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the video: the Vatican-Sumerian connection


The Annunakis, the Sumerian gods, used a handful artifact to do his work here on the earth. It’s unknown their functions, but is obvious that them are artifacts with powerful technologies. On lifetime and in their presence, this artifact found as ornaments at places inside the temples and in all this relieves on all the sidewalls of the temple.
From there it was seen in the hand of all other gods, at another territories as the Indian land of gods, the Greeks powerfully gods has used it too, as the same have done de Egyptians gods.
Then the Romans used the same artifacts as very helpful for maintains of her power. At least all the Vatican’s popes. All of them used the same artifact or as ornament in the same form as has done Dionysius the Greek god and Bacchus the old Greek master god with his bastion.
vatican conection_49
The pope of this day used the same artifact, the one that has done as the now old Annunakis, the gods of the Sumerian peoples. This I named “the Vatican-Sumerian connection!”
There is more explication for all this themes;
Vatican connection with the Sumerians revealed in a video. This video is the summary of my stories began long ago with the issue of Annunakis and continued with the gods of India. Arriving at the botanical garden of the Vatican, where they also find the same ornament, as they used all the gods of Antique.
There is a real connection to the symbols of all the gods with the symbols used in the Vatican! Look at the video again and see the unique stories of Annunakis and symbol of eternal life!
The video: the Vatican - Sumerian Connection

Josef Bauer

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