Thursday, May 27, 2010

The knees of ANUNNAKIS

knees_0 150 
Report: 126.
The anatomy in the legs of the ANUNNAKIS is very particular.
On one side they look like an Olympian. But at the same moment something seems to be not in place, or in the wrong place.knees_0 The artists to sculpt these works are wrong not by a hair. For some reason there are marked some muscles so exaggerated or as an X-ray anatomy of the bones.knees_1  If so would be an unknown form of bones here in our world.
The movement would be something different and the curved shape of the bones seems to me that there is much gravity to hold for this both legs, but more a lateral force, like walking into a river with strong eddies and rapids.knees_2 You have to know that ANUNNAKIS were not gods themselves, were representatives of the gods. They were close personal to the gods, but had to work on the ground with the help of some technological devices, but it at least was work.knees_3  To accommodate their stay on earth they transformed and adapted this life on earth so they can be useful in the shared work.knees_4  Gradually assumed the man, the Sumerians, all this work done before by the ANUNNAKIS.
An analysis of the anatomy of the gods would be a very beautiful testimony of life and alien visitations.
 Josef Bauer
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Phoenix, a victim of the cold

Reflection: 026.
Phoenix Mars Lander, brought us much joy in our homes. Each day saw new images of its surroundings, although Phoenix did not move from its place. The discovery of ice beneath their feet, snow storms and whirlwinds of dust, even stressful clouds passing over him and also the strong wind, which shook him, all that was impressive.
And less scientific and more child's play was putting soil samples to evaporating it in an oven and to test for hydrogen in the mixture. This work was a ridiculous total.
Imagine the opposite. Someone from Mars coming to visit us and landed on a thick layer of ice and start digging with a shovel out of a toy store and strip on the oven door a sample of our soil.
Although the images alone indicate the presence of hydrogen, still deny the possibility that water exists in one of his element stats on the floor.
NASA did well on Mars, earth bag, but the soil of this sample stayed there days because he could not pass the filter. They let it there days before putting in the oven although knowing that hydrogen once is released from its frozen state the evaporates away.
Finally have some analysis and do not publish the result.
First they have to ask the president of the United States, who was then Mr Bush, if they can say publicly what the elements of this soil of Mars are.
He, Mr. Bush always honest gives the permission and in a press conference declaring his surprise, that the soil is fertile, but very salty and nothing or very little hydrogen, in contrast has a lot of Perchlorate, oil.
In no way is suitable for life, although the soil is as fertile as here in the best agricultural land. A statement made nearly months after the analysis and censored every word of this statement.
But back to Phoenix. Politics is not his fault. He did everything he could and was a lot.
In the months after landing on Mars came the winter and unprotected he got the victim of the cold.

Today death is declared official. Images presented accompany this confirmation. The splendor of his wings and his grace vulnerability was shattered due to pieces.
The weight of thousands of kilos of ice accumulated on its structure broke all its components, its legs, solar cells, probably excavator arms and leave work.
I imagine the cold broke his heart, it was a battery and cable connections were severed.
I hope the next robots are better protected and able to move. Some might be smaller as insects, but thousands of them. This would double the information in a factor of more than tens of thousands.
I think the sending of mini robots would have to be the next step, falling from an orbiting satellite can be distributed by a very large field and every one of them could send pictures and other data from thousands of places at once.
Today NASA itself left a memorándum in tribute to Phoenix, declaring its official death.
The most interesting thing in this statement is confirmation of an environment suitable for life in the form of microbes.
It is said that the coating on the soil of Mars is a mixture of dust and Perchlorate, oil that is in turn a anti freezing and able to absorb and retain hydrogen in this thin layer.
This thin layer is most likely invaded by microbes. The sensation is perfect.
This confirmation is almost hidden in the text, but who wants can draw conclusions.
I wrote some time, that they will recognize first microscopic life and then will appear just elephants.
This wills, I'm convinced.
Everything is ready for a confirmation of extraterrestrial life when they want or need for any new policy to raise money or join the military.
The Vatican has already given its OK, and then they needed only a confirmation of an outstanding scientist.
There, and recently heard a statement from Stephen Hawking, which warns of the danger of contact with ET's
This statement warning and indirectly confirms the existence of extraterrestrials is real. Why speak the greatest scientific mind of a hazard if that has no basis.
He did not criticize a movie like AVATAR or other warfare in a fictional world. No speech of our reality.
Mr. Stephen Hawking is outside of any political persuasion or religion. He is independent and with maximum recognition among the most important scientists of our Elite.
Everything is ready for the big event. Of that, we talk at opportunity time.
 Josef Bauer
some of my reports
The fossil next to the Phoenix
The shark of Mars and other fossil at his side
There is water on Mars!
The Phoenix of snows, and not from the ashes
Ice under the Phoenix Mars Lander
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The secret of attraction is the Faith

midnight mars_150
 Reflection: 025.
The secret: the sun on Mars at midnight is the beginning of a new day.

Midnight is the beginning of a new day.
It may be faith in God.
It may be faith in your friend.
It may be faith in your master.
It may be faith in the technology.
It may be faith in luck.
It may be faith in magic.
It may be that work and do not disappoint once. Maybe.
But I tell you, Faith in yourself is the secret, you never will be disappointed.
Believe in yourself. Believe in what you want to get. Believe in your abilities and nothing and nobody can beat. Not looking for material wealth, I am not against, but if you're happy with yourself you will be rich from the first moment.
Because having Faith is not against religion. It is not selfishness. The spiritual, the divine, the happiness is within you, not far from you.
Greetings Josef Bauer
midnight mars_1 
Source: Spirit Sol 1647, 11:39:51 Local Sol - NavCam, Left
Wallpaper: The secret of attraction is the Faith 1024x768
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Clouds in the atmosphere of Mars

Report: 125.
This is a beautiful presentation of atmospheric motion on Mars.
The photo was taken from the Phoenix Mars Lander.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Divine Designs - Division

 division 0
 Report: 124.
With this image I will start a series of Art. I named this Series   “Divine Designs”.
A new series of Astro-Bell-Art. A production started in OVNI-DIGIART  and now also presented for readers of Mars and UFOs Mysteries
Art made from nature. Special Focused and abstracted in color.
I call this Astro-Bell-Art. It´s an extra reason to visit this website. A beautiful Art of nature, but always in some secret place on Mars. division_2

Wallpaper: Divine Designs - Division 1024x768

 Josef Bauer
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indian god, Kubera with Laser transmitter Part-1


Report: 123.
I found other evidence of the use of modern technological devices in the hands of the gods of antiquity.
In this case the gods of ancient India used the same devices, such as Annunakis at the time of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, today's Iraq, part of Lebanon and Syria. kubera con laser_1  Indian gods, not indigenous, were powerful gods.
They are so much more than Annunakis because Annunakis, although beings from another planet, they were not the command, they are only staff of the gods of heaven or of the heavens.
Heaven is the word for a particular place somewhere up there in the space, perhaps from a spaceship, and they are many, so we speak of different heavens.
Because each city in the sky turning into another high, and when the Annunakis climbed the Sky with small aircrafts, they went to different cities in different levels, in different skies.
The Indian gods were the guardians, or masters of their own giant aircraft, which were in the orbit of the earth.
These gods had a mentality in relation to the people of the land differently than other gods. They did not take advantage of people, the gods taught all, and gods lived together with the people. kubera con laser_2  Naturally they are protected from their powers. The existence of gods in India was so common.
The sighting of ships flying among the clouds, rising and floating down, it was so normal. That was something from everyday living. That was No miracles or magic, without understanding.
No, the gods described precisely the materials of their technology, but I'm sure a lot was not understood. But who today understands some electronic circuits, or thirty-two nanometers circuits, or monitors or touch screen phones?
We know it's not magic, but it is a set so complicated and so much technology of different materials and programs, which surpasses knowledge of the people. There are so many skills needed to understand a function, which was impossible to the Indian before understanding everything. But no one fell to the floor from fear by the presence of the gods. kubera con laser_3  They came from heaven with much power and help, and were always. The fear comes from misunderstood or interpreted technology disguised as magic.
No, in India the presence of the gods was normal. Also on earth and in heaven, this was inhabited by the gods, because they were able to fly.
The temples and statues are full of gods, and home flyers, or other artifacts not interpreted as something technological. kubera con laser_4  Kubera the treasurer of the gods is holding something very important in his hand.
Although it seems to be gold, because the role of Kubera was treasurer, I do not think, he having a kilo of gold in his hand, but an artifact, which protects him in case of emergency or it, facilitates communication, or protection. Kubera, the Indian god with a power transmitter in his hand. Very similar to the Annunakis. kubera con laser_5  They are present in several previous reports. You can see thus on the labels under Aliens/gods 02
Or the link to the story on
The Annunakis with a Laser-Transmitter
The god´s of the darkness - the new video from the goetterfreund
Josef Bauer
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Spirits sleeping dragon

dragon of spirit_1
 Report: 122.
It was fortunate for the Marsrover Spirit, the Dragon did not wake. The dragon would have eaten, or worse, would have burned the Rover with a hot fire snitch. Spirit quiet and scared observed a mountain in the landscape visible from a distance. dragon of spirit_2  Source: Spirit Nav. Cam. Sol 1215 - 2N234227480EFFATF3P0600L0M1
Spirit is not sure what he sees directly in front of him on his way. But this thing, what else, that a mountain can be? It can be a freak of nature in the formation of the entire landscape when there was formed incidentally this mountain. Simple may be the explanation, but both seemed to ... I dare not say, but, OK I say: This thing seems too to be a Dragon.
The thought is said!
Now I wonder, because many artists on earth know exactly how to make from ceramic or stone something that no longer exists on earth. Perhaps because the artist they have seen they elsewhere, perhaps on the planet Mars?
In the case of this picture below No. 2 / 5, I am submitting for the comparison between the thing around on Mars, and the work of art published on the website of dawanda, is surprisingly similar.
This art shows a sleeping dragon, but the image that the Spirit himself made, also shows a dragon.dragon of spirit_3  Liegender Drache aus Keramik - Drachenfigur
There is the Dragon Spirit, asleep and dreaming of days of his youth, when he was in this blue planet hunting small animals.dragon of spirit_4  But suddenly a magical force rose to all the dragons to a giant spaceship and brought all these animals to a giant planet, called Mars.
It was a hard time, but now everyone was adapted and now living in caves on Mars. They are only going outside on sunny days to warm up.dragon of spirit_5 While the dragon is ongoing in his dreams, the Spirit is hidden and is trying to go away from this giant dragon. The Spirit has no doubt; incredibly, this thing is a sleeping dragon. The Spirits dragon.dragon of spirit_6
Wallpaper 1024x768
dragon of spirit_8
No dragons, but if there are, there are!
Josef Bauer
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Blue sky and shadows and deception



Report: # 118

From something ordinary like a blue sky and clouds that cast shadows on the surface of the earth, it is an anomaly. In this short article I will not show any anomaly, but simply a beautiful landscape.

The only thing that we cannot forget is that most of my images analyzed are from Mars. If someone was preparing for a trip through a desert on earth, he burned now.

Or better yet, caught cold, because what like a desert on earth is also a desert, but a cold desert, and a little far away.shadows_1  It is not really so far, not so different. It is probably more similar than we imagine the planet Mars. Why is it that we imagine something different? Simply because of the propaganda, it gives a wrong image. I compare it to the propaganda of a laundry product.

Thirty years ago, they are spreading a product that revolutionizes the wash. This new soap makes white clothes, so they promised. Well, spent thirty years and say the same thing today. Too bad had to has been the product then thirty years ago, if only now, the product of the same company, but with a new formula makes your clothes white.

The propaganda is a lie from the smallest details. They do so with the Music, the surprised and happy faces, and the colors. Examples are the images of the beautiful beaches or the mountains in Swiss towns.

Although no one disputes its beauty, but nature is not very generous with sunny days, and often wrapped around in a fog. Propaganda photos do not show the days when teams of models and photographers are waiting for days without fog, rain or shine, also don´t show if mosquitoes are attacking, and trash and broken glass are contaminating the sand.

Why I talk so much about propaganda? Because NASA and astronomers get us into our heads, as must be the universe.

It is ridiculous; Marsrover, and satellites of Mars and the moon are sending hundreds of thousands of images, but all in black and white. Yes, it is to save power and memory, it would be better to send half of the images, but with optimal color quality.shadows_2  Slowly we have become accustomed to these black and white photos. If you suddenly saw an image of interplanetary origin, in color, and with this confirmation I bet each of yours, that yes, much of yours have negative emotions against the image, and to him who has made the visual sample.

First, they say, that this is false. He did want to deceive. It’s a forger.

Who thinks he that he is? The colors are wrong, never seen this place so, not in dreams. It is not serious, yet another, he wants to play with us. Show a color image is like to advertise for the devil.

My bet is a free ride to Mars via my Blog Ovni-Digiart or Mars and Ufos Mysteries.  Right, these pictures are not original. Are false, but not any deception, because I told you, they are color corrected images for myself.

To my defense I do, what is more logical. I show a picture as I suppose, it could be Mars.

I have still a small part in my brain, which is not saturated with advertisement, this is the creative part, that every human being has at his disposal. Imagination is something very special in human being.

All my life I imagine, how would be the truth behind the creation. How would be beings and animals from other worlds?

Never came to my mind, everything would be black and white. The spectrum of the sun, and any sun in the universe, contains this variation in frequency.

The frequencies are there, no matter which sense the nature produces in its evolution.

They can be eyes in all its complexity or simply cells, like our skin, which not sees the sun, but feel a part of this frequency, which translates into heat. Other cells or other senses can feel the vibration or the heat which a living beings or simple hot objects reflected.

I think, that is enough to understand, that to see and display color images is not an anomaly.

30 years show the opposite, that's an anomaly, a lie and a deception.

Dear readers, these images show a beautiful play of light and shadows. In a short time between the different images were taken in the same day or the sol, in this case in the sol 2228, you can see the obscuring of part of the Martian soil.shadows_4 The right part of the images are completely in shadow, and only a strip in the center of the images are lighting.shadows_5  That means something very normal, not be because of the misleading information I would never speak of that. A cloud moves in the skies of Mars, and cover for a moment the sun's rays.

It's that simple! Clouds in a blue sky moving and do their little game with the companion of the light, I speak of the shadow. This image shows a blue sky, light and shadow perfecting all that with the sand, and all this there on Mars.

A detail, but very important to me further supports my suspicion that the sky is the same color, we have become accustomed.shadows_6 In one part of the Mars Rover Opportunity reflects the sky, and if I am correctly, I can see spots, or pixels in a blue tone.shadows_7  NASA's deception is nothing more that the propaganda of the soap to wash clothes. Garments that cannot be blank, or shall we say clean, because not all tissues are white (since there are humans there are also colors in all its utensils and in his clothes).

Nature is the product of sunlight, and has in its inside parts  one of their frequencies. Which of the frequency is appropriate of each species will be to choose by the evolution on the place of their origin.

Josef Bauer


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