Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scrap of old machines on Mars

Sculptures and Scrap_0

Report: 145.
In this series of report of curious artifacts found in a unique one place on Mars, I present today more parts of crooked irons what are well recognizable artificial construction of these pieces of metal. It seems metal is used in combination with stone sculptures.
In the center on that image is a stone with a form of a wheel bearing.Sculptures and Scrap_1the first images above  without arrows for better observationSculptures and Scrap_2 Leaning against a stone and half buried in the earth is a disk that is several inches thick and has three holes.
Very striking is a metal object that looks like an anchor or a distorted peak of a sharp weapon.
Much here is to find and to think. It's all fantasy, or a game of light and shadows?
I think not, here are more than 15 (fifteen) abnormalities in a
single place.
Josef Bauer
A click on the images open  the same image in an 800x625 resolution for a better observation
 Sculptures and Scrap_0
A click on the images open the same images in an 1027x768 resolution for a better observation
Sculptures and Scrap_0
Source: Spirit PIA11746
PIA11746: Full-Circle 'Bonestell' Panorama from Spirit
PIA11746.jpg   (6,833 MB)
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