Sunday, January 29, 2012

Artificial artifacts of iron profile

Report: 144.
This photo makes me doubt whether we ever have before us a recording from Mars.
Here we found many abnormalities, insofar as we talk about Mars; it seems too much to not more likely to see an old junkyard here on earth.iron artifact_1 We see Stones that look like broken stone sculptures lying around and old pieces of iron of any machine waste.
The soil of Mars is a dry river or lake and in fact it is where things suddenly appear in the surface.
Now I show you some devices or artificial artifacts of iron or sheet metal and angle iron with an angular form that can not have an origin natural. iron artifact_2 It's made ​​of iron as a profile sheet a few inches thick.
Was it part of a machine or a building that I do not know?
But you can see clearly the different angles, straight lines and a badge that looks like a fan too crooked. I do not think that is the product of my imagination.iron artifact_3 the same image in greater resolution if you are interested to see it a little more better.
 iron artifact 7 120Images 3/5 at resolution 800x601
iron artifact 7 120 Images 3/5 at resolution 1024x770
Nature does not produce the round circles and straight lines and angles of 90 degrees.
See the images and analyze yourself.iron artifact_4 This report is the third in a series of different anomalies in one place includes several different objects.iron artifact_5 When you found, in one place, more evidence of a civilization obviously increases the accuracy of each appliance.
In the next reports I will show more. Wait and look again.
Josef Bauer
Source: Spirit PIA11746
PIA11746: Full-Circle 'Bonestell' Panorama from Spirit
PIA11746.jpg (6,833 MB)
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

God Vaisravana

1 150x160
Report: 143.
Here we see the god of India with a large collection of gold, or any device with an energy that makes him more powerfully and at his feet on one side the symbol of power and an the other side a huge amount of gold.God Vaisravana_1Technological artifacts, given to God Vaisravana, Brahma's own, by Brahma herself, the mighty god of heaven.God Vaisravana_2 With them, Vaisravana can take care, defend, and increase wealth, accumulated in large areas of territory here on earth.God Vaisravana_3 I will show more of these gods, and finally, we will summarize the connections between the gods.God Vaisravana_4 Josef Bauer

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Carved figurines pyramids on Stone Disk

Report: 142.

Some places on Mars are so fantastic to watch.
I like some locations for its beautiful scenery, others by their exotic expression.
In many images time is frozen, not only the water that ran and still runs under the soil of mars.
Something big had our sister planet once. What was it?
It was a planet full of life, motion, time peace or wartime.
Today we find remains of a lost civilization, as both on earth. The remains of sculptures stone, as in Greece or other countries.
Again I found some stones that difficult nature may have made just as you see now. The biological evolution is more creative than men.
There are life forms unimaginable. But as geological nature is difficult and erosion cannot form circles round, precise angles or lines straight in three dimensions.
Only an intelligent being can transform stone, or wood, or iron into shapes with
mathematical sense, and ergonomic or aesthetic, in the case that this are
ornaments or tools.
See this carved stone and give yourself an explanation.

Josef Bauer

PIA11746: Full-Circle 'Bonestell' Panorama from Spirit
PIA11746.jpg (6,833 MB)

Wallpaper stone disk 1024x768

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