Saturday, December 15, 2012

Transparency hides the truth of the Matrix

Reflection: 031.

Transparency is a lie and hides the truth. How many parts of the puzzle are still missing?
Many times, a question in a survey includes or is based directly on the confirmation of something, even yet shown its accuracy.
"The rain in the morning, it hurt at work?"
No rain yet, but the question and assumes that it will rain as a fact and who have to answer, and answer surely the fact that it rains tomorrow. He will say, "No, I'm going by car," or "if I'm going to get wet."
You believe that aliens come this Sunday to celebrate with you the anniversary of the city.
Aliens are not confirmed, and then you should ask first if you believe in them, and if the person this confirmed, it could ask the next question based on the answer to the first question.
Another example: "you think that with enough faith you can walk on water like Jesus did?
This miracle is not confirmed, but is fully confirmed in the question.
The questions mostly, if not are in fact spontaneous and from unprepared people are subliminal manipulation, but not on the question, but on the confirmation hidden inside a question.
The manipulations are in the question, and often leave no room to make a separate answer. This is very dangerous.
Normally not the one who asks the questions in the street may have academic level,
and less, the person who is asked
This ensures more successful propaganda distributed in the polls.
People with more intellectual level start after having asked ten times to different people, develop their own questions, and the change of a word decreases the effect
Think about that next time when someone from a radio, or television or a newspaper, was about to ask something. Analyze his question first!
With the title of my reflection I do the same thing. There is a confirmation in my question, namely, that there is a puzzle. At least, I tell my readers that, because I do not want to manipulate anyone. I want, that people around the world know of the ongoing manipulations, and in all areas.
I think in the past someone made a drawing of the future world. Once finished the giant work, the same people began cutting this work into small pieces, like those of a puzzle.
The puzzle, or the entire work, are made of bits and bytes, Digital technology is not an invention of today, from the people of this age.
No information in its unimaginable multitude on everything in the universe can only be accumulated, analyzed and used in calculations, in digital format.
The word "digital" is replaceable with words that express other technology, more, or much more advanced yet, but initially do the same.
It is not important, if the information is kept in memory blocks, as magnetic as light or atoms, or quarks, which in turn are imagined particles in quantum theory, or because no in time or in space. The word and the technology do not matter.
Information is also stored in the form of stone sculptures, hieroglyphics, until today the most enduring means of transmitting information to future generations, but not practical in everyday use, where seconds are already much. The best example is the purchase and sale of shares in the stock market, or in the event of calculating reactions of atoms in fusions.
This work of the world in the future is done. There’s no doubt. This work or the map of the future no one has ever seen completely.
Some prophets had have seen some in a glass screen, or have them delivered in long hours parts of the future, and the prophets thereof, wrote what they heard and saw in his own lyrics in different books. Books with important details were given to several contactees, called later prophets.
In the best case, the prophecies are partial revelations of a work.
In the worst cases, these revelations are just propaganda, directed to those who read and believe in the truth of these prophecies. These people are unconsciously led to the strict compliance to the implementation of these orders, because they are not more than that.
But the goal of directing humanity to fulfill a prophecy can be a long game, with many detours in time and place not to give anyone the ability to recognize the origin, or the limit and the end of the plan.
The work is a complex plan and this plan, in the form of bits, or particles of light, or some other form of storage seems in the eyes of the uninitiated as something nice, possibly by as much light on a glass screen, as something transparent. Right, this transparency, it prevented to see the truth, the real information, and makes them invisible.
If I use black letters on my screen, you see the information, but if I draft letters written, but white on white, you can not see anything.
Possibly one or another letter, I will, that is seen blue, or red, or yellow, or black, or a mixture of these colors, for you seem to be a nice, beautiful, and complete work. Indeed it is a manipulation of your mind. You can not see the matrix of the work, nor the entire information, because I will not allow you to know her.
I do not want, you have knowledge of details. That would be even an obstacle to my plans.
Well, until then we understand, as can be. What deception.
The transparency of glass you seems beautiful, but really this crystal is the matrix with all the information. Only, the information has the color of the glass, is written transparently.
What is the finished work? A shame we see part of this puzzle. I do not think we can imagine the end of this odyssey through centuries and millennia, through many wars provoked by the rules and goals in this plan.
I do not think that the end of all this torture, of this great deception of mankind for thousands of years, terminate with an apology from the owner, from the creator of the plan when he promised that from now on will be all totally different.
A Happy End, a happy ending, is not written in the script of this film. It would be too contrary to the film in which humanity plays such sadly.
Would it be possible a transformation of a vulnerable body of a wounded humanity and blinded, led by centuries in total darkness and blindness?
Humanity has no signs of an evolution, not in the body, not in the moral or intellectual.
Today we know, is to shine some metal wire, enclosed in glass and give voltage electrodes running some drawings on screens. No one can say we are scientists; we are just ready to produce something destructive and use it.
We are ready to produce large scale scams between us and enslave us. Normally, who has more power, takes advantage economically of the mass of people.
The brutality is above love.
Money is the great leader of the policies in this cruel world. Why do we have to wait for a change in the end? Probably, what is much crueler still, than a final, is the continuity of torture.
I do not understand, because there is no united humanity. Just that would be the solution, and the release of a plan doctrine never revealed to us.
We need to go out of the matrix, made ​​for us into a new matrix but done by us.
Do not wait for an end of the world, a change horrible, as was the prophecies and we make the change prior to the end of the film.
We get out of this movie, and we enter into a new script, human, made by humans for humans.
Let us not allow that the puzzle can be completed and the code is invisible forever.
I do not want to know the end of this script, but I'm anxious to see the beginning of mankind in its new role, without interference or intervention from anyone, from who does not exist time or morality or piety.
Let us live human, act human, not cruelly such as invisible leaders.
Write in big letters and in black on white what we are and we want to be tomorrow, at the place, time and space that we have to live. The promise to be transparently in there policy is a lie and hide the truth.
The more transparent the plan, the darker the target.
We need to let these invisible leaders alone, rather they are heirs or children of the old gods, who showed no mercy to the people never in its transparent mirror.
We must break their maps of our future. We have to create the plan for humanity with the heart. So we will be free and the life of intelligent beings on this planet would be worth living.
We have to lay down arms and profits gained from usurious, the game with marked cards and machines ready to deceive.
That ends the transparency of matrix code, which is nothing more than a dark plan of destruction and slavery and its transparency makes it invisible to us.
We have to start to analyzing the questions, confirmations hidden in politics, science, economics, even in religion.
We need to started to ask, because they want, we make war, because they want more and more money, because only the weapons can keep the economy stable.
We left it there for today, but awake, and serve no more, to the invisible.
The world is for humans and should be run by humans, and instead, humanly.
Josef Bauer

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snake corps Relief with Dolphin-shaped head

stone dolphin_0

 Report: 158

Beside the column is there a construction base, or is it a stone relief of an Animal neck from a snake with a dolphin-shaped head?

Can it be a dragon, or a snake, or some reptile with a face and mouth of a Dolphin?

In my Report 163 The Pillar or the column I already thought that this would be a sensation.

With The presentation of an artificial column, which could be at the entrance of a temple on Mars, I was already very happy to find this and show you.stone dolphin_1After some days and more calmly I checked this base at the side of the column. Then I realized that this is something else. This base ends right next to something like a face. Looking from a distance looks like a snake or a dragon. stone dolphin_2 Extending the original image is seen to be a relief, a relief of a reptile. This reptile has a rounded head and a tip at the mouth as do dolphins. I dare say it has an open mouth.stone dolphin_3 stone dolphin_4 I put on top of the original image an image of a dolphin. In the first image I put above the original the image of a dolphin semi-transparent and on the last completely solid. The eyes and mouth is fully consistent with the relief. This tells mi that the Stone body is a reptile.stone dolphin_5 What do we have now? A column made ​​artificially and directly next a relief of a reptile.

Did not have all the temples of the Maya also dragons and reptiles on their walls? But of course, there are Snakes along each wall.

The symbol of the flying snake or dragon, is found throughout the world in sacred temples, and always connected to the mystery of visitors from heaven.

I found the connection to our ancient cultures with a much older culture and also on another planet? The indices speak for us.

What have to see the dolphins with the gods? Are dolphins brought from another planet? Are dolphins inhabitants of Mars?stone dolphin_6 A few meters above the relief of the dolphin, a wall of stone and sand, again casually looks something like a dolphin. Coincidence or is that one more evidence?stone dolphin_7 When Mars was going to dry, it was to save a race or an intelligent species and brought an amount large enough to the earth where plenty of water?

Noah's Ark of Mars came with beings from another planet, for the survival of the most important species.

We would do it too? In fact we did it already. Noah's Ark was used just to save as many species as possible. There were not saved all beings of one species with the ark. No, they saved always a couple, so that this species lives on. No matter where, but surviving.

This idea should be taken into account and follow the tracks here on earth. Many animals do not have a history already closed. No, even on the scale in the evolution of man are missing parts.

Maybe Darwin was right. It may be the creation of beings and of animals was done as the Bible says. The formation of a species was always done ​​according to the environment of each planet. But here in our earth in each species lack one or more echelons from beginning to end of a species, or to the form it looks today.

It may be that some of these animals came suddenly and took a place in the wildlife, why not also in the vegetable world. I think they may also have brought plants from Mars.

The banana and corn are plants of the gods, says the legend. Banana is an annual plant. They arise near the old plant and produce new little plants in the same year. But how he got the first plant to growing and producing?

The disappearance of the dinosaurs does not have plausible explanation. Whether a world dies completely or nobody dies. Why only Dinosaurs with hundreds of millions of years of survival are dying?

They were perfectly adapted animals and lived around the world. There are fossils in China, Argentina, the United States, in Europe. A meteor can not kill one species, well-chosen and let all the others live in peace.

A huge dinosaur is so big that you can do a hunt with UFOs and magnetic fields can you paralyze or kill animals that respond well to a selected frequency.

Whether an animal is paralyzed while eating, sleeping or walking, in a few minutes away they is asphyxiated. It is that simple finish with large animals, if you have the technology.

Someone needed place on this earth!

Someone much weaker than these large dinosaurs exterminated them.

You can also run a comet on a collision course. This would be easier than to destroy before a collision as we plan to do.

Mars does not dry in one day. They first sought to bring water where they were Civilizations centers, cities. After a while they lost the battle and the strategy change. They began to prepare the earth. Prepare for a new settlement.

So I guess with all seriousness that happened in the past on Mars and our past.

This mix of legends, new knowledge index, the mixture of species, climate change on Earth, it appears that there was someone intervention.

Our past is so interesting, but so secret. None should know, what really happened.

I will finish, but this issue needs to be discussed again and again, without any taboo. Anything is possible until the unthinkable.

Josef Bauer

Source: NASA Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1

Mars rover images: this is the link to the images of the last two reports 1/p/1157/1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1.HTML

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Pillar or the column

Report 163

An artificial column made ​​and cut from a natural material such as stones, rocks, marble or wood, are all signs of static knowledge in construction.

They are also signs of a religious culture. Always the temples and the sacred meeting places were made with pillars and columns. The columns allow higher and wider constructions than the common house.

A temple has to be seen from far and has to be remarkable because of its importance. There is the place of communication with the gods.

If you find a column in an archaeological dig, you have a testimony of a culture advanced enough and far from the age of the caves.

The architects have always understood the principle of statics, aesthetics, and religious powers, and used their influence to the ruler to request the governing for a construction of a big temple.

For a communication with God, there is no necessity of large buildings or large temples, but the desire of power to command the people, it needs. In that sense the rulers and religious power were always in agreement. So it was from the beginning of cultures. One supported the other, and thus cemented his power base.

Well, now on the image of the NASA / Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1 again I found an anomaly which appears to be a column or a pillar made ​​artificially.

This discovery is a world first. I have not seen any report yet, if so I would not submit them.

All reports are unique. If one day I have to present something for their importance, as was discovered earlier, I will announce the notice and authorization source.

The pillar, a zoom it images

In the center, at the top, it looks noticeably artificial. There is a column with angular corners, which themselves are curved again to give a more aesthetic.

Next to the column is the basis of a wall. It is a base made ​​of a stone on which surely was a wall. To the right of the column is in the ground a long neck of an animal to see with snakes - or dolphin-shaped head, which was definitely too artificial.

The pillar 2/8, a zoom it images

If it's really a pillar you see, it would be a testimony not only of life on Mars, but of a civilization with culture with temples and gardens, annual festivals and rituals. For this you need clocks, calendars and astronomical observation stations. The pillar 3/8

One column implies too much. May God hear me and any reader finds sharper images and can confirm it or rule out. But the appearance at the moment indicated to something artificial.

The biggest problem we have always is the poor resolution of the images. We are not looking obsessively for indices. No, but no picture can say with certainty, which we see is also something that is really there.

Unfortunately it is to hide the indices, stained dark with poor resolution, or simply not displayed important images. The most effective is to lower the resolution and then we lose the ability to display and define certain interesting objects. But we continue with this game. That's something, and gradually the truth will come out.

What is the truth?

The truth, so long denied is that there is water in all its states; Ice, liquid and vapor. And undisputed and recognized officially by NASA.

Mars harbor biological life

The truth is that there are biological lives as a plant, or fungus or something similar.

Biological life on Mars 

Biological life on Mars P-2

Biological life on Mars P-3

I have no certainty of large animals still alive, but I showed some fossils and therefore, there was animal life, if not there yet.

The petrified leg of a dinosaur on Mars

The truth is that there was a civilization on Mars or is still there, reduced by the cold weather and probably below the surface.

The truth is, land vehicles, but with advanced technology, or maybe extraterrestrial vehicles, are flying in the skies over our planet. They are flying on the moon and flying around Mars, and possibly there is a picture of a UFO in the rings of Saturn as well.

The UFO of Paraguay reveals its size and shape


There are artifacts on Mars. This is the truth.

Josef Bauer

All links lead to reports presented in this blog!

Source: NASA/Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1157 1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1 1/p/1157/1P230896324EFF81ZEP2409L2M1.HTML

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something petrified, or rocks

petrified tree stump_0


Here we see something petrified, or is it simply a game of some geological rocks.

A landslide has exposed something interesting on Mars. It was something that grew there?petrified tree stump_1 It is the image number 1P274394321ESF90PDP2445L2M1 made from Mars Rover Opportunity on the day Sol 1647, on day 11-Sep-2008 12:38 here on earth.

At first glance it looks as usual. Sand, stone, and nothing to the horizon.

The only thing, we see, is in the middle of the image. There is a small inclination, an accident in the environment of some meters from above to the flat at the bottom of the image.

Well, let's analyze another image.

No, stop! What`s that we have here? Rare rocks? Yes? petrified tree stump_2 Above the roots there is lying a petrified tree stump!

We zoom in the picture a little. That bad is the resolution, but a little we can increase the resolution. Right.

Look. What is that, what we have here? Rocks, shaped as conical.petrified tree stump_3 All there are with an end as a root of a vegetable on earth. What needs a conical peak, being under the earth? It will be that is alive or was alive?

This is something that moves or displaced under the earth, or something that grew underground, or in this case under the soil of Mars.

By the alongside impact could be that collapsed this part of the soil or the thaw in the summer weak the soil of Mars, and release a few inches of soil.

I believe, which is half a meter, which opened, and left uncovered these things.petrified tree stump_4 If this discovery would be on earth, we would take all that, to clean in a laboratory to see if it is a fossil, or something petrified or just a geological game of rocks on Mars and nothing of biological nature.

I can not define the composition of these objects. I hope that some scientist or geologist tell us clearly what it is. Meanwhile, we will that archive as something very special and probably very close to something that has to do with life on Mars.

Josef Bauer

Source: Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1647

NASA / Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394321ESF90PDP2445L2M1

Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394363ESF90PDP2445L5M1
Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394404ESF90PDP2445L7M1

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shenzhou 9 and the goddess Liu Yang

Shenzhou- Liu Yang_01


If Liu Yang had landed, five thousand years ago, had called it, goddess Liu.

She is the first Chinese Taikonauta, traveling with two companions in a rocket named Shenzhou 9 to a space station.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_02 Looking at the pictures automatically make some comparisons between the astronauts of today and the Anunnaki, the gods of the Sumerians.

Five thousand years passed between the image of the Chinese Taikonauta and the relief of an Anunnaki. Both have a watch on his arm and carry some box in your hand. What the Taikonauta seems to be an air compressor, whereas the Anunnaki team could have been a container with portable power.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_03 in the following image we see a rocket named Shenzhou 9 at the time of takeoff.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_06 in the following image we see Henzhou 9 on their way to spaceShenzhou- Liu Yang_07 Shenzhou- Liu Yang_08 This station, called "Tiangong 1", the palace in the sky, and also of China origin, was already in space, and was recently visited by an unmanned spacecraft. This unmanned approach was also successful. Now is the first time that a crew enters the palace in the sky.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_09 the palace in the sky, Tiangong 1 minute before coupling, the next picture shows the nave and the Tiangong 1 attached.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_10 Shenzhou- Liu Yang_11 three Taikonauta at the station. Striking is as always the modern helmet and its parallel in sculptures of thousands of years old.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_12 Hopefully it is a sculpture of the astronaut or Taikonauta.

The stone sculpture is up today, and for millennia, the safest method to use as storage medium.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_05 Someday in the distant future, when once again the memory is lost to a civilization with advanced technology, including travel to space where astronauts had their palace, was recognized this as the goddess astronaut Yang Liu.

The goddess Liu Yang, beautiful, always with a smiling face, begging the gods to have mercy to humans and always traveling on his ship between the earth and stars.

Five thousand years ago we had our gods and goddesses. The Anunnaki came at this time to humanity.

Liu Yang would be the goddess of the seventh millennium.

It is very likely, that in five thousand years from now we will not exist anymore as advanced civilization in this beautiful world.

The memory to the past will be erased again.

Evidence of a culture for five thousand years no longer exists. Only some legends tell of lights and big cities with convenient transportation in land, sea and sky.

But the years 2012 to 7012 years nothing is known. These years are in obscurity, or never existed, and there was a jump in the calendar, so that the world seems older.

The strange thing is that there is evidence of cultures much more before this date. Stone sculptures found in places like the place called in the legends Rome, and on the islands of Greece, also the pyramids in the sandy area next to the great river Nile in Egypt are evidence that there was someone who built it.

It is estimated that they were a civilization that came from the stars and called Anunnaki.

Some archeologist of the year 7012 does not believe in changes in the calendar, but are convinced that a civilization existed at least until 2012.

After a long time there was possibly a dark, lasting hundreds of years and all the ground was frozen, including the area of Ecuador. Some tribes of humans survived in the area, which is called the Antarctic before and is now the central zone of humanity in their new unfolded.

Is one of the areas most pleasant, when in its temperature and its vegetation is concerned.

This could be the situation in five thousand years on this planet we called earth. Hopefully I'm wrong in this story of fiction.

I congratulate the Taikonauta Liu Yang, the Chinese space agency and the other astronauts for their courage, for his ability and humility, which is reflected in their faces.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_04 His arrival at the space as stated is not a race with other countries. It is another step in its program to understand and realize on their intellectual, technological and economic power all that science is concerned.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_13 the capsule with three crew seconds before touching land after two weeks in space.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_14


Note: I would not expect five thousand years to say that the Taikonauta Yang Liu is a goddess!

Josef Bauer 

Shenzhou- Liu Yang_15

Link: annunakis-and-their-wristwatch-part-1

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Biological life on Mars P-3

Report: 154

Roots, tubes or dunes are traversing the rim of a crater, which is possibly filled with frozen water, in search of this vital liquid. These craters are, very likely all full with frozen water and dust. 

This is a zoom in images; you can also see it at full screen by click on the icon on the right side on the bottom

Deep under the ice, there is certainly water in liquid form. Ice is one of the best insulators!

If the ice is thicker, than it is more insulated from the cold of the surface and keep water in liquid state!

This is a zoom in images; you can also see it at full screen by click on the icon on the right side on the bottom

The arrows labeled objects are, in my opinion, of biological nature. They are raised here and are aligned in a row at least in two directions.

Which from above looks like a continuous line of dark place, are on closer viewing some dark colored individual beings, which are positioned in rows. elongated tubes or tentacles in the air

dark colored individual beings, which are positioned in rows

Rotating the original images 90 degrees left! All work of erosion? Or cleverly structured?

elongated tubes or tentacles

Josef Bauer

Source: PSP_009929_2020_RED.NOMAP.browse

Links:Biological life on Mars

Links:Biological life on Mars P-2

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Signs of small runlets of water

water erosion
Report: 153
Not only rain, moving mountains or tsunamis that inundated coastlines of several countries are signs of water on a planet. Small scratches humidity or drizzle a few millimeters per square meter are examples of this vital liquid or in case of abundance, fatal.
More if you find these testimonies of liquid water on the surface of Mars.
A detective can not see in many cases a suspect, but he sees or finds clues suspicious which can be linked to the suspect.
So are working all scientists in the search for evidence of life and cultures of the past here on earth. Also the Criminal Investigations of crime, or war, is working with these methods.
Looking for clues is the pastime of thousands, not millions. Sometimes it takes years and traveling the world to collect all a puzzle and sometimes the only clue is depressed without knowing that it was one or the one.
Private investigators do the same on Mars in small size, which in turn makes NASA with their power in technology.
The scientist from NASA and other institutions do not seek, but collecting information, which in turn would be classified later.
This is different. If you want something, you know, you want to find and possibly you are not objective.
For the scientist there is nothing unusual.
For example: the measured the temperature on Mars, without anticipating an outcome with personal desires.
The temperature, which gives a thermometer, was analyzed after, without pre-selection of a required temperature subjectively.
Everything is possible as long as you can see something repeatedly in the work conditions.
I think scientists are so curious as any human being, only the data, resulting from research, escape their responsibility.
There, enter politics and the economy. It may or may not release information to the public. Everything is under patent protection, intellectual rights, of military secrets, etc.
We, and I in particular, seek, as I said many times, the beautiful things of creation.
In the way of looking you can see many beautiful things, but in turn, also curious.
On the one hand by their presence in places as unusual is the surface of Mars.
Some picture, nor should it provide always with an explanation, if I have not, and how can I have an explanation of all things, that go beyond the known of a man.
I am not looking for a description vehemently. No. Just I show it and bring it available to the community.
This time with the images of this story I think I can give you an idea of my analysis.
In the three images (the first is repeated with arrow marking) is a smooth of small stones and sand in a small trough made ​​of water that ran and took some little stones and deposit them down on the plates of these rocks.water erosionA very smooth displacement. Barely a few millimeters, only so much to bring the sand twenty centimeter below. Nothing more. But I'm talking about Mars. From there comes the picture. The wind does not displace a small channel in the sand.
Only the water leaves these traces. Beautiful this detail and evidence of liquid water on Mars at any time, nothing to speak of millions of years. This erosion was made yesterday, three weeks ago or is many a year. But no more. It can be also a drizzle this morning.water erosionIt's that simple. Water in liquid form is now on Mars. Does not matter if evaporates or disappears into the rocks and into the depths.
The circuit of rain, creeks, elephant taking and satisfy your thirst and water that freezes and evaporates and collects in clouds works at this time on Mars.
The elephant, we can discuss. But it is an example not more, and we can think of something smaller too.water erosionBut where there is water there is life. The water is a thousand times approved. There is it as a vapor, clouds, as snow and ice.
And explain it once. Nothing is easier for any animal, thawing the ice to water with a little sodium chloride. With salt! With a little saliva, which contains sodium, you will melt the ice and drink it.
I do not think it will be difficult to the evolution to invent a metabolism which can do it.
Our fishes remove the oxygen in the water and breathe quietly. I will not start now with more examples, but life is vital and transform frozen water to usable water is the easiest thing there is.
Here is a small displacement of earth and stones that just moved from the earth wall a few inches down and stayed there and again. The water which ran was not enough to carry further.water erosion
water erosion Mars
Not that we already no have pictures of water in liquid form on Mars and falls infinitely great, but frozen, but I wanted to show small and very valuable evidence.
Josef Bauer
Source: NASA: Spirit Panoramic Camera PIA11753
Full-Res JPEG:PIA11753.jpg (11.67 MB)

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The oldest symbol of power Part-2

 Bacchus 1

Report: 152

We continue with Part 2 of the report of the oldest symbol of power.

Then here we see the same object, tied to the stick from the Greek gods, as the highest, the God Bacchus, Bacchus God Dionysus, Dionysus or Osiris, the Egyptian God, who represents all that is reborn,  Osiris to compare Pope's staff, three thousand or more years later.

Today, the Pope walks leaning on his cane with the symbol of power of all these gods. Pope Be that this is not remarkable?

The Gods of India had a similar object in one or sometimes six hands over his head. kubero con transmisor

zoom it to see the transmisor

 kubero God of India with remote control or transmitter kubera vaishravana As I wrote and ratified, the Anunnakis used a technological artifact.

In this image an Anunnaki with the same device as the God of India above! Anunnaki artifact Obviously, they did not explain to anyone its function. Only used it or had it in reserve in case of danger or a need for urgency.

It may be, it opens an invisible wall of protection or it is a remote control to send energy to another device or to have contact with stations in orbit. The fantasy has no limits.

Imagine a phone today with so many applications on a single device. The gods were all interconnected.

All of them are with the ability to fly. Not themselves, but getting up in the air or entering a unit with whom he could go to heaven or wherever they wanted. They also had radio contact logically. Personal protection was also important.

Shoot a laser beam to face or break offensive intentions of the people,Anunnaki artifact 2 to know constantly the geographical position was very important.

Also important was the measurement of the time of this planet, the orbit of its station and possibly the planet of their origin. For that they took their watches.

wristwatch of Anunnakis

As today, everyone carries a mobile phone or laptop with differences in the models,

so all used those who were connected in some way with these devices with the gods.

This ornament, rather, this device has at least 5000 years of presence in the art and direct use.

Protected and helped almost all the gods of all known civilizations. If that's not a sample or a clear signal of its importance, what then?

This magical ornament has also influence in modern architecture.

In London this enormous building was constructed in the shape of the fruit of the pine, under the name of Gherkin. For some secret importance the architects used this symbol. They must do it. London is the center of financial power in the world. Gherkin Tower Some people still know the most effective force behind this symbol and want people to demonstrate that this symbol still means power over the world.

With the departure of the gods, all its utensils also disappeared.

The little, left consciously, or by the plight of its output, are now very sacred relics and out of sight, to the knowledge of people.

If you do not know something exists, then either try to find such an object, and therefore more secure can be saved these artifacts of the gods, because there are simply technological devices at a time, and civilization, far from ours.

The legends are fabulous, but in the true sense. Not like the story of a fisherman who describes his big fish caught.

No, the legends of the presence of the gods are real, Letter by letter.

His powers and magic used are real, not magic, but its origin is advanced technology.

They flew, lived in heaven, had their palaces in heaven, saw and heard everything (of the lord you can not hide, nor in the dark, or behind your house. Your sins are before him, and written in a book ...).

They destroyed cities or places, or palaces with their weapons, flying over and dropping bombs or death rays. They had crystals (screens) in which, it was observed everything.

They had eternal lights (electricity), deep knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, medicine and most lived forever.

I think the connection between God and man or plural between gods and men are undeniable, but not only in the religious sense, also the connection between two civilizations, a technologically advanced and the other, our newly awakened, and began with the help of the other.

There is much to rethink and rewrite on our history.

If these images and thoughts of mine help a little bit open a mind, at least to consider this possibility would be an important step for mankind not to take everything as fact.

You have to think everything over and over again, looking from different angles. Two thousand years we lost because we deny the coexistence of two civilizations, possibly on two different planets.

We were stuck in the middle of everything, man as the planet earth, but in truth we know today are not so far. Yes, we are part of something big. We are part of the universe. Nothing more, nothing less.

But the start point in a circle, in an infinite balloon, in a closed curve, in a universe immeasurable for us, does not exist, and still less can we be the center.

We share a little bit and fill this great vacuum, which is the universe with our presence. Share in an infinite coexistence with other beings this world! The sooner we accept it better for us.

Josef Bauer

The oldest symbol of power

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