Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anomalies in the flight STS-133

Report: 132.
The flight of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133,  as well as his last trip into space, send us pictures of some anomalies, and the beauty of our world.
On day 5 of his trip to the space station, in English, International Space Station or ISS, two astronauts worked outside the station and anyone took pictures of them. In the background is the wonder of our earth.explosion estrato_2At this point the earth is above them. The positions are no longer the only possible view as on earth would be, where the sky above is mandatory and down the floor.
Any rotation of the space shuttle Discovery, or astronaut, or the ISS, which has always position overlooking the earth, and earth is always remains below the station, change the sense of direction. In this picture we see the earth, as the earth receives their morning sunlight from the right and the left hand is still dark.
In this strip, where the light yet can shine, and where its rays do not reach yet, there are two spots. One is on the earth as a cloud  large and highly compacted, and another patch in the stratosphere.
Something like a big explosion happened on earth and expelling a large air mass into space.
I hope I am wrong in my interpretation, and is a reflection of something that I can not see.
Because air expulsion of this magnitude could only be caused by an
atomic bomb. Hopefully, no such explosion occurred.
Josef Bauer
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

God Burhan Kubera with Laser transmitter P-2

Kubera-burhaanr 150
Report: 131.
Another statue of the god Kubera-Burhan sitting in his hand is an indispensable device that gives the gods so much power. Whether it is a laser transmitter or remote control of a power protection or an energy that makes him invisible. Kubera-burhan_2 The gods have so much technology and used it in front of people. What you see in India in the thousands of statues and reliefs on temple walls, of cars that could fly, are replicas of originals seen at the time of the artists.Kubera-burhan_3 Just they did not understand its operation, and although it was understood they could not show more in a relief that the form of an artifact.
Not today, in a drawing of a patent for a phone you are getting more of the form. Only in the writings of the explanation accompanying drawing of a patent, you can  understand the function.
Today in the world very few people speak or can read Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. Kubera-burhan_5The translators are faced with many words of names of materials used at this time, they  can not translate.
Also, if a translator does not believe a word could explain the use of a machine, you will find some religious or magical explanation and thus lose the real value of a word.
This article is part of a series on the gods of India, and the connection with other gods, which finally ended with a big war in heaven.
Josef Bauer
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