Thursday, June 25, 2009

A crater on Mars, which is not a crater


A crater on Mars, which does not originate, in a meteor impact, or don´t appears, to be a Vulcan.
To be a crater of a Vulcan, I need more mass on the walls. The walls are very thin and regular in all directions. The eruption of a volcano, the crater opens, shooting outside the substance, and the lava is directed outward and cooled, leaving the edges ever higher. Whenever, any lava flow toward the sites below the Volcano. A rash can last for hours, days and weeks, even years. We have pictures of other moons in our solar system, where an eruption follows years.
I mean with that, that a strip of this lava runs down and has nothing in his mind, if it has a mind, with the symmetry, that often characterizes the crater itself. A crater of a volcanic eruption has a concave shape with a diameter much smaller than the diameter of the crater on the rim.
A one side they becomes a flood of slowly hardened lava, with a layer above the other. Many times, this lava, or this hot mass is going Miles from the center, and leaves a mark on her journey to eternity.
In our image is the going on the contrary.
Nor is the crater of a meteor impact, as revealed in some, and as seen in images of the moon. The impact, normally clean everything inside of a crater, pulling or vaporizing and burning everything in front of him.
Normally do not have an edge above ground level. It is just a hole, according to the size of the meteor. This image shows a rising edge high above the ground on Mars. That means, it is not an impact.
Then it must be the wall, formed by an eruption inside. As explained above, a crater of Vulcan is a concave from the inside out. Here is something strange. The top diameter, on the edge, is smaller than the inside, and decreases in the form of an eye-Round, thin, elegant, and symmetrical. Also outside the wall is very symmetrical, round and beautiful.
Looking up toward the center of the crater, I have no other word to describe it, but I do not seem to be the product of an eruption, it is something or someone inside.
I don´t think something like the rest of a cooled lava. I think someone or something, is there hiding. As with many images, I can not give explanations. I think in future we will need geologist´s there, to determine geological and new items. Possibly in many cases have to go with the geologist, a biologist, to provide answers about the possibility of different forms of life. I think that this eye in the Martian soil is a hideaway, a nest, a home for a form of Life on Mars.
 Josef Bauer
credit:Nasa/Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera S1000780

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