Thursday, April 29, 2010

The UFO of Paraguay reveals its size and shape

ufo py_1


Report: # 117

Amazing how is the structure of this device.ufo py_2  At the moment it is a UFO. Don’t know where it comes, where it goes.

I know its here in the Air on Earth, flying with a supernatural grace.

The aesthetics of their symmetry. The beauty shines of the energy aura that envelops the object. The possibility of flying without feeling the gravity. All this shows a very far advanced technology and far from understanding of many human scientist. Do not say all, because it is not probable, that no man, no scientist knows the technology used.

It is not yet clear the connection between man and extraterrestrial civilizations. The connection is from millions of years, but with people selected.ufo py_3  I made the first step. This fully confirmed the existence of UFOs. There is no doubt.

Now I have this device measures.

It’s a device, which uses no aerodynamics, but other technology.

This UFO moves vertically inclined!ufo py_4  Observe, and think about physical laws, which break with that. Meditate with all that is known so far in physics, in religion, in history, and then tells me the conclusion reached.

Josef Bauer

Link to my Report : The UFO, which I photographed in Curuguaty

The UFO from Curuguaty , Part-2

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