Monday, October 17, 2011

Phoenix-Mars-Lander Abnormalities

Report: 141.
Many images from any camera of any satellite or rover or Phoenix are released to the public with little resolution.
I asked myself a thousand times already,such as that below the Phoenix, you can not see clearly and distinctly the ground.
The camera is on the robotic arm, and can come to touch the ground.But from a height of one meter is not possible, enlarge an image without losing quality.
I do not think they do not do pictures with at least one pixel MB per image. It is still under the standard of any camera phone.
Because they do not directly all in secret, as they do it certain with other projects, if they not want, that we can see something.
Now, when you take a picture, as you know, you have to focus the lens.If the object is about a few meters or hundred meters away. You, or the camera automatic has to select.
Near or far. Panoramas can be approached from a few meters to see objects quite clear. There's hard to hide something, if you want to show something on the horizon.
So it was in one of these images.
Not far from Phoenix, appears different soil formations, apparently rocks, which could be tubes or pipes.
Sir Skipper presented a report, the number 142:
In which he showed the pipe that you can see in the middle of the image. I do not want to repeat what has already explained.
In his report, but in the same image I found three anomalies that are not public yet.
So it's not a repeat. or a copy. Also, I would not do, out of respect to the American researcher. Regulate on the basis of ethical, I'm against plagiarism.
It may be that in some Web already someone was talking of something in this image.
Always it is possible that in any web page, someone has already processed some materials shown here. Good, but as long as I have not seen it, it does not exist and is therefore not a copy. I know that is not so easy with the copyright, but first consciousness, then the laws.
If today someone invents something in China, or have something, it is their intellectual property.But while I know nothing of its existence, and no legal claims of someone, I think you can publish own ideas and images.
Now to the pictures. Give an explanation is difficult. Stone or pipes 1 Images 1/5:  showing Anomalies:1 this was reported by Joseph Skipper or pipes 2 Images 1b/5:  showing highlighted the places of the four Anomalies
between the pipe in the middle of the picture and the screw, anomalies 3, is a rock drilled,  a statue pulled down or a stone for astronomical observation when he was on foot. Much like as the center stone at Machu Picchu, Peru. or pipes 3 Images 2/5:  showing Anomalies:2 a curved line through or beside a hollow stone
Picture above left, are two stones that are attached to a curved line. The stone left, seems to be a stone cylindrical and conical.Screw or pipes 4 Images 3/5:  showing Anomalies:3  a Screw? 
This object in the center of the Image  looks like a screw nut.Machu Picchu Stone 5  Images 4/5:  showing Anomalies:4 Machu Picchu likely central stone tumbled on Mars soilMachu Picchu Stone 6 Images 5/5: showing Anomalies:4
The original images from where come the report evidence is with this code:
Link 1, raw/MOSAIC/S_013EFF_CYL_SR11E1C_L111M4.html
Link2, full resolution: 647.6 KB
Wallpaper: Phoenix-Mars-Lander Abnormalities
tn00002 1024x768  86.7 KB
Josef Bauer

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Friday, September 30, 2011

UFO with an fish tail, seen in Paraguay, P-1

Report: 134.
In the last days of December, on the year two thousand and five, slowly pass an elongated Object with an  fishtail likely form above my barbecue in the garden, where I am was drinking Mate (a traditional Tea in Paraguay ) in this morning.To bring, and to focus the video camera, the size of the object, which was huge at first, was already reduced to half the size. He was about to go away now.
On a flight not horizontal, not vertical, it moved from north to south to northern Argentina from my point of view.
Its color was white as milk or more, but not transparent, or brilliant, and the thing flew without making noise.
I took the picture and have it displayed in multiple colors, to see more than the silhouette
Blue color  in the images is original.
Josef Bauer
ufo fish_2 a
ufo fish_3  ufo fish_4 a  ufo fish_5 a
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Monday, April 11, 2011

The STS-133 UFO

Report: 133.
The man on earth was ever visited and observed from a higher intelligence.
Each step of civilization, whatever, at any time in our history, carefully and jealously was accompanied by higher beings.
The instructions for the territorial advances and developments, whether in culture, technology or science in general, always came the gods omnipotent and ever present. The gods of heaven drove humanity. STS 133 UFO_1 Image 1 / 8 shows NASA Astronaut Steve Bowen on a spacewalk outside the space shuttle, outside the ISS
Why would that be different now?
The only difference now is, that mankind shall be raised to the heavens.
not yet have the technology or the height of them, but they share more than the earth with them.
We Staying within the space, the home of the gods.
Not surprisingly, we find them there, between earth and sky, in space and on the moons and planets of our solar system. STS 133 UFO_2 Image 2 / 8 shows where in the image is the object.
We will not have, and never had a single trip outside our atmosphere, without the accompaniment of the gods in their UFOs., the lyrics for flying objects for us not recognizable (identifiable).
I'm sure for this reason alone there were strict orders from them to government with technology to bring people and satellites into space, to keep secret all the presence of the gods today near us. STS 133 UFO_3 Image 3 / 8 shows a close up of the object.
is even probable, that they shares some cutting-edge technological advances to us, but under their absolute control.
Well that's a topic for further reflections. What matters are the small details that escape this control. STS 133 UFO_4 Image 4 / 8 shows a close up of the object and place next to the astronaut's hand.
When NASA astronaut Steve Bowen work on day 7 of the flight of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133 on the exterior of the spacecraft, the images were taken.
NASA's pride, to show something positive, to have an astronaut in space more than three hundred kilometers above the earth is big, knowing the technological difficulties of such an adventure.
In this image next to the astronaut's hand is a bright spot. Of these there are in several pictures, but some are real stars. In my view we need to see a lot more  and brighter, but it is not the case. STS 133 UFO_5 Image 5 / 8, 6 / 8 and 7 / 8 shows more extensions of the object. Well. This point of it anyway, is not a star. In the best case could be an asteroid, a small moon, or just a ship of the gods, as always accompanying us. Everything seems to be the case. A UFO in the vicinity of the space station. STS 133 UFO_6 We are moving with more than 28000 km per hour and anything is out of sight in minutes or less. At this rate I think there would be some fuzziness in the background image, if the object would be moving. STS 133 UFO_7 In addition, what are doing a moon or asteroid unknown, in the vicinity of the earth. Not to mention the danger that such a step would mean about a celestial body.
No, once again was surprised the UFO, not us.
We know who are out there, but with a camera innocent, and the pride of an astronaut once more we surprised than our guards. STS 133 UFO_8 Image 8 / 8 shows the edges of the object.
The center is brighter, which means more energy comes out of the center, because  the center in the images is the ship and irregularities around  are about particle radiation.
What that means is another story.
Without drawing conclusions in this report on the philosophical scope of their presence, the gods on our civilization and all its religious and political authorities, and military, I leave these pictures for your own analysis.
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: STS-133 UFO

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Anomalies in the flight STS-133
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anomalies in the flight STS-133

Report: 132.
The flight of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133,  as well as his last trip into space, send us pictures of some anomalies, and the beauty of our world.
On day 5 of his trip to the space station, in English, International Space Station or ISS, two astronauts worked outside the station and anyone took pictures of them. In the background is the wonder of our earth.explosion estrato_2At this point the earth is above them. The positions are no longer the only possible view as on earth would be, where the sky above is mandatory and down the floor.
Any rotation of the space shuttle Discovery, or astronaut, or the ISS, which has always position overlooking the earth, and earth is always remains below the station, change the sense of direction. In this picture we see the earth, as the earth receives their morning sunlight from the right and the left hand is still dark.
In this strip, where the light yet can shine, and where its rays do not reach yet, there are two spots. One is on the earth as a cloud  large and highly compacted, and another patch in the stratosphere.
Something like a big explosion happened on earth and expelling a large air mass into space.
I hope I am wrong in my interpretation, and is a reflection of something that I can not see.
Because air expulsion of this magnitude could only be caused by an
atomic bomb. Hopefully, no such explosion occurred.
Josef Bauer
Link to Image 1 with resolution 1024x768 124.5kb
Link to Image 2 with 1024x768 resolution   62.2kb
Links of Source:

OVNI-DIGIART 4_asteroids_strike_earth_within_a_year_media_covers_it_up.php
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

God Burhan Kubera with Laser transmitter P-2

Kubera-burhaanr 150
Report: 131.
Another statue of the god Kubera-Burhan sitting in his hand is an indispensable device that gives the gods so much power. Whether it is a laser transmitter or remote control of a power protection or an energy that makes him invisible. Kubera-burhan_2 The gods have so much technology and used it in front of people. What you see in India in the thousands of statues and reliefs on temple walls, of cars that could fly, are replicas of originals seen at the time of the artists.Kubera-burhan_3 Just they did not understand its operation, and although it was understood they could not show more in a relief that the form of an artifact.
Not today, in a drawing of a patent for a phone you are getting more of the form. Only in the writings of the explanation accompanying drawing of a patent, you can  understand the function.
Today in the world very few people speak or can read Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. Kubera-burhan_5The translators are faced with many words of names of materials used at this time, they  can not translate.
Also, if a translator does not believe a word could explain the use of a machine, you will find some religious or magical explanation and thus lose the real value of a word.
This article is part of a series on the gods of India, and the connection with other gods, which finally ended with a big war in heaven.
Josef Bauer
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Mr.‭ ‬Skipper, I pray for you and your beloved

 Reflection: 030.

The sad situation,‭ ‬in what is Don Joseph P.‭ ‬Skipper is triggered in me unspeakable sadness.
As he said in a personal note,‭ ‬his mother died recently,‭ for ‬which he was responsible and caring devotedly until her death.
Even before the death of his mother,‭ ‬his wife was diagnosed with cancer.‭ ‬His mother was dying in Hospital and his wife was also in hospital with chemical treatment .
Don Skipper has written now a new note in which he announced that his wife can not be cured.
I know that hundreds of thousands die in the world of cancer,‭ ‬I too have lost two people because of cancer.‭ ‬Every single loss is a wound no longer healed.
A man in his lifetime filled with his soul and his body a room.‭ ‬Leave this man our dimension,‭ ‬he leaves a vacuum,‭ ‬in space and our own personal dimension.
The hearty laughter of that person,‭ ‬the advice or help from that person, for us no longer exists.‭ ‬The questions which are being set are not answered more.
The affection that one seeks,‭ ‬finds no more.‭ ‬The hand of a mother who did all his life to care for their children is no longer there.
Goodbye forever,‭ ‬is the most painful experience in human life.
I ask all believers to pray for the man himself and woman and the mother of Mr Skipper.‭ ‬Maybe let the Lord-God be a miracle and heal at the last moment the woman.
Oh Lord let this cup go over now,‭ ‬but your will be done. Most heartfelt wishes of the Christian Resignation to Don Skipper and his wife.
Josef Bauer.
a new personal note released from Sir Skipper:
PERSONAL NOTE (2/14/2011): Sandy, my wife, the light of my life, my close partner of 47+ years, passed away today at home in my arms of the cancer before I could get alternative treatment sufficiently developed. She was and is the most important thing in the world to me and never when I was a young man meeting her for the first time did I ever imagine that someone could be so loyal, true, close, and important or that I would be truly blessed in such a way. Naturally I block headily took far too much of it for granted. It's devastating loss without measure but I will endure and go on because I promised her that I would.

I am so sad to have to read this.
The miracle of healing was not done. The cup, with the bitter drink, did not go past them.
it will not be easy to get over it. Once more, Most heartfelt wishes of the Christian Resignation to Don Skipper. I know that many of his unknown friends sympathize with him and pray for his mother and his wife. Also, I will do that.
filled with sadness greet, Josef Bauer
Joseph P. Skipper
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