Saturday, October 30, 2010

Part-3 Lunar anomalies / frozen liquid covers a crater

  freez moonice_0
Report: 130.
En part-1 to part-2, we saw two impacts of meteors. Now we see the third impact.
No more force to remove and fill the hole caused by this new meteor. And so he stayed.
But because the main crater was flooded? The second was flooded again, and now no water, or lava, he can go out and fill it?freez moonice_1  Resume:
1. A large meteor impact created a large crater.freez moonice_2  2. Is filled with liquid.
3. Another small meteor impacts, and creates another small crater.
4. This crater is flooded with a liquid, either lava or water and frozen or chilled.
5. A third impact creates another crater. This is no longer flooded and is free of material.
6. Why not come out after each impact liquid, and fill the craters?
7. This liquid is water; it came out, and froze on the surface of the moon?
8. The device was not aware melted, even if the liquid was lava. There are chances of ice in the soil of the moon, how Mars shows to have? Yes!
In my report original, at Ovni-Digiart on 21-10-2008,
i spoke about water on moon, now two years later its confirmed !
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: frozen liquid covers a crater on the moon
  freez moonice_0 w
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zecharia Sitchin is now with the Council of the Gods.

Reflection: 029.

Zecharia Sitchin met with the council of the gods. The author and father of the theory that the Anunnaki are our creators, has died.
In his books, he brought us the theory of our divine origin.
Only the gods are not gods as we thought, but are astronauts and rulers of another planet in our solar system.
It was fascinating every word, every book, every theory, every image, which he interpreted.
My most sincere condolences to his family.
A teacher brought us much knowledge of our origins.
Now he left in charge of us to take care of us by ourselves, take advantage of this knowledge, and also claim a place in heaven with the gods.
He is now united with the Creator, with creation, the universe, where space and time does not exist.
Divine Eternity is now his home.
Josef Bauer
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A small meteorite impact on Mars

  mars meteorit_1
 Report: 129.
Here is a picture of a small meteorite impact on the surface of Mars.
Breaks in some pieces, up a little ground and left a hole.
You can either differentiate between the mud and the meteor´s blue color.
mars meteorit_2
Figure 1. A small meteorite impact on Mars recently.
Figure 2. Impact crater
mars meteorit_4 mars meteorit_5   There is a small meteorite lying on Mars? from where he will come?mars meteorit_6  Figure 5. Same meteorite pieces are in the vicinity of cratermars meteorit_7  Figure 6. The largest piece of the meteorite
Source: Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1162
the video of this impact en YouTube or here
Josef Bauer _ADJ_L7R1ana_col_br2.jpg
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Celtic cross

Report: 128.
The art and science of Celtic are very little known. It is time to bring some of the scientists of the clan of Druids.
I'll start with a Celtic cross.keltic_1  Ornaments, and symbols throughout his art, perform a science, received from the Greeks.
They had a great sense of immortal life.keltic_2 The entrance to this life, they said, no more than a portal, an internship, you have to live with courage and honesty.
keltic_3 The Celtic cross is the symbol of eternal life. Today I only show some pictures. In a later report we will talk about the deeper meaning in the hidden symbols.keltic_4  Wallpaper: Celtic cross
 tn00002 1024x768
Josef Bauer
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying Shark


Millions of years ago would likely emerge this shark from the waters of the oceans with extraordinary elegance.

A perfect aerodynamics. The balance between a long thin body and wings of stabilization to quickly correct the direction. It is easy to imagine rising from the waters, and following his flight in the air to return to the water when he decide to change the element.

flying shark_02 Just perfect. But who saw this animal, who may have made a copy of a living being extinct for millions of years?flying shark_03 I will enjoy the extraordinary beauty and not look for the how, and when and who. flying shark_04 

Wallpaper: The flying Shark


tn00001  1024x1288 48.5KB  tn00002  1024x1288 52.8KB

tn00003   1024x1055  27.5KB tn00004 1024x812 28.3KB 


 tn00005 1024x 818  35.9KB

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Josef Bauer

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gliese 581g, the home of the aliens!

Report: 132.

Today we cross the line in the search for extraterrestrial life. The dreamer, I mean me, he dreamed and argued the possibility that there are solar systems with planets that harbor life, in turn; his dream is now a reality.
In the online magazine Rense, I found an interesting article today. I followed the link and opened the newspaper "
There speaks a scientist, who was analyzing eleven years a solar system in our neighborhood with the name Gliese 581.
You can now read de article original. Here is the link: Alien Life Certain On Earth-Like Planet
Now finish after hundreds if not thousands of years of anguish, the uncertainty of being alone in the universe by nature or whim of the creator god. Since we now know that the work of the creator, or creation itself was more intense than ever thought. In our galaxy alone, it may be that they are 40 billion planets with life. Will be that hard to believe that the creation or god did this in no more than six days? We do not know how many galaxies more will be out there.
The figures are simply astronomical and drops down all figured out in beliefs of the years 80 until recently.
It's a big day. It is the beginning of a new era. Anyone who understands the significance of this discovery is going to be happy. All other feelings are not valid, because the fear, anguish and concern of a hazard, then he can come out there, always was. Just did not want to recognize, and if anyone cares, who lost privileges of one or another god, namely the cleric, I say, he must become more humble and more religious.
Because believing in gods, is okay, but exclude the rest of the universe and of the generosity of this creator is arrogant.
The new findings by Prof Vogt and Paul Butler, of the Carnegie Institution in Washington, will be published in the Astrophysical Journal.
Josef Bauer
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lunar anomalies Part-2 second impact and fill

Report: 131.

Just be flooded the site of first impact in that moon crater. Almost no trace left of what just traumatic has experienced.

But the skies were angry again, and bang, another impact in the same target.

Luckily it was not so great and makes it disappear quickly filling the moon-crater with a mass, as lava, or as I suspect, water, caused by the heat comes from below, and freezes again.
It may be a mixture of powder and water, is transformed into cement, and hardens like concrete.

A new crater of another smaller impact is filling in a second output of some liquid
 Josef Bauer
They must be bombing the moon to see evidence of water there. This images tell mi all about it without to do this act of war.
The bomb is not the problem!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The dream of the earth

Reflection: 028.
Here is another beautiful image of the earth on the surface of the moon. It was taken from the Japanese Kaguya satellite. Hopefully they give us more pictures with this focus. Thank you.

There is a treasure, our Earth. Our nest, which hosted so much life
So far, the science of life demands exclusivity occurred only in this small and weak stellar fragment, to serve and believe in the elements.
Until now, religion claims exclusivity created life, only in this small and weak stellar fragment, to serve and believe in God.
Until now, political power claiming the exclusive right of life allowed only in this small and weak stellar fragment, to serve and believe in them.
So far, the economic power calls the exclusive right on the money created, only small and weak in this star piece to work and create more money for them.
So far, the military  claims exclusive power of law over created life, only in this small and weak stellar fragment, to kill and win wars for them.
So far, the power of the demons claimed the exclusive right over the souls created only in this small and weak stellar fragment, to torture as they please.
Until now, the power of gods claimed the exclusive right only created life on this small and weak stellar fragment, or off to maintain this fragile flame of life, when they want.
I'm talking about the same land. Not about different worlds.
I mean this, which is so beautiful here.
I am speaking from this small blue diamond, the place of our life, the place of our slavery.
There´s no way to go.
There's nowhere to hide.
No one to mourn.
Slavery in the land.
Loneliness in the universe.
Trapped in time.
Toy of the gods.
That´s a nightmare.
Solution: We ended the wars and will end all the slavery.
We must believe in life and we will find it in the entire universe. We ended up with the loneliness, and the union with creation begins.
Forget the past and not waiting for a better tomorrow. Today is the day to live. The time is trapped in his own time.
Nor demons or false gods of the elements are the owners.
The nightmare is over and the dream can begin.
The dream of the earth and its inhabitants united with the universe.
 Josef Bauer
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Divine Designs – Paths cross for a moment

 Report: 130.

Paths cross for a moment
 Wallpaper: Paths cross 1024x768
 Josef Bauer
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The origin of biological life

Reflection: 027.
The origin of biological life has to be part of the elements of the planet. A large percentage of our molecules are hydrogen atoms, calcium and others. The skeleton of a rigid body is almost like the other stones. When the Moving into the evolution of biological life begun, cells and fluids that was more gaseous as fluids in a circuit pre sanguineous allowed to fill a flexible layer. The beginning of the cells with gases, which inflated these small balloons floating in the water and some electrical attraction and chemistry, stuck together these globules.
Among them passed gas atoms accumulated and was the first interaction of living things. Everything was shown as a step in the depths of the oceans and always in the vicinity of hot gas which exits underwater volcanoes. Under these conditions, possibly still as in early life starts constantly, waiting their turn.
The secret of biological life is more the control of smaller forces, non-measurable, the Electrical forces, gravitational forces, and without mentioning anything supernatural, without talk about chaos theory and symmetry. For some reason became unstable the symmetry of the universe. From the moment the universe is working with all his might to reach the same symmetry or at least find a balance between the forces released in the beginning of our known universe unstable. Life is the search result to restore order. I do not think that that is going to get this symmetry, at least not with intelligent biological life.

 Josef Bauer
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moon anomalies Part-1/artifact buried

 Report: 129.
In an image transmitted from the lunar exploration center in Japan, JAXA / NHK HDTV _004_1 image can be seen in the first instance a crater.clip_image002This crater was accused of a giant impact of a meteor.
In an impact as well, there is a hole in seconds. Typical crater is formed. Heat of hell is produced. All mass evaporated in a dusty cloud and the soil melts either rock or metal.
At the bottom of this hole is sometimes the remains of lava, produced by the impact.clip_image002[7]But now my question in this image: Which material almost completely fills the first crater?, Because there are at least three impacts.
In the first stuffing to fill the crater flooded and at one part at the lowest level of the wall of the crater the lava started to leak the excess dough. In the middle of the crater there was a metal artifact was caught as in a well that is filled with mud.
I assume that the first impact does not produce this mass that filled the crater. Hour’s or days later came much more water or lava inside the crater and the crater covered almost completely.clip_image002[9]The image say: a device such as a pipe or a reduction of a box of a truck is half buried in a crater on the moon. This crater is filled with a mass of frozen water or chilled lava after a meteor Impact.
The conclusion is that there is or was volcanic activity on the moon!
Which artifact was caught there?
 Josef Bauer
The images are from the original report on my web Ovni-Digiart

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storm over Phoenix

 Report: 128.
The second time you can see a strong wind passing over the Phoenix Mars Lander.

The instrument of meditation time, usually in quiet position, is moving near horizontal by gusts. The Mars atmosphere is obviously a much more active, which is still recognized recently.
This atmospheric movement is capable of mixing layers of cold air with another layer of more heat. That only begins an uprising, and moving air.
When they hit these layers in a height, which I think is not very high, it has to be a condensation, which in turn by their weight returns to the surface as snow or rain.
This is the beginning of a life cycle. If these conditions take some heat and water, which we have shown, we are already close to being able to believe in some form of life.
I once assumed that water not need be in liquid form. I suspect and I will show pictures, which I think of life-forms such as snails, which are able to take a salty liquid from your mouth to a block of frozen water, I talk about small portions, like a mosquito injects a poison that affects the blood, and then suck again. Also you can thaw the ice by putting some salt and suck it up again. That would be a very good way to use ice as a source of water.
I also want to ask again if anyone knows if works the microphone of Phoenix. It would be interesting to hear the sound of a storm on Mars.

Josef Bauer
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The ant that comes from Mars

Report: 123.

It seems the ant supersonic.

Ant's head without eyes!
Species of ant found a genetically separate from the others. It has no eyes indicating that live underground
On earth there is an ant from Mars. There is also an ant on Mars, but from earth?
I think, more exotic things, on Mars. Soon I will show a new series of biological life on Mars.

Josef Bauer
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The knees of ANUNNAKIS

knees_0 150 
Report: 126.
The anatomy in the legs of the ANUNNAKIS is very particular.
On one side they look like an Olympian. But at the same moment something seems to be not in place, or in the wrong place.knees_0 The artists to sculpt these works are wrong not by a hair. For some reason there are marked some muscles so exaggerated or as an X-ray anatomy of the bones.knees_1  If so would be an unknown form of bones here in our world.
The movement would be something different and the curved shape of the bones seems to me that there is much gravity to hold for this both legs, but more a lateral force, like walking into a river with strong eddies and rapids.knees_2 You have to know that ANUNNAKIS were not gods themselves, were representatives of the gods. They were close personal to the gods, but had to work on the ground with the help of some technological devices, but it at least was work.knees_3  To accommodate their stay on earth they transformed and adapted this life on earth so they can be useful in the shared work.knees_4  Gradually assumed the man, the Sumerians, all this work done before by the ANUNNAKIS.
An analysis of the anatomy of the gods would be a very beautiful testimony of life and alien visitations.
 Josef Bauer
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Phoenix, a victim of the cold

Reflection: 026.
Phoenix Mars Lander, brought us much joy in our homes. Each day saw new images of its surroundings, although Phoenix did not move from its place. The discovery of ice beneath their feet, snow storms and whirlwinds of dust, even stressful clouds passing over him and also the strong wind, which shook him, all that was impressive.
And less scientific and more child's play was putting soil samples to evaporating it in an oven and to test for hydrogen in the mixture. This work was a ridiculous total.
Imagine the opposite. Someone from Mars coming to visit us and landed on a thick layer of ice and start digging with a shovel out of a toy store and strip on the oven door a sample of our soil.
Although the images alone indicate the presence of hydrogen, still deny the possibility that water exists in one of his element stats on the floor.
NASA did well on Mars, earth bag, but the soil of this sample stayed there days because he could not pass the filter. They let it there days before putting in the oven although knowing that hydrogen once is released from its frozen state the evaporates away.
Finally have some analysis and do not publish the result.
First they have to ask the president of the United States, who was then Mr Bush, if they can say publicly what the elements of this soil of Mars are.
He, Mr. Bush always honest gives the permission and in a press conference declaring his surprise, that the soil is fertile, but very salty and nothing or very little hydrogen, in contrast has a lot of Perchlorate, oil.
In no way is suitable for life, although the soil is as fertile as here in the best agricultural land. A statement made nearly months after the analysis and censored every word of this statement.
But back to Phoenix. Politics is not his fault. He did everything he could and was a lot.
In the months after landing on Mars came the winter and unprotected he got the victim of the cold.

Today death is declared official. Images presented accompany this confirmation. The splendor of his wings and his grace vulnerability was shattered due to pieces.
The weight of thousands of kilos of ice accumulated on its structure broke all its components, its legs, solar cells, probably excavator arms and leave work.
I imagine the cold broke his heart, it was a battery and cable connections were severed.
I hope the next robots are better protected and able to move. Some might be smaller as insects, but thousands of them. This would double the information in a factor of more than tens of thousands.
I think the sending of mini robots would have to be the next step, falling from an orbiting satellite can be distributed by a very large field and every one of them could send pictures and other data from thousands of places at once.
Today NASA itself left a memorándum in tribute to Phoenix, declaring its official death.
The most interesting thing in this statement is confirmation of an environment suitable for life in the form of microbes.
It is said that the coating on the soil of Mars is a mixture of dust and Perchlorate, oil that is in turn a anti freezing and able to absorb and retain hydrogen in this thin layer.
This thin layer is most likely invaded by microbes. The sensation is perfect.
This confirmation is almost hidden in the text, but who wants can draw conclusions.
I wrote some time, that they will recognize first microscopic life and then will appear just elephants.
This wills, I'm convinced.
Everything is ready for a confirmation of extraterrestrial life when they want or need for any new policy to raise money or join the military.
The Vatican has already given its OK, and then they needed only a confirmation of an outstanding scientist.
There, and recently heard a statement from Stephen Hawking, which warns of the danger of contact with ET's
This statement warning and indirectly confirms the existence of extraterrestrials is real. Why speak the greatest scientific mind of a hazard if that has no basis.
He did not criticize a movie like AVATAR or other warfare in a fictional world. No speech of our reality.
Mr. Stephen Hawking is outside of any political persuasion or religion. He is independent and with maximum recognition among the most important scientists of our Elite.
Everything is ready for the big event. Of that, we talk at opportunity time.
 Josef Bauer
some of my reports
The fossil next to the Phoenix
The shark of Mars and other fossil at his side
There is water on Mars!
The Phoenix of snows, and not from the ashes
Ice under the Phoenix Mars Lander
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