Friday, September 4, 2009

The unknown is an inspiration


The strange people, if there, you need to fear, but the strangers in this world.

Let us now talk about strangers from other worlds.

Let us talk about the crew of the UFOs.

The strangers Ships are advanced technological devices and their crews are scientists.

They are Fathers, who through their travels, they must leave their beloved in other part of this universe.

They include technicians with a job to fulfill.

The schedule of their work and his scientific studies need to be continued and completed.

Therefore, they do not interfere with us. Their programs are long term.

They did not change there appear in thousands of years.

This is what tells me, that they have in their land of origin a stable polity.

It can be hard. It can be cruel.

It may be pure commerce, but can also be a self-discipline in understand the reasons of life. In depth knowledge of the universe, the reason that these people had can focus on scientific goal.

The reason of this long time politic at this people can be focused at a religious or scientific goal.

His Targets and strategies for growth and expansion throughout the universe are without interference or otherwise in a quiet, but steady intervention.

One thing is sure, they are not monsters but they can have different appearances. But to be frightened of some strange or different it’s enough to lift the carpet and look that under a microscope.

They are intelligent beings, so far more than we do.

Imagine a person is left guessing tomorrow. Apparently the near future is predicted as dangerous and must be careful. This announcement is enough to alert the unconscious and often in such cases something happens to this person. The Bio - feedback is a force that develops unconsciously, but cause and effect in the body.

In a negative announcement the effect can be catastrophic. In a nice announcement something enjoyable will happen this day.

What impact will do an announcement of existence or the massive presence of these beings and their machines in a society that rebels every day against God? We are going to feel joy, fear, depression or aggression?

If you give away something valuable to any person as a gift, this person don’t understand how much it’s did you cost to win with the work of your hands for this purpose.

In much countries the mind of the people or the society is not be able to import technology from other country more advanced. They are importing gadgets, as telephones or cars, but not the knowledge or the technologies to produce these artifacts herself. Less they imported rules of coexistence, rules of judgments of crimes, social rules, hygienic rules, medicals rules and many more.

This phenomenon of ignorance is the Origen of the eternal distance of the people from other worlds with us, with our impossibility of apprentice and denying the existence of others more advanced.

We have to evolve much more, to be accepted from them.

Just, when we understand the technology advanced, when we accept a stable policy, with overall long-term goals, we will go to have a contact fluid.

We know that there are other worlds, but always with doubt in mind until we come across them in space and if possible close to home. If we get this target with own efforts, at this moment recently we are going to be prepared to live with them.

Their presence here shows us that there is a way towards them.

They found the way already and always did this trip to us.

Greetings Josef Bauer

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