots, or other organs of this form of biological life could not arrive until the vital liquid.
These circles have in their center a small one enlarges shining ration, that can be the head or the brain of each individual.
It is a colony of individuals, but accountable.
I am going to study more deeply this image and in future deliveries; I am going to present/display extensions of this news article. I give you the number of the image and you can go to investigate by his self. If you are copying my images or the text, of my news article, you should put the Link to my Blog. Thus it can take knowledge more People.
 Josef Bauer

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon



NASA is going to the moon. This is good.
NASA is going to the moon to bombing the moon. This is bad.
A very good report on this side
is talking about the next step, that NASA will do on the moon surface. Looking for water.NASa LCROSS a
Nasa can observe stars in other galaxies and determine if there hydrogen or not en the suns or in some news extra planets. On our moon they must explode a bomb or two to become a DataStream of water particles. I am reading the entire report and without to accepting all of the theories of Ufos, I make a commentary. In small words I am saying all what I am thinking about it:
Phoenix are landing on mars, about ice, with 6 high-tech ovens to vaporized this ice to determine, it is or not, frosted hydrogen, but don’t could to his work. We don´t know exactly, is there water or not. Now, the new method is brutal force. How to use neurons and not ballistic? The Americans politic leaders are a shame for the world. The have scientist to do a good job, to make energy effectively cars, but the corrupt politicians don’t permit to do so. A good politician could resolve the must of the problems in the world, with agreements, accepting others people’s religion and thoughts, but the luck must be bringing o send with air fighters and war. Now we are going to bomb the moon. It’s scientifically a step thousands of years back. This is not the future of the humans, the future is science without politic and war. If you cannot get a science data with heating ice to water, never you can get a DataStream with missiles or rockets. This is a crime, and a stupid act.
Josef Bauer

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