Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mars hostel biological life

water on mars_0

 Report: # 106

Roots of biological life immersed in liquid water.

Indisputable form of life found on Mars.

These Glass-Tunnels, these pipes are not extraterrestrial engineering artifacts, but are biological beings.

These are Plants with the need for liquid water in its scope. Thus are Similar to the roots of our trees, but without the body of a tree, but without the chlorophyll assimilation.

It is a life form unknown on earth. Roots submerged in the ground, submerged in water, submerged in ice and snow.water on mars_1  These roots are living arts of some form of life and searching for the vital liquid. They are Life’s filtering the liquid in the search for mineral and other more small lives.

Absorbing a large amount of hydrochloride, nitro, chlorine dioxide.

Their cells are full of salt and therefore water is not frozen and not burst the cells. It’s like a water coolant in a radiator of a car. It may also have paraffin in their cells of blood so that the blood in the veins and vein lets can be transported.

What I found is undoubtedly biological life. Plants can grow hundreds or thousands of meters long. The planet Mars is alive! Until the present day, I found these plants, with thousands of roots.

Another form of lives is like a fungus on jam. Others are like sponges. All are survivors of an era with greater volume of water.

All are well adapted to cold. They have so much salt in their veins that they can bring any ice to melts and can again absorb the liquid.

On the image you can see these roots, this biological life submerged in a pool of clear water. There is Crystal clear water and life in a natural set.water on mars_2  Roots immersed in water

Josef Bauer

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The UFO, which I photographed in Paraguay

 Report: 108.
On The date 23/06/2006 a picture was taken in a field without highlight the presence of a UFO.
In the analysis at home and watching various photos from various fields visited in recent days I noticed a UFO in one of these photos.
What a surprise. The UFO of seven hills, the name of the outside hills,named so from the  people near Curuguaty, a city in Paraguay, reveals his secrets of their way and their actions.
The shape is typical of a flying saucer with a symmetrical shape. The bottom of the space ship with a diameter of approx. seven meters and eighty centimeters was flat.
The wall had a high of approx. two meters without giving him any importance to the laws of physic and the aerodynamics of an airplane or car.
Then the contour of the ship begins to curve with a height of one meter and fifty centimeters to go forming a dome with a diameter of approx. two meters.
In total it has a height of five meters and a half.
The relationship between the diameter and measures height of a UFO of this type are as follows:
The diameter is the height multiplied by 1.41515,
or the height is the diameter divided by 1.41515.
The footage is perfectly symmetrical and the body of the device. You can also see the aura that operates the device.

The first time, you can see the structure, the aura of energy, and vertical tilt.

What means the vertical tilt?
The device does not fly on its horizontal axis? No. flies vertically in a horizontal flight.
How is this possible? Thus, if you fly an Airplane up ninety degrees and moves forward horizontally.
An airplane can do?
Not in an upward direction. Down a few seconds before it crashed, but never a meter in horizontal direction.
Because it depends on the aerodynamics! What’s that?
The propellers and the thrust of a turbine is what drive it forward, and with the help of the wings can be kept in the air.
The curved wings, gives the air some impulse and a boost up from the bottom, and over the wings produces a small vacuum that lifts the plane up.
The two forces together, which produce the effect of the wings and the thrust of the turbines they keep them in the air.
It can never sit still. Only these three forces together can avoid the force of gravity gets the power over the mass of the aircraft and operate only when in motion. The UFO moves with another energy, and with use of a different energy in different ways.
There not aerodynamics. The air not slows it down and therefore does not heat the device in drag, because there is no friction between the appliance and air.
There is no gravity! There is no friction. Between our dimension and the dimension of UFO there no physical contact!
If you do not have to use propellers or turbo that keep you in the air, then you have to use an invisible force like magnetism for movement and other forces for maintenance on the air without being exposed to the phenomena of gravity.
View this unit means so much that you cannot describe in words. The force of gravity can be overridden.
How many physical laws are broken with this? How many new laws were discovered? What energy is used?
I always said, so long as smoke coming from a vehicle, so long we are viewing a mirror on the side on any vehicle, so long as using wiper and while oil is loaded into the various holes in iron, such as box and engine, not yet completed the phase of technical and physical discoveries.
UFO transportation system, without knowing what energy is used, which physical law was invented shows that we are totally wrong about everything, but with all the scientific principles.
Religion needs to be reformed to include life on other planets and possibly in the near future the wild life on our planet as creatures with soul and senses.
The situation of god is complicated. He has to retire or expand to all matter equally. But it can never be a god for this earth and only for part of this humanity.
There is a no any special world with blessed life and a fact of god and Mars or any planet in the universe without the presence and blessing of God.
The histories, written and told, are hiding more secrets, than telling us. We know yet five thousand years of our past.
What’s five thousand years? Nothing. The world is 4.5 billion years and one billion years after formation of the earth, there was life on earth.
The sciences of medicine, biology, astronomy, philosophy, physics and chemistry have to start studying again.
An apparatus with the weight of a truck, it stays in the air, in silence, leaning as it wants, with no speed or quiet and not falls and does not crash into the ground.
Magic does not exist, but there are new technologies.
They, no matter who they are, people here or from other planets, show that there is more to discover.
But one must ask, who decides to what level the common man can learn of new discoveries.
Until reading and writing was banned recently, And where not prohibited, not encouraged.
Why there are so many illiterates just where the land is more fertile? In Latin America and Africa. Why first world countries do not help poor countries with the development of education.
What is the salary from a teacher in a developing nation? Two hundred dollars a month.
With a missile least, one day less of war could be built in a year all the necessary classrooms and pay all the teachers.
But a developed intellectual people think for themselves and will not be further manipulated. A herd of sheep is easier to run as a society informed and prepared.
Always someone was afraid that people discover the truth. The truth about the world. Adam still did not eat the apple.
It’s a Lie that he bit the apple. Now is the time of heavy biting the apple from garden Eden, the apple of knowledge.
It’s a lie that we were expelled from the divine Garden of Eden. They allowed us never to go inside. We were never inside. It’s time to eat the apple Eve offered to get full of wisdom.
Knowing everything and all knowing, so we could go in and live comfortable in Eden, in this Garden of Peace, offered to us from God.
 Josef Bauer
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