Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moon anomalies Part-1/artifact buried

 Report: 129.
In an image transmitted from the lunar exploration center in Japan, JAXA / NHK HDTV _004_1 image can be seen in the first instance a crater.clip_image002This crater was accused of a giant impact of a meteor.
In an impact as well, there is a hole in seconds. Typical crater is formed. Heat of hell is produced. All mass evaporated in a dusty cloud and the soil melts either rock or metal.
At the bottom of this hole is sometimes the remains of lava, produced by the impact.clip_image002[7]But now my question in this image: Which material almost completely fills the first crater?, Because there are at least three impacts.
In the first stuffing to fill the crater flooded and at one part at the lowest level of the wall of the crater the lava started to leak the excess dough. In the middle of the crater there was a metal artifact was caught as in a well that is filled with mud.
I assume that the first impact does not produce this mass that filled the crater. Hour’s or days later came much more water or lava inside the crater and the crater covered almost completely.clip_image002[9]The image say: a device such as a pipe or a reduction of a box of a truck is half buried in a crater on the moon. This crater is filled with a mass of frozen water or chilled lava after a meteor Impact.
The conclusion is that there is or was volcanic activity on the moon!
Which artifact was caught there?
 Josef Bauer
The images are from the original report on my web Ovni-Digiart

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storm over Phoenix

 Report: 128.
The second time you can see a strong wind passing over the Phoenix Mars Lander.

The instrument of meditation time, usually in quiet position, is moving near horizontal by gusts. The Mars atmosphere is obviously a much more active, which is still recognized recently.
This atmospheric movement is capable of mixing layers of cold air with another layer of more heat. That only begins an uprising, and moving air.
When they hit these layers in a height, which I think is not very high, it has to be a condensation, which in turn by their weight returns to the surface as snow or rain.
This is the beginning of a life cycle. If these conditions take some heat and water, which we have shown, we are already close to being able to believe in some form of life.
I once assumed that water not need be in liquid form. I suspect and I will show pictures, which I think of life-forms such as snails, which are able to take a salty liquid from your mouth to a block of frozen water, I talk about small portions, like a mosquito injects a poison that affects the blood, and then suck again. Also you can thaw the ice by putting some salt and suck it up again. That would be a very good way to use ice as a source of water.
I also want to ask again if anyone knows if works the microphone of Phoenix. It would be interesting to hear the sound of a storm on Mars.

Josef Bauer
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Friday, June 4, 2010

The ant that comes from Mars

Report: 123.

It seems the ant supersonic.

Ant's head without eyes!
Species of ant found a genetically separate from the others. It has no eyes indicating that live underground
On earth there is an ant from Mars. There is also an ant on Mars, but from earth?
I think, more exotic things, on Mars. Soon I will show a new series of biological life on Mars.

Josef Bauer
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