Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two more moon anomalies found


An image from the satellites Japanese, the Selene or JAXA, Number: hdtv_001_6_l shows me two anomalies.
We can found two more anomalies. One anomaly is too much. Two is more suspected.
The first, what I mean, can be a capriccio of the nature, but I think it´s artificial.
I found an anomaly, in the inside of a triple crater, on the moon. Is it a duct from one crater to the other? Don´t know, but the appearance of this thing gives me the impression, that it is a duct or a curved pipe from one crater through the other.
curved pipe_0
The crater are old, not at all such as the older crater in the background of this images, but normally all are very clean in the inside of the wall.
curved pipe_1
After the impact of a meteorite cannot be anything on a wall. It is impossible. The mighty and the heat vaporized all on his way and let him clean. If now something there, it must be artificial. curved pipe_2
Take us a look to the next images.
neblina v1_1
We see some, and at all we see nothing. What is going on there? We can see a part of the rim and abruptly it’s covered with a milky dust.
neblina v1_2
Why or what is behind this dust. This is a work of hidden evidence of some sort of interesting thing for us, or some, what they not want, that you can see or know. neblina v1_3
But, attention, this image comes from the Japanese Aviation exploration agency. JAXA, the satellite is the Selene, the one, which is flying and imaging the moon since the past year. See you, how the space agencies are working together? Nothing, what can be of interest for us, they will give it to the public.
Think about it. Never will we know the secrets at all. Only little by little they will come out.
 Josef Bauer

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Herschel and Planck are escorted from 8 UFO´s



In a short time the two satellites are accompanied from 8 Flashes or objects, who are  making this Flashes. The sky is a center for traveling objects. Are there satellites at all or what are them? ESA cannot give us an explanation.
On my channel de YouTube you can see the video from the Herschel and Planck satellites, with their escort from 8 UFOs or Flashes.
In the video you can see step by step the flashes appearing and disappearing.
Take a look at the video.Thank you
Josef Bauer
Herschel Ufos

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Herschel and Planck are escorted from UFOs?


In a forum blog,, especial in the more new post,, some have posted two frames of a picture, of the night sky, in the moment, of the initial traveling of the two satellites Herschel and Planck. In his report he shows much more objects, as the two satellites, that could are traveling there. He is saying, perhaps it is unknown object, this must be UFOs.
Take a look on his page, its very good.

 Josef Bauer
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Friday, May 15, 2009

ESA's cosmic explorers Herschel and Planck in flight

ESA's cosmic explorers in flight: stunning images from ground and space
The Planck-Sylda composite seen receding from Herschel after separation
15 May 2009
Stunning images taken from Earth and space show Herschel and Planck in flight on 14 May 2009. The first, taken from Herschel, show the Planck-Sylda composite just after Herschel's separation, about 1150 km above Africa. A second set taken from ESA's Optical Ground Station, shows Herschel, Planck, Sylda and the launcher’s upper stage long after separation, travelling together at an altitude of about 100 000 km.
This breath-taking animation comprises the first series of images taken by Herschel’s Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) shortly after Herschel's separation at 15:38 CEST on 14 May.
The sequence clearly shows the Planck-Sylda composite receding behind Herschel, high above the surface of our planet; clouds, ocean and coastlines can be seen far below. The Sylda is a support structure that encapsulated Planck and supported Herschel during launch.
High above Africa

During this sequence, Herschel and the Planck-Sylda composite were travelling at an altitude of 1150 km above the East coast of Africa at a speed of almost 10 km/s. Planck separated from Sylda a few minutes later, at 15:40 CEST.
The second animation is composed of images taken by the telescope at ESA’s Optical Ground Station Station at Tenerife, Spain.HPmovie2_loop_M
Satellites imaged by ESA's Optical Ground Station in Tenerife
The images were taken a few hours after separation starting at about 23:30 CEST. Four bright objects are clearly visible, three of them - Herschel, Planck and the Sylda - form a clear triplet moving in coordination in the centre. The fourth object is presumed to be the upper stage of the Ariane 5. They were travelling at an altitude of about 100 000 km.
Both of these sophisticated satellites were lofted into space on an Ariane 5 from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, at 15:12 CEST, Thursday, 14 May 2009.
Almost 26 minutes later, about two minutes from each other, they set out on independent trajectories leading to their final orbit around the second Lagrange point of the Sun-Earth system, a virtual point in space, 1.5 million km from Earth in the direction opposite to the Sun. The Sylda will also travel to L2 on a separate trajectory.
Since the acquisition of the first radio signals from the two satellites at 15:49 CEST 14 May, they have been under control of ESA's European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany. Both satellites are operating in nominal condition on their way towards their final orbit around L2.
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