Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Weapons of the Olmecs

olmecs solder_0

 Report: # 099

The Olmecs are, or rather were an isolated village in the Mexican jungle. Luckily there is always, and there, with the growth of a culture is the desire to express in artistic form.

Rulers always sought the most outstanding artists who make works of art, where they appear the same, or something or some event, which represents them. Thus we have evidence of ancient cultures which without these works of art would be forgotten.olmecs solder_1  It is not known with certainty the origin of the Olmecs. Not much is known of their religion, although there is talk of a sun god and as it might be different, the jaguar was a sacred animal, or the statue of a divine force.

It is not known how they lived in relation to its neighbors. His influence spans several countries. Important was the defense of their territories. They were athletes in sport and feared soldiers in the war.

They were fearful for their robust stature and possibly their secret weapon.olmecs solder_2 They had tech weapon. Some contact with gods of the sun, which always is the symbol of gods who can fly with their bright discs, facilitates the safe use of devices of unknown origin but probably from the same gods. A small group of elite soldiers were equipped with these weapons.olmecs solder_3 Josef Bauer

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Phoenix of snows, and not from the ashes

 Report: 097.

Phoenix Lander on Mars, working for science.
Phoenix was breaking the bondage of ignorance of man. The images already suggested that these white spots were ice and nothing else. People who live in places with a long winter, where they are marking very low temperatures, instantly knew the characteristic of an evolving ice. I say evolution because the snow or ice is a living thing.
Depending on the temperature increases its density or it melts slowly and reduces ergo shape, color and get more transparent.
 Two images in the 20 and 24 sol on Mars show snow in the sand, which will be between four days less or disappear altogether.
Also at least I know a snow or ice when it is a long time exposed to wind and dust.
Arriving after a long winter snow or ice is painted as dirty and the people are expected that the dirty snow melts or more snow to fall over to refresh the view with the fresh white color. In this image of Mars are layers of dust and ice or snow mixed.
We do not know yet on what time period meets both dust and dirt with snow or ice on the surface on mars. I think not so long, it may be some years, nothing more. Because I think all the moisture is introduced into the ground and at a depth of ten to twenty centimeter soil is already saturated with moisture and begins to freeze.
One thing I mean, I do not trust the data from the atmosphere. The atmosphere must be dry and cold with a chance to assimilate vast hydrogen. I do not think that hydrogen escapes into the vacuum of space. The more hydrogen atoms join with other elements in the air, they become heavier and less is the volatility.
Just the water is frozen and does not release enough hydrogen to completely saturate the atmosphere. Isolated rain or snow showers are on mars. There are enough images that show the annual trends of glaciers on Mars.
Phoenix gives us freedom.
The philosopher or writer of fantasy stories is now on the topic of water on other planets closely with scientists or they caught up with the dreamers of life on planets.
The dreamers are rehabilitated. We can make a break and drink a glass of water. Water in its purest form, unpolluted.
We go on dreaming, we are the dreamers of the fantastic, of extraterrestrial life. Scientists will confirm it very soon and we will rehabilitate again.
I’m sure as Bruno, my friend from a previous life or Galileo, my friend. Just as he said, believe it or not the earth moves on and I say:”believe it or not yet, Biology of extraterrestrial life exists!”
(Hopefully they will not burn me for it)
Greetings to my friends
Josef Bauer
Source:  Phoenix / 253230main_sol_020_024_change_dodo_v2

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