Saturday, August 17, 2013

Water Falls, alien life, artificial terraces

Report: 171.

This picture numbered ESP_014287_1685_RED.NOMAP presents one of the most beautiful landscapes, and also the clearest signs of water in liquid and frozen state.

This place includes water, in frozen state, a wall, or Terrace very special, my living dunes, and a cave, which serves as a natural range of liquid water. This natural well absorbs water and makes it run to underground places.

I cannot confirm if there is an artificial anomaly in this picture, although the wall, or this terrace are very rare, and their edges and walls are too angular, in an environment which is quite hilly.

This terrace has an artificial appearance, because there is no angular shape in this rocky and uneven environment. Something, I think, that are buildings and terraces, and pipes covered with vegetable plantations. Probably a lot of water comes out of the wall, and someone gives practical use, and directs it intelligently.

Certainly I can confirm, we see here very clear signs of water on Mars. The water came, and today comes from places higher, possibly coming from the pressure exerted by water in underground fluid.

The temperature inside the Martian soil is probably much higher than on the surface, that is probably well above the freezing point of water. On the surface, however, the temperature is well below freezing point, ie between 30 and 50 degree Celsius, and therefore freezes the water, immediately coming out to the surface.

Just to complete my remarks I want to add, that there are different mixtures of water on Mars with different hydrates and acids. In simple words, these chemicals are salts, as well as on earth, but with different mixing formulas.

There is also filtered water, which comes from the interior, and logically has little or no Natrium Hydrochloride and therefore is rapidly frozen.

The other form of liquid water is more strained, mixed with acid, resulting salts, and does not reach freezing.

Examples of such mixtures are Metamizol-Natrium, Hydrochloride Natriumhydroxid.

Text from Wikipedia: ... Sodium is an essential nutrient that plants need in very low doses. However, a slightly higher dose, the salt is more toxic.

Certain groups of plants such as C4 or CAM plants require higher doses of this element and others, called halophytes are more tolerant to excess salt.ófita

... the chloride of Sodium or sodium chloride, commonly called salt, table salt, or mineral halite form, is a chemical compound with the formula NaCl. Sodium chloride is one of the salts responsible for the ocean salinity, and the extracellular fluid of many organisms. It is also the largest component of table salt, is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.

I follow: NaCl is the formula of our table salt. And it does not freeze. We found it on Mars in lakes, wells or rivers covered with a layer of ice.

From all that we will discuss later.

Falling slowly as in a movie of slow motion, are running drops by drops, and melt, and freeze at the same time, or in periods of hours. That gives the impression of a waterfall frozen; looking not only water, but also the time is frozen.

The most beautiful image of the falls is frozen water.

Drops or water jets hit the ground in the lower levels of this terrain, and there are waiting, other life forms, taking advantage, like all life, these damp places.

This accumulation of unequal bodies, but aligned, maximizes water coming down from the heights.

These bodies allow any liquid to enter, but do not let him more out. Many small walls, gates, high sediment as barriers, hinder the return of water to the environment. On earth there is no such facilitate, biological or animal forms, or large plants. The only resemblance on earth is the moss, stuck to rocks that accumulate moisture, and do not let him escape from his tiny filters.

Back on Mars, I guess it evolved this strategy to take advantage of some moisture, which is transmitted directly. Bodies and tentacles with the ability to absorb water, which occasionally runs are placed in angular terms at, to be exact on a 90 degree angle against any stream.

I talk about this phenomenon and I will have to talk more often because that's life, that's intelligent organization.

That in turn does not mean that these individuals are intelligent, but the force is acting intelligently creating life forms, and composite materials differently to something known to us. In our world any rain destroys everything that opposes its way.

Watch only on steep mountains, which are cultivated by humans.

There is damage from erosion, which always occurs in the direction of water run, led by gravity. We will never find anything like it in our world, as seen over and over again on Mars. I cannot emphasize enough this phenomenon.

I repeat it again. Gravity makes the water run down to areas below. In any space body would be the same, because each mass exerts gravity. Our dams on earth, to gain power, are the only constructions, which opposes the gravitational force of the water.

The wall of any dam cut off the flow of liquid, and directs it inside, where it passed through pipes, to pass through turbines, which produces energy.

If these live dunes on Mars goes something like, but do not take advantage of the current strength of the liquid, but the liquid itself. Surely filtered, accumulates, and loses some of this liquid by transpiration or other effects. All these accumulations are strong enough to oppose the fluid path.

In the next image in the corner right below, is a well, which is apparently dry. Because of the washed-out stages in the rock you can easily see that here a long time much water flowed, and this hole has swallowed everything.

Visible erosion on the rocks is surely the product of thousands of years of water, which came, and filled with a lot of aggression these rocks, and as a whirlwind was lost in the depths of Mars.

Mars was once a beautiful planet, a paradise and home to thousands of life forms. Today is presented in an exotic way, but no less beautiful.

Signs of flowing water before and even today there is a lot. We must accept no more, neither Mars nor possibly any celestial body are sterile. Life in one way or another is present there on each of this planets or moons.

Josef Bauer

Although not plan to use the image as a screen saver, as wallpaper, take a look at the picture, because it has a very good resolution.

7 Wallpaper Free

Source: Satellite MRO

 HiRISE ESP_014287_1685_RED.NOMAP


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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Divine Design - the Ice King

Reflection: 037.
He found me, while I am was walking on Mars and called me with my name. " Come in and come closer, man from the earth," he said.
"You live closer to the Sun, your heart is warmer, your blood flows and fills your body with heat, while I'm waiting for a new era of spring, for our planet.
I am in captivity for thousands of years, unable to move. Bring from your spacecraft solar mirrors, and send the concentrated light from our sun, the sun is also of us, only far, in this cave inward, and the heat will break the ice, which making me a prisoner. „

The voice went on with crystalline tone: "As a token of my appreciation I will reveal all the secrets of the planet Mars, as you call it. Unimaginable treasures i will show you, and offer you to sit on the council of the nobles of this planet.
Come and help me, "he asked with a crystalline voice, which started to freeze again.  Soon I heard no more nothing, but his gaze seemed even asking me the same.

What he did not know, was that I arrived not on a ship on Mars, but in my dreams, such as remote-viewer, without technology, just in my travels out of my body.
It was impossible for me to break the ice sheet, which covered the King to alleviate their state of immobility. The night on earth was ending, and I had to return to my body, and I had to leave the King.
Maybe some other time I can visit him again. With the hope of someday directing a robot with laser capacity in order to defrost him I returned to my body, and I woke up.

That was days before the satellite Curiosity landed near the King.  The fate of the Mars Rover "Curiosity" was not to discover life and explore Mars, but to free the King, and I had the responsibility to change the path of the robot to approaching and to enter, and that he will use his laser casually for an analysis of a rock with a layer of ice.
The heat of the laser beam will be enough to break the layer and the King could go, but that no one knows yet.

Curiosity was sent of fate or divine manipulation?
The king of the ice, someday he will tell us everything. This day will come.
We have to have a little more patience, but this day will come soon.  

Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: The Mars Ice-King

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mars-Hexagon

Report: 170

Day by day I'm watching images of the moon, and images of Mars.
What is the big difference, you see at first glance?
Our moon is sterile, although I do not rule out that there are corners with something we call life. I do not think it's on a big scale, yes, small infestations of bacteria, or something similar, to mosses, which would be advanced life form and flora.
The continuous bombardment of meteorites, and large meteors, punched the moon relentlessly and mercilessly. From million years, or billions of years follow this bombing.
Before, there was still heat inside the moon, and each hit caused a pour out of lava. The craters were filled with lava and sediment leveled these big holes or wells.
in many images you can see that the craters were filled with something to fill them precisely.
Always on the lower side the lava came out, and spilled into the surrounding area.
  Well, anyway, after a few days of the impact cooled everything, and since then it remained so until the present day. No vegetation covering these craters. No erosion, which gradually change the environment.
Only the powder layer gradually increases. Also a little mystery, but I imagine that sunlight with their ultra hard active radiation, destroy the surface. Also, the hammering of small meteorites are like stone mills, and are causing more and more dust.
We conclude that our moon is quite barren, and serves as spatial memory, or memory of creation, because the moon is held since its formation as such.

   However, Mars is a living planet, with all that, that means.  The difference to our moon, Mars is subject to constant changes as well as our environment on our planet.
Until the annual seasons between summer months and colder months with constant changes influence the appearance of the surface. To this must be added the climate variations over periods of thousands or millions of years, with its cyclic warming and cooling.
    Mars is a living planet. Geologically, accompanied by these fluctuations most likely of several forms of biological life, to plant life, and wildlife with forms very difficult for us to recognize as such.
On top of that there are probably very advanced lives, but for environmental reasons, they left their planet to use them such as a shelter.

Now we are three different groups in the search, and observation of Mars and others.
The first category, for this classification, and their training at the same time first.
The scientist, trained in their area, and with the desire to add something to the greatest treasure of our humanity, which is information.
The information, and their sum, their analysis, is the greatest treasure that we have today.
That is also why intellectual property is the most valuable. Intellectual property must be valued, such as hardware, that you can touch.
The matter sometimes transformed into valuable tools, machinery and equipment, or just a house, a yard or a garden.
This scientist is the most valuable to society, because the search for information. On his work, he discovers something new every day.
I speak of any scientist of any discipline.
All pieces are valuable, together with information from other disciplines is increasingly clarified the image of our reality.
The second, in our classification is again the scientist, but now he who depends on government money market funds, or military or other secret groups. The discovery of this class of scientists are so valuable as the first group.
All are scientists, top trained, but this group will not or can not give to us, the general public, any information of his discoveries.
The political, or economic, or military power takes the decision, if you can make public some, or all of a new discovery. What unfortunately happens very rare times or tens of years behind.
The third group is the private investigator, with its limitations in training and economic development.
Here I find myself, and thousands of other civilians seekers. Seek the truth, or knowing the truth is the goal of us. Possibly we rowing a boat against the wind, and if we find something, we know not to communicate the news scientifically, or sensationally.
The honest way, with errors in the description, load with emotion of finding something, does not allow us to reach many people, and convince them of one or another new information. Possibly we are unlikely to add something to all information yet collected.
But I ask all not to lose strength, not the readers, nor the other researchers in their attempts. With our efforts we force the second category that they satisfactorily explains our findings, and so goes one, and other information from them, to the people.

Today I show an anomaly very beautiful, that I found in my walks around Mars. Something similar to a hexagon, or a living thing wrapped in shape of a hexagon.

May be, it is a purely geological, a result of erosion caused from the different temperatures. You can also think of something living, which began to grow in this place, and was wrapped in a circle on itself.
I do not give many explanations because I have not. Watch the exotic and unique form in an environment very attractive, and very exciting. Near this hexagonal shape I can see something like a lake with liquid water probably, but that's another story.
Josef Bauer

Wallpaper: Mars-Hexagon 1024x768  107.8KB

Wallpaper: Mars-Hexagon 1024x768  33.4KB

Source: Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera  E0600005

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Are we slaves of God?

Reflection: 036.
A very nice consultation in a comment on my report: The Olmecs and the Anunnaki used the same energy ... I answer in a reflection, to expand a bit this topic. Thanks again for the compliments and for this question, which really, little are hesitant to do.
To ask, if there are gods, they are still here, or if, they return one of these days; it takes a lot of courage. If an intelligent person asks this question, you have to have the strength to hold an affirmative answer, with its consequences.
It is different, asks about tomorrow's weather, or are in danger of being slaves of the gods, in the event of his return. In addition, to answer, it takes courage and responsibility.
If a meteorologist is wrong does not happen anything serious.
No consequences for humanity. If one forecasts the weather, there is no a Biofeedback in this person, who asked the query.
Instead, all the answers, that a person receives, by his questions, which touch their religion, or their health, or his future, cause a Bio-feedback, i.e. unconscious return, a return subliminal.
That means, at the time, you express your questions, your subconscious is opened, your defense is canceled, and off, like a firewall. There begin to enter words in your soul or heart, or the brain, which works unconsciously.
You have no control on these new orders. Something attracts you or pushes you to the fulfillment of these hypnotic orders.
What has this explanation to see, with the gods and with your question, if we will be slaves again?
Already in my youth, I was surprised at the word, and even the function of the word "Taboo" and "Dogma.” Two words, we know from religious education, Catholic education special.
Very young, I asked the elderly:
What was there before the creation of the world?
What is there outside of this world?
Where end this universe, and can be seen the edge of the end of the universe?
Then came my questions about the age of God, if he was young too someday, and consequently wondered if God can die, and at what age.
My questions were very disturbing and bothered my dear victims and close relatives.
They told me that you do not ask about such divine things
Asking such a thing is forbidden, under a taboo, and questions the words of God, the church and its holy book, the Bible, is a Dogma.
I received no information, simply because until now, forty years later there are none yet.
Sometime Think of, physicist Stephen Hawkins, will explain everything, but even a brain, so efficient, and found no explanation.
Today, everything is more confusing, as before, because the dogma, not to ask, ceased to be a valid argument.
Fear of seeing, and feel the cruelty of an eternal hell, by simple put some questions into the air, fell, until it turned into an anger from us for not receive an explanation.
I said, I was surprised the system using a Dogma, for thousands of years. To play with the mind, or rather, of the psyche of a human being, you have to understand the psyche. You have to know, that exists in the human psyche.
This psyche regulates body wellness. The proper functioning of the body depends on this psyche.
Also regulates the behavior stable, predictable from a human. If anyone can control this psyche, has a slave to his will.
Parents use this power in the education of their children. A eulogy helps to repeat a job, a test, or a positive behavior.
A challenge or punishment may prevent further slippage of a youth. To put subliminal commands inside the psyche of people, as did the church, and earlier all the legal representatives of the gods, or in some cases the very God Himself, must understand that.
This capability, placing orders in your subconscious, it clearly shows the presence of intelligent beings, superior to our ancestors. Then there were Gods, with more wisdom and knowledge in various sciences.
Therefore, it seems that these gods were with us in the beginning of human time.
Possibly, due to an error in our creation, we are more ready, more intelligent, that God wanted to create. Was angry with us. He began to ban this and that. God was more afraid of what we would be the able to accumulate more information, more wisdom and more knowledge.
However, we did, and, increasingly hid their technological artifacts. Showed them as artifacts of magic of its power as God. That worked as long as the used.
Whilst the dark nights were lit by artificial light, the people believed in the power of God
On the day, had to do acrobatics with their ships or blow up some bombs, or electrocute some friends of Moses. That, if returned the faith in him.
God, it had to end this silly game, and employed his subordinates, to maintain this humanity still new, intelligent, and unfaithful to his words. Now began the era of different religions that were established. The war between them started, simply for power.
Thousands of years, all religions achieved to maintain more or less still the most people. From the beginning but it was known that it would not work all the time, with a simple prohibition of asking questions. For that, the prophecies were made.
In them without exact due date, the possibility is always included, the return of God, not without cause before a blight total of all the earth, which was always the meaning of the whole world, that would mean the entire universe.
Someday, it knew from the beginning, it was necessary to return the presentation of God and his power (magic, war).
The summary of all this is simple. We were always controlled and enslaved in our thoughts and in our behavior. That is not all bad. This helps to maintain stability in the morals of a person or a whole society.
Always in history, when morale collapsed, came plagues upon humankind. A punishment from God, on humanity, which came out of a healthy direction. These pests are another sign that we are constantly monitored. This control is not all bad, as I just said.
I believe in two things, less one.
1.) Believe that the gods are always there, but remain invisible to us. Not in a magical way, this form does not exist. If the gods can become invisible, would be in the form of technology. However, I mean, they remain outside of us in places we cannot reach yet, like other planets. Humanity is a conglomeration of thousands of thousands of people, and there is not much time to let them do what they want.
The gods have to come. Man could get rid of the Gods control, first because we are many, but this argument can be, and will be reduced to ashes, as a good part of humanity. For that are the pests of the apocalypse.
2.) Humanity could escape these pests if he voluntarily rid of all military arsenals, and start using all his intellectual capacity to build a society without guns, without hunger, without money, or at least without the cruel interest charge.
The radical change is unlikely, and more likely is the beginning of the return of the Gods. The effect, impact, they will cause, is already well set. We are going to understand only after the Show.
That I will get to the end, not the end of the world, but the end of my reflection.
I am are asking, what is, I do not believe?
Well, I tell you, what I do not believe.
I am working on a book on this subject, but I do not know if I have time. Hunger, fear, and diseases not let you view the source of these pests.
To analyze your situation you have to be healthy, well fed, and free without fear of danger. I do not know if I have time, to describe the whole origin of pests predicted in the prophecies. I believe not. The storm clouds are visible on the horizon.
3.) I do not believe in the prophecies written. The prophecies are calendars with a schedule, a plan established thousands of years ago. Each point has some alternatives in order to manifest, and that is my hope to divert some of the pests.
We will not escape all but with an effort, and return us, before returning the Gods, to a life, transcendent, more humble, it will be less. That does not mean surrender to the power, and the willingness of some extraterrestrial civilizations, which are our Gods.
No, but with an overall disarmament we remove the possibility of an attack, that they could justify. A united humanity, awakened from their ignorance, could be released from their dependence.
To know well himself, society, humanity and the universe, is the secret, in counter attacking the plagues of the Apocalypse, and the gods could be presented without trumpets and a trombone, which collapsed our society.
Greetings to all my friends

Josef Bauer
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Individuals, living side by side


Individuals, living side by side in the bed of a dry river on Mars.

In this report we show Martian life. No, it's life, as we generally know it, but there are parallels here on earth, in the form minuscule, but enough so that scientists can study.

Scientists see this form of life found on Earth, that Mars could have this lifestyle too.

To date, there is no clear definition, and determining what is life.  Perhaps we can never describe in words which is life. We have in our classification of life, very few words, and too few comparisons.

Our egocentric thought, let us not jump yet our shadow, and do not want to get in a long line of life forms that are possible in the universe. We want to be above, or at least first, in this row.

The day will come, where biologists, geologists, and other scientists of new sciences have to proclaim new descriptions, new names, and functions, and adaptations of life forms, to us unknown environments.

Let's go by my description, and at the end of this report I put texts from a site with a really interesting description of life forms.

In these images we see something like a channel or bed of a dry river. This channel runs roughly in a direction likely to sink into a crater and continues on the other side, or from the other side toward the crater.

I can not precisely determine the direction of river flow or a lava, which ran through this channel. I think, that ran from the left side to the right side of the picture, with interruptions, caused by erosion.

The interesting thing is the occupation of the dry riverbed.

The channel is occupied with a colony of individuals

Those are placed in string, one beside the other. They can not be sand dunes or remains of a cumulative erosion over millions of years.

Never, these individuals come from an erosion of this environment on Mars. Erosion drag using the gravitational force, ie solid material is dragged down places at lower levels.

Any run of water, lava or earthquake landslide, thawed treatment, or just freezing material that has accumulated moisture can come loose material, but always run to places below.

The force of gravity, the laws of physics, which, apparently, are the same as here on earth, do not allow other direction. 

Well, what about the wind?

Yes, the wind can come from two main sides of the equator opposite directions. North wind and South wind are usually the ones with force to erode the land and its derivatives, such as buildings, bricks, walls and other constructions.

The wind can not be changed at a place below the surface, like a crater, or a bed of a river, where the walls protect this place from the wind.

Neither the wind can change its direction in its route in meters away, and as an artist carve similar examples over hundreds or thousands of meters. In addition, at locations around the globe.Note, these lines, for me, beings, or living plants are never on the line, parallel to the logical direction of a possible erosion due to climatic factors, and environmental increments. They are always placed in a ninety degree angle. What does that mean?

Farmers in Japan and in Brazil, you know, they are contour lines in areas with agricultural cultures. For the readers who have no knowledge of agricultural crops on steep terrain, I explain in a few words, what they are, these contours.

Dry rice plantations, not sown under water is terraced. In case of rain, the strength of a heavy rain moves very slow, to places at levels below, for each scale on the ground, it stops and gives the soil time to absorb so much moisture, as it is possible.

In Brazil it is the same in places more extensive to prevent erosion. lead the sandy soil erosion in a few years down the land or directly into rivers. for this reason, the rivers become in every rain red, because they are filled with eroded soil.

Looking at pictures of Mars, and I was surprised many times, this grouping against the laws of gravitation.

Something dead, like a dune can not face over the strength of this gravitation and erosion. Only a living thing can oppose these forces, and use the run, and erosion forces for their own empowerment. What may be a naturally utilization? Logically, the absorption of elements. Mainly water. Water which occasionally may run on these channels, a lesser or greater amount, will be filtered in this way to the maximum.

We're back with the word "filter". As in the previous report Tell me where you live, and I tell you who you are ..., a filter has to deal with maximum force, with the largest area possible, against the flow of liquid, filtering is required.

If would be placed in parallel would not be able take advantage of an eventual sporadic flow of a liquid, from rain, mist or ice thawing. These evidences are a clear signal that these lives vegetable or mineral or a mixture of biological life with the mineral, have sensors, are living cells, with the ability to absorb and retain moisture in the cells. We see an organization against the enormous force of gravity, and opposed to erosion. Mainly erosion are climate effects. With the help of a factor, which is the time, and weather environmental changes occur.

Throughout, the tendency is to fill voids and low spots with soil, and sediment. Without spaces.

Erosion and time, put a lid from oblivion, to errors made from chaos, and made of the inhabitants of a planet.

Only life, and the force of creation, evolution are able, find places, new environments, dealing with places and new situations, and adapt, to begin a new cycle of life, hopefully with more luck, they had other specimens, or other races.It will not be different in any corner of this universe.

Josef Bauer

Source: MRO HiRISE Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter \ SP_006268_1995_RED.NOMAP.browse

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO HiRISE\ PSP_006268_1995_RED.NOMAP

Link: PSP_006268_1995/PSP_006268_1995_RED.NOMAP.browse.jpg

Wallpaper: mars life side by side

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Here I add a Web

report, which is extremely good, in his description of different forms of life. You have to read the whole article. I put some parts not more, to see, I'm not really wrong with my definition of life.

Josef Bauer

The Original Report, is in the Spanish language. ( below of my Translation )

Translation: Josef Bauer

NASA began to analyze the so-called "stromatolites" which are rock structures that consist of layers of seaweed mud inside.

"These organisms can be our best example of what to look for on other planets," said Brad Bebout, a researcher at Ames Research Center of NASA.

Stromatolites are, by definition, organo-sedimentary laminated structures (primarily calcium carbonate) adhered to the substrate, a product of the metabolic activity of microorganisms (mainly cyanoprokariotas cyanobacterial or algal), but also participate in the green algae carbonate precipitation.

Among the micro flora can also be found diatoms, fungi, crustaceans, insects, spores, pollen, red algae and sediment and fragments of all kinds. The organic variety depend on the type of environment they are growing: hypersaline, freshwater, intertidal, subtidal, etc.. They are rock structures and porous, rough surface-gelatinous product mucilaginous secretions.

On the surface algae grow while you are precipitating carbonates and trapping sediments, which after years will be consolidated as a rock. In this way the structure increases in size, horizontally and / or vertically.

The stromatolites may have many different forms: columnar, domal hemispherical, head shaped in the form of "bed" or "twinky wonder", cone-shaped shrub or as may be conical, blister or combinations form.

There stromatolites in any geological era (from the Precambrian), even today continue to grow in many parts of the world. In Mexico today stromatolites can be found in the lagoon of Alchichica, Pue., In Las Huertas, Mor., In Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila., And other towns of Oaxaca, Yucatan and San Luis Potosi.


La NASA comenzó a analizar los denominados "estromatolitos”, que son estructuras rocosas que consisten en capas de algas con lodo en su interior.

"Estos organismos pueden ser nuestro mejor ejemplo de qué buscar en otros planetas", explicó Brad Bebout, un investigador del Centro de Investigación Ames de la NASA.

Los estromatolitos son, por definición, estructuras organo-sedimentarias laminadas (principalmente de carbonato de calcio) adheridas al sustrato, producto de la actividad metabólica de microorganismos (principalmente cianobacterias o algas cyanoprokariotas), aunque también las clorofitas participan en la precipitación de carbonatos.

Entre la micro flora también se pueden encontrar diatomeas, hongos, crustáceos, insectos, esporas, polen, rodofitas y fragmentos y sedimentos de todo tipo. La variedad orgánica dependerá del tipo de ambiente en que estén creciendo: hipersalino, dulceacuícola, intermareales, submareales, etc. Son estructuras rocosas y porosas, de superficie rugosa-gelatinosa, producto de las secreciones mucilaginosas.

Sobre la superficie van creciendo las algas, al tiempo en que van precipitando carbonatos y atrapando sedimentos, que después de años se consolidarán como roca. De esta manera la estructura aumenta en tamaño, horizontal y/o verticalmente.

Los estromatolitos pueden tener muchas formas distintas: columnares, domales hemiesféricos, en forma de cabezal, en forma de "cama" o de "twinky wonder", en forma de cono o en forma de arbusto, pueden ser cónicos, alveolados o con combinaciones de forma. Existen estromatolitos en cualquier era geológica (desde el Precámbrico), incluso actualmente siguen creciendo en muchos lugares del mundo. En México pueden encontrarse estromatolitos actuales en la laguna de Alchichica, Pue., en Las Huertas, Mor., en Cuatrociénegas, Coah., y en otras localidades de Oaxaca, Yucatán y San Luis Potosí.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tell me where you live, and I tell you who you are

Report: 168.

If you live in a cave, and you protect yourself from the cold with animal hides, it is possible that you are a human ancestor. They can be some Neanderthals escaping the northern cold.

If you live on the tenth floor of a building, then you are a person of a civilized society, technologically advanced, and highly intelligent.

Animals are indexed or classified by the landscape in which they live. Birds are the inhabitants of airspace.

Animals with legs, but without wings are generally inhabitants of the land, with the possibility of hiding in the heights of trees or underground, in caves dug out from themselves.

Well, finally we have the inhabitants of the waters. Fish, and others that fish, mammals with the habit from swimming and diving, but with the need to breathe the air.

Stationary plants are not named animals because they cannot move from one place to another. Then I ask, "Who made this classification rudimentary and ancient. Darwin? Humboldt?

Everything was so simple classified. Stone, plant, animal, and man above all.

No place for intermediaries. A plant cannot think, because it has no moving possibility. A dog can run, so he can think, but unable to reason and less testify to the glory of God, and his creation, even if he is exactly part of this creation.

The man luckily may walk may think, and may all day like to thank the Almighty God. Therefore, it will join with its creator, barely says goodbye to a life with many sorrows.

Plants created from the same God, they have nothing that the powerful want to see in his home in heaven.

After the fall of a tree, possibly after a longer life than a man, less accumulated sins, and a life lived in meditation, and silent, at least to the ears of the deaf man, does not fit in the heaven.

The dog, tiger, and crocodile among others, do not go to heaven because often they bit fresh flesh of others, without asking, and less without paying. So they are classified as animals without reasoning. Then there is nothing to forgive. We give them under no circumstances a place in the divine eternity.

Nor in this life receives some recognition for being loyal to his master, in the case of dogs. The fish can move, but cannot speak, and then it is not worth anything. He must be killed, and eaten in quantity.

Only serve some exotic animal parts to increase slightly our sexual appetite. The wings of a shark, the teeth of elephants, wild animal leather for shoes, and some other things that are not worth putting on the list are used.

For a wing, or tooth pair logically must be killed this individual. No matter, it is just an animal. This is our view.

Viewed from the height between heaven and this earth down there. We, with our EGO almost touching the sky, but in no way touching the ground, this element dirty.

I do not want to continue with examples of our ignorance, who understands what I mean, it is going understanding already. In addition, who does not, I am not one to give anyone teaching. I am no scientist, as many times as I told them. Now there is something wrong in the last twenty years.

We are exploring our surroundings a little more. That is including space, moons, and planets even distant galaxies. Every image and every information from the different sensors of our satellites bring us information that we analyze, and filter.

Filter is the word, which is normally used to separate dirt from a clean product. It is also understood the separation of two products either different items or products such as water, or soft materials from strong material.

You can also filter information. You can head off secret information, or allow, passing a word and the other not.

Information from talks between people of little importance, as talking about the weather, is allowed to pass can circulate all sides, but if you use a keyword, such as terrorism, weapons, drugs, or the names of the most important presidents, the filtering starts.

Keywords they are redirected on a server with a personal analysis. Information of any kind today, and possibly all time, it is filtered, that is, which is analyzed first with a filter. If allowed, or not. With automation is increasingly easy for power, whoever he is, filter, and manipulate information.

You can also use the filter to pass information prefabricated tampered with values, not to say false. As in the case of advertising, which often promises something, which does not offer in the final product.

Look in your E-Mail program, where they talk with his counterpart about the latest cell phones, for example.

In the same E-Mail appears like magic, what a coincidence, an advertisement for a phone. What a coincidence, will think. This is the result of a filter!

Now finally, let us start with my story today. Mars In my walk I met again with an individual, or a small family group of some form of life. Nobody recognizes him as a form of life yet, so they do not have the name of race, unless individual name. I return to the beginning of my story, where I asked: "Tell me where you live and I will tell you who you are.” First classification. Well, this guy lives on Mars.

Therefore, it is an alien.

If correct. This guy is an alien, who lives on Mars, our sister planet. The second classification we do most rudimentary, here on earth.

This being does not fly, then nothing to do with a bird. Right. Do not walk then it is not an animal. The image is a snapshot; we cannot discard that it can move, but in this case not very likely. No is swimming; what question, if there is no water on Mars, than it is not a fish. Right to regard the fact that it is not swimming, but that there is no water on Mars, is wrong.

To classify this guy, or this breed remains the form, which was classified as plants. This means plants, in its countless appearance.

Right, there would rate without establishing whether they have intelligence or not, as a plant, or a mixture of fungi and moss, though it looks a high degree of organization in groups, and it looks adapted to the environment.

More, even yet, I see in these beings.

It has to have sensors to find the places of their choice to live, and they have to be able to get to these places preferred.

You see, they have the possibility to grow, to occupy large areas in dimensions not known on earth. A thousand or thousands of meters long is common, also square miles are occupied whole of them, or relatives of them.

I confirm responsibly again, that these Individual structure it looks organized, looking for places of their preference, if possible in groups, or in family groups. You always find them in places with high probability, that there is water in the surrounding area, or below them, in liquid or frozen.

I am glad to say with certainty that it is a way of life. A life form, which reacts to the presence of moisture, possibly electrical energy, or magnetic, or whole.

Electromagnetic fields can be a form of food, as the sun for plants on earth. Along with the slow absorption of water, and who knows, Martian soil substances, we have a way of life, new to us, but only one more in this universe.

To the man yet so hard to believe that there is life above a hundred feet above our heads. Here begins the sky, and this, so they think, is reserved just for us.

Just when we finished with this selfishness, only then we will have a place in heaven, but not in heaven of the Bible, but in the skies the entire universe. The sky or heaven of the Bible, it is no less great, if any, and the entrance to it depends on each one.

The entrance to the heavens of the universe, it depends on us together. Only a civilization united, can open the door to these worlds, and enter into union with other beings.

Never will allow us to enter with bombs hidden in pockets, as shown recently in this disastrous explosion, we did on the moon.

Josef Bauer

Source: NASA PSP_006873_1800_RED.NOMAP.browse.jpg


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

No Wall or Border between life and God.

Reflection: 035
Instead of answering with some words, I let out a bit of my heart and I wrote this reflection, in reply to a comment from a reader. I return my cordial greetings my dear reader.
Thanks for your compliment. I feel that what he said came from the heart, and the more I am glad. Luckily, I have no tendency fanatical, politics, or religion. I always had the desire to see things distanced, and calmer.
In the distance, problems get smaller or political arguments lose some value. Many discussions or worse many wars are far, unnecessary and even ridiculous. Fighting over territory limit, even with concrete walls. Countries would have to learn to live side by side and in peace. The earth is round without limit.
Why, the man must put Boundaries, paths, walls in this small world, which our earth is. In my last article, here is the Link,
I show a picture, an image of the earth, seen from Spaceshuttle. Here you see the blue stripe, which is our atmosphere. Again, you see, we live in a world very fragile, and very small.
In another reflection, the dream of the earth
I recommend you read, notice also the reader, as silly stance, posture, perks, or attitude (I put more words) of the different Powers religious, political, economic, and military.
All they seek to dominate and control us for their own profit. Never for our good. A war, or bring millions to war can never be positive. Neither called holy war, of different religions.
I do not want to convince anyone, but looking at all the difficulties of the people to live harmoniously together, am very sad and hurts so much. No cause justifies the use of weapons.
In my observations, I am always very far. For example on Mars, even with Hubble images, I am driven to other galaxies. Will, that back in another solar system; they give the same value to political leadership, or religious of us.
Will that find followers beyond our ideas of religion and politics?
Are these imaginary civilizations as awkward as we are, and they will fight like us for their Gods and politicians?
However, if they are more advanced, they will see the creation as a whole. If there is a god, then he exists everywhere. We are not privileged, even if each one claiming to be the chosen one. If God chose in each habitable planet in this universe a people, or a person more privileged, privileged we would have millions.
We believe in a god for all or none.
Believe in none, is difficult too, looking all the vigor of life showing nature. No corner on our earth, lifeless. Nor is there a single place without life throughout the universe. Define Life is not a matter of having the legs of an animal.
Life is much deeper, deeper into the matter. Up above matter, to be exact. Matter is directed from this force.
This force has many names, starting with all the familiar names of all the gods that were admired on this earth. However, these gods with name, less than are running the world, but rather this Force, this Vigor, which is in all. This desire to grow, growth itself, from plants, animals, man and the universe, the planets.
Everything is attached with this place or this strength, or if you want, this god. Everything is directed to grow organized. Another thing, life, this organization or this power to organize, does not have a profit motive, as claimed by the creators of wars, political, or religious.
This Vigor, I refused a bit to say "God" is totally impartial. Looking for harmony between all. Is seeking a balance between everything. Not in favor of a species or a race or a planet. The harmony and balance between all sought. Everything else is an invention of man for-profit and power.
I ventured say many personal thoughts now, but always honest, and no offense, or change, or convince anyone. You have to know, if you believe in a god, you have to share him with everything. Because we are not alone. Nor do you need to fight for him.
He is not one thing.
He is everything.
In conclusion, I remember a little philosophical poetry, although a little hard to understand. With that I wanted to express, that we are all one thing: God, life, matter, time, plant, power, …
Neutrons and flowers
I do not know, my friend, if I could answer you wanted to know, but perhaps the words serves to think a little, the complexity of the whole life. No Wall or boundary between life and God.

Josef Bauer

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The ship of dreams in the crater

Report: 167.

Another beautiful specimen of a kind of a strange form of life on Mars.

They may say they are dunes, snow, ice of different elements (NASA speaks preferably carbon dioxide, as it excluded life and were the only thing that freezes on Mars), accumulations of sand, and geological forms. You can give different names to my descriptions as illusions, fantasy and fables, and more. I'm watching these individuals closely.

in the images I change the color from black inverted and all colors, and of course ample the images, as far as resolution permits. I do, because in different colors, change the shadow, transparency, size, perspective, and with every aspect reflects something different.

Many times in the inverted color as well as are negative on a roll of photographic film in a camera, you see many times the true three-dimensional body of a stone, or a place.

I have the impression, without evidence to show that some images, from NASA they come already invested. The black sky images of the moon. can also be from Mars, already it can be changed.

The original would then, a white sky, or blue transparent, as we used to see him here on earth. But black color hides possibly the atmosphere, or stars, or something flying around.

Many times I change the black color images, and instantly is seen more normal, or better known. with this change lost this mystical color, which is black, black.

I choose this color, as it might be another in a gray with blue, which is also very good, to give form and life to certain structures.

you can not change the look of something when it's not real, is something different, out of the ordinary.

Only a structure that is not of this environment, whether geological or biological, highlighted with color variations. And who says with certainty which filter is used in making images.  There are descriptions of the filters, but certainty?Is there?

There are professional experts, who swore by his honor, for God and country, and humanity, that his testimony is true?

Simply no.

Me will tell them that think I am.

They will tell me that I'm conceited.

Ask a scientist something like an oath. But, why not?  Our religion, our faith, our life and culture, war, and more depend on analysis of all the information that comes from space.

No small feat, if they send me to fight a holy war supposedly, for a cause, believe in one God, who exists only for us, give my soul to God, which no created beings on another planet, and suddenly there are.

Any product on earth is tested and approved, after many checks and analyze multiple, for use as food, or clothing, or building materials, or technology, or medicine. The formal industry, and legal does not want to harm anyone.

via the Internet come from the NASA images, and next a description. Who writes it? An employee of which category? From which religion, which training? From which political tendency?

Therefore I tell you, dear readers, my descriptions may be wrong, but I describe it as I see it.Without looking around for secrets that affect the country or the world.

Without thinking one or several theologies, or policies of the day. If I find something like a tree, I describe it as such. With more data associated with the image, we can improve, and correct the description. While NASA does not give us each image, with resolution, that they have at their disposal, we describe everything we see as well as appears. Point.

What is more honest? Deliver a low resolution image, with shadows and parts overshadowed by computer, or a description spontaneous? My description is that this individual is well protected in this crater. It live there her life, and capable, does not believe there is intelligent life on this blue planet, which is his neighboring planet.

“What do you say?” Me said, when I showed up at one of his long dreams, and when I told him, of us.

“The blue planet earth with other than Martian life, extra Martian life?” “Not in dreams, my friend!”

He made a breather and i was expelled from his dreams. It seemed to me, before returning to reality, as a last impression, that this Individual Beings laughed loudly.

Josef Bauer

Source: S1000780

Fuente: Nasa/ Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780

                                         Wallpaper: The Dream Ship 1024 x 768

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