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Another statue of the god Kubero

 statue god Kubero_1
Report: 148.
Follow the list of gods of India, but my issue is not the gods, but a connection between gods of different ages and countries, shown in the use of similar tools. statue god Kubero_2 It shows more and after this issue we will look at the similarities in one of my favorite artifacts in the hands of so many characters that have the nickname of being a god or be very close to him. statue god Kubero_3 Gold, or is that a technological artifact, a weapon or transmitter, same as those who used the Anunnakis statue god Kubero_4 Josef Bauer
God Vasudhara
God Vaisravana
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God Vasudhara

Report: 147.
A goddess of India. A goddess, with the name of Vasudhara, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.
Like other gods of India with the same devices in their hands.
Its meaning is always the same. Power and wealth.Vasudhara_2 In all legends, there is talk of a very generous goddess, which did not use his wealth for her self, but to help those who most need. This example is the source of their popularity.
The gods in India as in some other countries and at different times with humility and wisdom taught a different way of living.
Although they had their differences. Among the gods. Not between man and gods. It's a big difference. Not punished, but forgiven and patiently showed how to live and overcome human suffering.
I can not describe the life and the origin of the gods. In Wikipedia online is received the best possible information from each of these gods.Vasudhara_3Also by copyright, you can not show some very sharp firsthand images. Private collections are online studies but not for publishing on other blogs.
I am pointing to the origin of some artifacts, which are repeated in all the images of gods, the whole world.
The wealth, which they shared, you must have a source. What is? Taxes of the people loyal to the gods. Or wealth received from the gods themselves.Vasudhara_4Possibly because only technology can tell where the most profitable mines are and extraction is also hard work.
I also believe that the artifacts are delivered from scientists, astronauts, gods ... they live in heaven.Vasudhara_5 In the following posts we'll compare these devices. Artifacts that grant great power. Because they are artifacts, energetic, and effects, superior to the known.
Josef Bauer
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Biological life on Mars

bio live 150
Report: 146.
Life is the significant of something that walks and talks, with legs, and voice. It is the first explanation that gives any person if people are asked about life. Then edit and add something. No, they say, also the fish. He has no leg and does not speak, but is a living being.
Here comes another correction, because people realize that to explain life, not enough one solely word.
It is broader and the more time you give a person in a survey, more being added. They laugh and say, I forgot the trees and plants in general.
Some add to the corrals and mushrooms and jellyfish with more than 98 percent water in your body. And they keep looking; even the deceased people are still alive in religion.
There, little by little fantasy ends and already back again a bit, and claims certain privileges for man, that he has large difference with the other life forms. Of course, we are able to reason, to write and use a computer.
The brain is the best body part in the dispute with the animal world, so I'm told.
We have the ability to remember, to think abstractly. Do something, plan something in the mind no more, and then, when this newly evolved, this construction is carried out virtual with real material, and real labor.
This is a very, very interesting.
mars bio live 1
  some groups of organized structures lie in deliberately chosen arrangement
We ask how to define life and where to put the limits. The more you think about it, the more you realize that we are all together racist.
Not racism among the species of man, white or black, in a country or the other is bad or good.
No, we are racist against life. The general opinion is that a tree does not feel anything and can not communicate with each other because they can not move from the site.mars bio live 2 some structures have been greater due to more food and it seems to dominate over other
A small flowering plant in a Planter, are known to be afraid of being burned, also does not like someone cut off part of the leaves or branches and also feel the peace of the person, who take care in a home.
Now they found a way to visualize the frequencies of the songs of the dolphins and initially, all the voices in the animal world.
This will bring a re thinking and re definition, about what´s  life. One day we will be able to translate precisely, what is saying a dolphin. It's going to be difficult then continue with the killing of many helpless animals.
Translating some day all the songs and voices of the entire universe, will show us means that we have no idea what life is like.
Our oceans bring us more and more surprises, new species. Transparent fish, with eyes up and down, with lights on the tongue and if a fish is curious that gets too close to this light in the tongue go directly to the fish's mouth and it was a fish. Advertising with false lighting in the deep sea!
There are so many varieties of life at sea, which we know less than ten percent of these lives. I'm not a biologist, and I can not continue with examples in the microscopic world, but these microscopic creatures in the microscopic world as exotic and little ones scare you.
We are not prepared, nor morally and scientifically define what life is. Until recently we were the crown in the universe. Today pets share our homes and you teach them some tricks, though in truth they would have to teach us many of these tricks that they are capable of.
I'll introduce you now on some images of Mars that looks like a biological life organization.
Everything, that is still against the elements, against the wind, or opposed to water in their run to places below that is, a structure that is curved or grouped to slow down and possibly take advantage on the course of the water, although there seems to be a living thing.mars bio live 3
all the small and large bodies are lying around, looking at the water-and food
When dunes or something like that groups, in places where the wind can not get to deposit the sand, then I think they are smart structures with the possibility to feel the need to do and looking for ways to achieve some goals consciously or by instinct.
For example, group together closely to protect themselves from enemies or elements such as wind, cold etc.
Another need is to organize, be stronger or more effective in prospecting for food or water.
A single tree could not maintain a moist environment, but a large group, as in the forests, manages to retain moisture in the soil longer.
If a small plant can not catch a drop of water has to be a network of thousands of these leaves or thin plants to filter the air humidity.
Groups are more likely to survive than an individual.
With more bodies, more intelligently, change this behavior.
But even more capable seek the patriarchs maintain a united group, at least the younger, weaker; they stay close to the major.
Let's see some examples on Mars where I think it works the same system and the same social logic.mars bio live 4 long and narrow things crawling around and a big body with tentacles
Repeat and finish with this. The appearance of life does not matter. I do not expect to find in the images elephants, or cows, or something familiar. Important is the growth of the individual or group. Growth is life, also in the intellectual growth must be sought to show that you live. Growth is organization. That's I’m looking for; Forward coincidences. Same two objects in one place with an abnormality reduce the possibility of a coincidence, and percentage is closer to an organization.
I can be wrong in some images and in the future, with sharper images, capable, I have to rectify some of the definitions made.
But all does not change in the aspect that we find sooner or later life. There will be Life with wings and legs and transparent body and life without a body. The fantasy is unlimited, because evolution is too.
Not discuss the forms. Where we see any organization in the form of dunes, rocks, rivers, stars, planets, galaxies, there is life.
Life finally does not begin with the elephants and dinosaurs, but with immeasurably small particles, with the information of an organization.
It depends on each one, if you want to believe in creation or evolution; the organization of life in the elemental is there.
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: Biological life on Mars v.1  1024x768  91.5KB
bio live  1024 v2 150
Wallpaper: Biological life on Mars v.2   1024x768  63.3 KB
bio livel 1024 150

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