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The Mayan calendar - the mystery of its accuracy


Report: 073.
Who brought the Mayan people, from one day to another, a calendar, which has the same accuracy, how our time measurement from now?
 How they knew the hours missing in a year of 365 days?
How they knew by adding every four years a full day’s in the measurement of the tour of the earth around the sun its cycle is completed correctly? 
 To observe, and find and discover that the same day last year, is behind by six hours, it takes many years of observation.
Other years, possibly astronomers spent entire lives to confirm such a difference in the time measurement.
Then you have to convince colleagues, and then you have to find a solution to the problem, found with the application of a filling day every four years.
Implement a time measurement radically new, means convincing of the change all the political and religious class.
To approve such a correction can lead lives of astronomers. No law, no scientific discovery is introduced immediately. Always there were people who defend and advocate the teaching of science knowledge known to date.
These astronomers, who discovered the irregularity, sure did not see the change in his life.
Where scored their observations? All in stone? Another huge sacrifice for a scientist, or astronomer, draws a hard stone daily. But still he had time, and strength and money to do his comments?
They had other materials to write?
Paper pulp made of the banana plant? Not made of fruit pulp.
I know this material, but knew that too that the trunk of the banana is better than wood pulp to make paper?
Maybe, but this shows the knowledge of another modern science fifteen hundred years ago.
Something does not match. There is more, the timing measure in their calendar was not just for a few decades of human life.
No, they calculated a bit more
The short period calendar round was a cycle of 52 years.
The long period Maya calendar was the  era of 13 Baktun = 13 * 144 000 days mean solar covers approximately 5125.36 years.
A combination of the Tzolkin/Haab/Long Count are 374 152 Years or 73 epochs of Mayas of 13 Baktun.
To create a new calendar in the lifetime of one astronomer it’s impossible.
More credible is the belief that a scientist from another planet, and more advanced, delivered on a day like today, with lots of sunshine, a diskette, a Memory Stick, a CD, and showed them in a notebook, or on big screen how it works out, and forced them to use it from now on as well. This was done. When you have the formula is easy, or easier, to continue with observation. We know from the church itself, which needed correction of the calendar.
Now we have the legendary Gregorian calendar.
But the Maya did not know anything about another calendar.
Was it a calendar imperfect?
No, it was a calendar in stone, and the first time he had to work and be accurate. And he did, until today. Until two thousand and twelve years! But that’s another story in another message.
Enjoy the day and don’t look the watch so much like Annunakis or as the Mayas.
Notice to readers:
The calendar of the Aztec people is different from the Maya.  I clarify, although it seems there is total confusion on the information presented in more than 90% of the various Blogs and Webs.
I had to search for hours to see and meet some Blogs, that present well, and well differentiated these two calendars.
There are even books that are being published under the name of the Mayan calendar with pictures of the Aztec calendar.
As a reader pointed me in its short, but very fair comment, there is total ignorance on this subject.
There is a mass hysteria about the topic of end of the world in 2012, but nobody cares correct data and images.
I bought more than 22 years ago in Santiago de Chile a beautiful replica, made of copper, of the Aztec calendar. Since then I have it with pride in my house.
This image shows a replica of the Aztec calendar.

 Josef Bauer
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