Saturday, October 31, 2009

Methane, leaving the soil of Mars

From Small holes in the soil of Mars comes a gas, probably methane, what could be likely the product of a massive Bacterial Respiratory process, from bacterial cultures living in underground lakes.
Methane outflow
Office: “Mars-Nessy hello, you hear me?”
“Where are you?”
Mars-Nessy: “I hear you, but tell me everything.
It’s true, that their cars are moving, when methane is burned.
Ill burn the gas, what is coming out of these caves, wait and then tell me everything.”
Office: Nessy no, not start anything! Stop playing with fire!
Who knows? If there so much methane, perhaps the whole planet will break on this explosion.
Methane outflow
We will study it together, and then we’ll see what we do.
Mars-Nessy: You scared me with your cry, but tell me everything
Office: First pull the two stones, and stop to make sparks with them…
Methane outflow
These images clearly show the flow out of gas from the soil of Mars.
Methane outflow
Mars has no volcanic activity, so the methane can only come from a bacterial Respiratory exchange. This means that there is life on Mars.
Josef Bauer
the wallpaper bacterial Respiratory exchange 1 1024x768 35.8KB
the wallpaper bacterial Respiratory exchange 2 1024x768 27.4KB
Credit: PSP_007162_1915
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UFO or Sun in a mural art in a monastery in Austria

ufo in monasterie_1 
Report: 068.

I found the frescoes on the wall in a monastery “ Stift Kremsmünster” in my hometown in Kremsmünster at Austria.ufo in monasterie_2
ufo in monasterie_3   The angels hovering in the clouds and give St. Benedict, who also is levitating above the ground, the ring of the Holy Spirit and above theirs is the Yahweh, and Glory of the Lord.
ufo in monasterie_4 The UFO photographed in Paraguay in 2006 and this frescoes painted in the monastery, along with St. Benedict, look very similar.
ufo in monasterie_5  This is another indication of the presence of UFOs in centuries past. ufo in monasterie_6  Fotos from Josef Bauer
Josef Bauer
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Annunakis and their wristwatch Part-1

annunakis wristwatch  0 150
“The gods of the Sumerians, the ANUNNAKIS and their wristwatch-part-1/8”
It seems, timing, knowing when to begin the shift from slave labor, when to return to homes, when to go up to heaven or go down from there , it is extremely important for active and intelligent beings.annunakis wristwatch 1 560 All the gods have their time well organized, at least their time and theirs of hers slaves. But we are not talking of modern times. We are talking about a while back in the past. To be exact, five thousand years have passed away.
It is possible that someone already had the technology of a wristwatch?
annunakis wristwatch 2 
Only God could have it. But God has no shortage of time. Then the gods are not gods. So they were scientists, astronauts from other civilizations.
That’s simple.
Another piece in this puzzles of the immense influence of the gods, as said, my very dear Erich von Däniken.
Medias said, many times on Däniken: He has no reason on the issue of the gods, because there are no Gods.
They said the Astronauts and gods as such, no.
But if there are, there are!
Let’s go gathering stone by stone. One day, the pyramid of reason is filled, and complete. The base is made. The bases are not stones, but information. Yet there is much information.
We need to build the pyramid with all information, which is within our reach.
Thus, as could not erase, Cheops and Sphinx, even if they wanted it, so could not deny the existence of other Beings
They were Side by side with us, and that, since the beginning of time.
Greetings to all my friends
Josef Bauer
Credit: Observed, images editing and text by Josef Bauer
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mars is dying and the earth with diluvia


Looking at Mars always makes me sad. I see a planet so similar to our earth, so close to us and without civilization and apparently uninhabited. What was the misfortune on Mars? What’s really happened? A world is not dry overnight.

  Communication between Mars-Nessy, my correspondent on mars and the office of Mars and UFO Mysteries

 The office of Mars and UFO Mysteries: Mars Nessy, what do you know from this disaster.

Mars Nessy says: Well, but tell me …

The office: No, Nessy, I make the questions now. Then, when you told me everything, I’ll answer a question.

Mars Nessy says: Well, but... I know already, uh, long ago, many years, people here are enjoyed much of life. Everything was in excess. The food and all that is needed to live was like in paradise. The people forgot God. They thought everything came to them and always will be. No more grateful to God for how good he gave them.

There, in those days was, when God is angry with us, and punish us. It is said that the earth was the same. People do not respect God, and God was angry. It also had to be punished.

Then it was that God remove with his gigantic Yahweh all the water that ran through the rivers, and was at sea.

With a gigantic whirlwind, god drew the water from the sea and the rivers up into the sky above the planet Mars. From there he sent the water on the earth, where it rained down weeks and everything flooded. Here on Mars, began the days of drying, and the earth is said, came a flood, a flood like never before. That was the flood, from which the Bible speaks. God punished in a world encompassing action- two civilizations, on two different planets, at the same time.

Since then, we have to live without water on the surface. The earth lost all his animals and humans, with a few exceptions and had to start over again. But tell me everything. You on earth had this endless rain and floods to cover these high mountains? Tell me all....

The office: Now I’m speechless. This story is incredible.

Mars Nessy says: But truth is told. God punished the earth with too much water. And here at all dry Mars. God punishes us together!

The office: That’s right. Nessy of this we need to talk more, but now I must think.

Josef Bauer


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The eye of the earth

Reflection: 013.

The eye of the earth is watching us.
The earth sees everything and everyone. She knows who her hurts. She knows who treats her well.
Love the earth. It is ours. It’s the only, within our reach, the only place, where we can live.
Not offend the earth so that they will not be nervous. In the blink of an eye, they can wipe you from the surface. Take care of the environment.
Then the environment will take care of you too, because the environment, our earth, lives, breathes, looks, and thinks.
Are we to much cruel to her, she will be with us as cruel, at we was.
Remember, in a closing of eyes, they can get us out of the surface of it.
Love her and take good care of her.
Josef Bauer

the Wallpaper of the world´s eye 1024x768  106KB
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