Saturday, October 30, 2010

Part-3 Lunar anomalies / frozen liquid covers a crater

  freez moonice_0
Report: 130.
En part-1 to part-2, we saw two impacts of meteors. Now we see the third impact.
No more force to remove and fill the hole caused by this new meteor. And so he stayed.
But because the main crater was flooded? The second was flooded again, and now no water, or lava, he can go out and fill it?freez moonice_1  Resume:
1. A large meteor impact created a large crater.freez moonice_2  2. Is filled with liquid.
3. Another small meteor impacts, and creates another small crater.
4. This crater is flooded with a liquid, either lava or water and frozen or chilled.
5. A third impact creates another crater. This is no longer flooded and is free of material.
6. Why not come out after each impact liquid, and fill the craters?
7. This liquid is water; it came out, and froze on the surface of the moon?
8. The device was not aware melted, even if the liquid was lava. There are chances of ice in the soil of the moon, how Mars shows to have? Yes!
In my report original, at Ovni-Digiart on 21-10-2008,
i spoke about water on moon, now two years later its confirmed !
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: frozen liquid covers a crater on the moon
  freez moonice_0 w
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zecharia Sitchin is now with the Council of the Gods.

Reflection: 029.

Zecharia Sitchin met with the council of the gods. The author and father of the theory that the Anunnaki are our creators, has died.
In his books, he brought us the theory of our divine origin.
Only the gods are not gods as we thought, but are astronauts and rulers of another planet in our solar system.
It was fascinating every word, every book, every theory, every image, which he interpreted.
My most sincere condolences to his family.
A teacher brought us much knowledge of our origins.
Now he left in charge of us to take care of us by ourselves, take advantage of this knowledge, and also claim a place in heaven with the gods.
He is now united with the Creator, with creation, the universe, where space and time does not exist.
Divine Eternity is now his home.
Josef Bauer
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A small meteorite impact on Mars

  mars meteorit_1
 Report: 129.
Here is a picture of a small meteorite impact on the surface of Mars.
Breaks in some pieces, up a little ground and left a hole.
You can either differentiate between the mud and the meteor´s blue color.
mars meteorit_2
Figure 1. A small meteorite impact on Mars recently.
Figure 2. Impact crater
mars meteorit_4 mars meteorit_5   There is a small meteorite lying on Mars? from where he will come?mars meteorit_6  Figure 5. Same meteorite pieces are in the vicinity of cratermars meteorit_7  Figure 6. The largest piece of the meteorite
Source: Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1162
the video of this impact en YouTube or here
Josef Bauer _ADJ_L7R1ana_col_br2.jpg
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Celtic cross

Report: 128.
The art and science of Celtic are very little known. It is time to bring some of the scientists of the clan of Druids.
I'll start with a Celtic cross.keltic_1  Ornaments, and symbols throughout his art, perform a science, received from the Greeks.
They had a great sense of immortal life.keltic_2 The entrance to this life, they said, no more than a portal, an internship, you have to live with courage and honesty.
keltic_3 The Celtic cross is the symbol of eternal life. Today I only show some pictures. In a later report we will talk about the deeper meaning in the hidden symbols.keltic_4  Wallpaper: Celtic cross
 tn00002 1024x768
Josef Bauer
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying Shark


Millions of years ago would likely emerge this shark from the waters of the oceans with extraordinary elegance.

A perfect aerodynamics. The balance between a long thin body and wings of stabilization to quickly correct the direction. It is easy to imagine rising from the waters, and following his flight in the air to return to the water when he decide to change the element.

flying shark_02 Just perfect. But who saw this animal, who may have made a copy of a living being extinct for millions of years?flying shark_03 I will enjoy the extraordinary beauty and not look for the how, and when and who. flying shark_04 

Wallpaper: The flying Shark


tn00001  1024x1288 48.5KB  tn00002  1024x1288 52.8KB

tn00003   1024x1055  27.5KB tn00004 1024x812 28.3KB 


 tn00005 1024x 818  35.9KB

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Josef Bauer

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