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Crop Circels are works of art, but not art from OVNIs


The circles drawn in the fields of wheat are works of art, but not art from Ovnis / Ufos.
 Here, I will show you a picture of a jellyfish, drawn recently in a wheat field.

 Reported and submitted in the newspaper
This is a Beautiful drawing, the motive itself. What are drawn circles in wheat fields? Crushed wheat plants still growing, on their vital living cycle and growing as yet.
The wheat mature, and dry, not served for the drawing!
If you step a fresh plant, it crushes easier, that a plant dry and hard.
The picture is more marked, the lines more accurately. With mature wheat, the picture is not reflected by color unanimous. Instead, the green wheat, fresh, growing, re-raise again a little, and yet to produce grain, the farmer can harvest, then the economic damage, not is that much. The green plant shines more in the sun, as dry wheat.
The drawings in wheat fields are expressions of perfect art. Apart from its creation in a computer, has a lot of adrenaline and expectation of a broad distribution in the media written o transmitted on air, or set.
Art is always one more that the pattern observed alone.
It is a summary of the artistic process. It is The Summary of a professional job, from creating virtual to the actual materialization of an abstract idea.
 All images and text are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 on the Crop Circle Connector
@ Information Compiled by M J Fussell and Stuart Dike.
Credit: "Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (".
What is using an artist?
He is using Colors and materials formable.
We have it in these drawings in the field?
We have a plant, yet green, with a dozens of colors. The color green in nature, is expressed at least, any forty small differences of this color. With each movement of the wind, and the reflection of the sun, he changes from a green light almost transparent, a green, almost black. It is beautiful to look at a wheat field, where it moves, like a carpet.
More still, because the spikes out of his nest, his membrane between the sheets to protect it, in the time of maturation.
The material formable is the wheat plant. This is the most natural material, which an artist can find for their work. Many Asian religious artists, used trees and plants for his art. He give the plant a form and take care of them for many years, when they are growing slowly, because they are not trees and pasture for one year only.
Observe a plant and cultivate it carefully at a pre-elect and predestined end, as can be, giving shade to a place, that can be given fruit, or it may be, to give harmony with the color of the flowers at a home. The material of a plant, the bonsai trees, mixed the place with stones and a water source is the practice of ZEN. So the Harmony is expressed in its perfection.
They are with the need to spread his work, to be known, and thus to be able to sell better their works.
Other artists are working still by the simple desire, what they have inside of their heart, to be creative. Drawing is like singing, but on another frequency. The melody may be the same. I am sure these pictures of these artists in the field, are a mixture of various forms of expression.
For her talent they have, they have to make works of art. That comes from an impulse from within, and can not be stopped. The other aspect is the ego, wanting to show the artistic skills that one has. There is nothing wrong. It would be a poor world without art.
 All images and text are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 on the Crop Circle Connector
@ Information Compiled by M J Fussell and Stuart Dike.
Fuente:"Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector
The dilemma, of these artists is, that their materials, they use, hurting the owner of agricultural production. It is like have an accident and escape from the scene of the accident, without providing identification. It is a schizophrenic mix, between artists generosity, giving her work, but away from its responsibility to pay for the damage done.
Never anybody speaks of the viewpoint of the owners of the fields. I am an agronomist, I know as an annoying,  if it is a loose cow in a field of wheat, or worse, as annoying, if they enter a car or a tractor in a field of a crop, to deviate from water on the road, where he can stay stagnant.
Sometimes it is a truck on the road, blocking the passage of vehicles, and these in turn, elect the detour through the countryside, not to wait to release the truck. I always hurt, losing a wheat plant, but always many square feet were lost.
The artist would have to make economic arrangements with the owner, and sell images to journalists. But there is another dilemma. Who will look at these pictures, if they are not acts of the gods, with their ships from the sky?
I do not say UFOs do not exist; to the contrary, I am convinced of its existence. But they are not the perpetrators of these artistic drawings.
I know it is a great dilemma for the artist, my confirmation.
I do not want, to end up them to drawing, but in the day, with the permission of the owner.
The publicity no longer comes from the UFOs. Now the publicity should come from the capacity of the creator and his drawing art.
Like any other artist, needs to sell their works recognized and purchased by its artistic value and not by the false propaganda. It is not fair to other artists, who do not use this false propaganda.
Finally, the designers in the fields are very good artists, and therefore do not need the false propaganda. We can give public recognition and legal protection, if there are economic arrangements for both parties involved, between the owner and the artist. Because they are great artists, no one would dispute that.
Josef Bauer
Greetings Josef Bauer
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