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Apollo 15 and the truth about the Hadley Rille on the moon.


Apollo 15, 31, July 1971, made a trip to our moon and lands on a landscape previously selected for their beauty, for its beautiful scenery.
 Not a very nice and romantic? NASA, 38 years ago, they had money, and quiet, walking by the charm of a place there, on the Moon. Beautiful places, we have over here on Earth. With horses, you can get on a beautiful rural location. With bicycles, you can enjoy medium rustic roads, and you can walk, climb up the mountains.

No, the target was the moon. But why not go there now. Is it not as nice as before? Found them there only exaggerate much powder and dust?

I repeat only ironically written description and explanation of, why they exactly are landed there at the foot of mountains, near a slot, which is long and deep, known as the Hadley Rille.
 The exotic beauty, if any, was the attraction. But NASA doesn't space travel for that reason. We do not know why so many trips they did and not know by us, because they stopped to travel abruptly. It was routine, and there were no serious complications in recent trips.


How, NASA chose a place of landing? Surely, it had to be an available place, empty, without rocks in these areas. Among the many craters, I think there is always enough place for a safe landing. No wood, there are no rivers, no oceans.

The decisions are secret, and also the results of travel. Well, today I will speak of a place twice. Twice, I'm going to show in pictures and describe what I see. I will not repeat anything. Only I see the same place in different ways.

Possibly, we will not find anything unusual. Let´s see how easy is to fool our eyes and with an interpretation, or presentation of images in different ways, we see two totally opposite things. I can say that can happen to me no more, and not to you. You can interpret more easily, and a more accurate picture of NASA, taken from Apollo 15 TEAM.

When this story ends, I will have my doubts still. If someone wants to discuss with me later, or you, is the place for comments. Let's get started.

Recently, just a year ago, the SELENE, JAXA Japanese Satellite, took pictures of the place of landing of Apollo 15. Again looks good groove, the Hadley Rille, which runs in almost a circle in one place.
 Near, some mountains, they are passing by, near various craters, without going into them. This slot has a length of 80 km and a depth of 300 meters. To study the origin of this unique landscape on the moon, the best Astronauts traveled since then.

Stones were brought here to earth. The origin goes back to the beginning of the orbiting, wherever they may be, who was at this time. Because some say, the moon is older than the earth. Then our moon is a lazy, lonely, in a remote corner of our solar system, and was captured at the time of the earth beginning to cooling down. It was not love; it was a kidnapping, a fact of our mother earth so that in the distant future, the moon can serve as a companion on the night of love.

Sometimes I ask, because the sky is so dark at all these pictures. Until today I do not know, but I always seemed suspect. The images are very similar on every trip. Maybe someone obscures, or changes color, or directly inverted images, and we have the negatives of the photos?

A mountain can be a crater, and a crater becomes a mountain. That, I think it happened here in this image of Hadley Rille.
 First I show them this picture and some of these images in false color, inverted, to the negative of an original image.
 Only then leave the image visible the depths of the slot. The shadow becomes a river of lava, or Dry River that once made billions of years (3.4 billion) was hot lava, instead of water in its depths.
 It is very credible, and I have no doubt this confirmation. All celestial bodies in their beginning, was a hot ball, almost like a pasta or soup boiling. But what happens to my eyes, because I cannot recognize the original image, the depth of this groove, I see a thing totally different.
 Quite the opposite, because I do not see depth, but now, buildings made of concrete.

 I find doors to underground stations. Gates, hidden well adapted to their environment. The shadows do not match with more stones and rocks.
 The original does not reflect the legal description, but shows doors to deep underground stations on the moon. I will hear you to say, that does not exist.
 Well, I understand, are not doors, gates. But please put a poster before each gate, which says that the entry is not prohibited, but there is no entry. In the image reversed, not original, please put a poster: bathing prohibited why there are hot lava, and no water. You understand?

This is not a door, or a gate of concrete, is a deep Rille or slot!

 As I said at first, I am more confused as before. I know only NASA WAS hurried coming right there, near the entrance. Or was it not an entry and an encounter with someone down there?

 Josef Bauer


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