Sunday, June 21, 2009

a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon



NASA is going to the moon. This is good.
NASA is going to the moon to bombing the moon. This is bad.
A very good report on this side
is talking about the next step, that NASA will do on the moon surface. Looking for water.NASa LCROSS a
Nasa can observe stars in other galaxies and determine if there hydrogen or not en the suns or in some news extra planets. On our moon they must explode a bomb or two to become a DataStream of water particles. I am reading the entire report and without to accepting all of the theories of Ufos, I make a commentary. In small words I am saying all what I am thinking about it:
Phoenix are landing on mars, about ice, with 6 high-tech ovens to vaporized this ice to determine, it is or not, frosted hydrogen, but don’t could to his work. We don´t know exactly, is there water or not. Now, the new method is brutal force. How to use neurons and not ballistic? The Americans politic leaders are a shame for the world. The have scientist to do a good job, to make energy effectively cars, but the corrupt politicians don’t permit to do so. A good politician could resolve the must of the problems in the world, with agreements, accepting others people’s religion and thoughts, but the luck must be bringing o send with air fighters and war. Now we are going to bomb the moon. It’s scientifically a step thousands of years back. This is not the future of the humans, the future is science without politic and war. If you cannot get a science data with heating ice to water, never you can get a DataStream with missiles or rockets. This is a crime, and a stupid act.
Josef Bauer

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