Monday, November 2, 2009

The bite of a Murderer not human

 Report: 070.
The bite of a murderer. It is not a human. Neither the victim, it is.
They are not human, but neither come from Mars.
A spider attacks a bee.
All films show the Martians as a monster. But the truth is, we have enough monsters on earth, every day we can show another species more horrible than the other.
The earth monsters are scary. There are no monsters on earth. But if there is, there is.

Biological life-cruel life.
How we fill us with energy, and make growing our cells, is the most primitive, and the cruelest imaginable form. A small fish is eaten in a slightly larger fish, and this again, a larger one ... and so is the whole chain of eat or be eaten.
Not very smart. More yet. It’s stupid. Evolution is intelligent. I have no doubt about that. But the beginning of life, if it was a creation, it was not planned and was a failure, at least here on earth.
Sure would say every creature before a strong bite killed her: “Cursed be the day of creation”
The methods of killing are innumerable.
Tighten the grip.
Biting with eight-inch teeth and sharp.
A shake of a snake anaconda.
A tooth via lethal injection, or other instrument pulsing.
Swallowed alive.
A virus kills you slowly. Other sucks only blood.
Who is God, where he was when anyone invented this way of life?
The man, the crown of evolution? What are Plants? Only plants? Or forms intelligent? I think so.
They do not kill each other. They Observe and communicate with each other. Feel happy and afraid. We are, as we are. We are, as we are. But at least we could not leave to fight, how animals? With good logistics, there will be food for all. And were not surprised if people find one day less aggressive and very likely more intelligent than us on another planet!

 Josef Bauer
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