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The oldest symbol of power

eternal life collage

Report: # 150

The oldest symbol of power is in the Vatican.

The world's oldest symbol of power and eternal life, as said the Vatican itself, is right there; in the botanical garden of the Vatican. Amazing!Vatikan Power Symbol This and the next report will be a summary report, about who is using this symbolic ornament.

This symbolic ornament has a name in English. "The Pinecone"

This symbolic ornament in Spanish has the name "Pine".

This symbolic ornament in German is called "Fichten - Zapfen".

It is shaped like the fruit of the pine tree.

These ornaments, as is thought, are being used since there is a known civilization, as in the case of the Sumerians. The origin of this ornament is dated to the beginning of the Sumerian people.

And the Sumerians are the oldest culture in the world. (Known to modern historians, and possibly Atlantes, Osorio’s, are older, but still not recognized as such, because they lost everything in the sea and only live in the legends).

The shape of the fruit of a pine tree is used for thousands of years as a symbol of power, strength, and eternal power. The Vatican says, this is the symbol of eternal life. (Or he means That is, eternal power of a battery source or atomic energy or antimatter?).

Who is or was using this symbol?

The first encounter with this symbol was when I was more interested in the Anunnakis, the gods of the Sumerians. Look at the pictures in my report Report: # 094 The Anunnakis with a Laser-Transmitter

From there possibly came to India and the gods of India still used it as the gods of the Sumerians, the Anunnakis. There was not a symbol but an artifact in use; in use exclusively in the power of the gods.

Later, when was born the people or the civilization of the Greeks, it is seen in sculptures and reliefs of this period using the same device.

I also found some reliefs and drawings in frescoes of the Egyptians. Then the gods at the time of the Pharaohs also used this same object.

From the Greeks to the Romans were transferred almost all the knowledge and probably this symbol.

When it finished being an artifact in use and when it became an ornament without knowing its function is lost in the darkness of time, because we do not know when and why the gods left the earth.

When a god leaves his village begins the reconstruction of many things seen in the power of the gods, but with natural materials, without the use of technology that had these artifacts.

For example the temples in India are all replicas of flying houses used by the gods. In hundreds of examples is seen the desire to imitate something that worked miraculously.

The problem is that nobody understood the high technology used by these scientists, astronauts with the nickname of being a god.

Even in the shape of the construction of temples was imitated this object, so important.

The temple of Angkor is a pinecone in a triple construction.Angkor Temple The Vatican, in its beginning, he appropriated nearly all the arts of Roman statues, and temples and declared all as its own property to glorify Saints of ​​the new religion of the Roman Catholic church. Statues of gods of Rome became so statues of holy Roman Catholic apostles of the new church.

Also as well, he appropriated all the antiques symbols.Power Symbol Artifact In the Catholic Church, there is not one holiday, which is new. All festivals are celebrated on days, which was important in time of the ancient gods.

Thus, the change from one religion to another was not as traumatic. At least people could continue celebrating on the same days as usual.

The change was more important politically than religiously.Power Symbol Artifact collage There is no government, which is not using religious trends in their favor. The religious sense of the people is a very powerful force and if an emperor can use this religious mass for use, to cement his throne, he does. So it was with the change.

Hundreds of years there were temples of the ancient gods and some new temples of new Catholics in parallel.

Among them were logically fight, but coincidentally the Roman Empire came to an end and had no more strength to protect the old temples of ancient gods.

The power came finally into the hands of the Vatican. And with that all or a large part of Roman art.

For some reason the Vatican is using up to now this symbol of power.Anunnaki Power Artifact I think it's a technological artifact which is not interpreted as such, to hide the extra-terrestrial origin, and the Vatican knows this and is in the power of at least one of these original artifacts. The artifact may not have more energy, or they do not know how use it, but to have, they will have.

Since at least two thousand years, leave it to be an artifact and began a life as an ornament. All the art made from now introduced the hidden symbolism of power, of eternal energy.

For the Vatican this device is so important, as it was for all the gods. With this device in hand they remained in power. Without this miraculous object, they were lost or exposed at the mercy of people.

The most important gods, beginning with the Anunnakis did not let for a moment this object lying somewhere. It was so important that was in his hands continued.Anunnaki Artifact Here we see God Oannes, ( the god of water when it enters the water with this object in his hand. Annunaki Oannes Laser oannes fishgod artifact They are all the other gods at their meetings and each with its own object in their hands. Each took his own. But only the Anunnakis have in their hands and none of the people.

No Sumerian ruler, as Gilgamesh did. (

While Gilgamesh was the connection between the Anunnakis and the Sumerian, because Gilgamesh was half Sumerian and half Anunnakis, was not authorized to use these devices.Gilgamesh If it were only a stone they would not be always with them.

Continued in Part II…

Josef Bauer

Photos: 1.) collage
Photos: 2.) Pinecone in Garden botanic of Vatican
Photos: 3.)  Temple at Angkor
Photos: 4.) Symbol of Power Artifact
Photos: 5.) Symbol of Power in Vatican
Photos: 6.) Anunnaki
Photos: 7.) Anunnaki
Photos: 8.) God Oannes
Photos: 9.) God Oannes
Photos: 10.) Gilgamesh

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The symbol of eternal life

The symbol of eternal life 2
Report: 149.
This is more tan a sculpture of a pine cones. This is the symbol of eternal life!
What would be the man without creativity, without the gift of expression in art?
Enjoy the picture!
Soon we'll talk about this Sculpture and where she is, and her relationship with my investigation of a device, that was used by the gods.
Josef Bauer
The symbol of eternal life
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