Friday, September 30, 2011

UFO with an fish tail, seen in Paraguay, P-1

Report: 134.
In the last days of December, on the year two thousand and five, slowly pass an elongated Object with an  fishtail likely form above my barbecue in the garden, where I am was drinking Mate (a traditional Tea in Paraguay ) in this morning.To bring, and to focus the video camera, the size of the object, which was huge at first, was already reduced to half the size. He was about to go away now.
On a flight not horizontal, not vertical, it moved from north to south to northern Argentina from my point of view.
Its color was white as milk or more, but not transparent, or brilliant, and the thing flew without making noise.
I took the picture and have it displayed in multiple colors, to see more than the silhouette
Blue color  in the images is original.
Josef Bauer
ufo fish_2 a
ufo fish_3  ufo fish_4 a  ufo fish_5 a
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