Thursday, September 9, 2010

The origin of biological life

Reflection: 027.
The origin of biological life has to be part of the elements of the planet. A large percentage of our molecules are hydrogen atoms, calcium and others. The skeleton of a rigid body is almost like the other stones. When the Moving into the evolution of biological life begun, cells and fluids that was more gaseous as fluids in a circuit pre sanguineous allowed to fill a flexible layer. The beginning of the cells with gases, which inflated these small balloons floating in the water and some electrical attraction and chemistry, stuck together these globules.
Among them passed gas atoms accumulated and was the first interaction of living things. Everything was shown as a step in the depths of the oceans and always in the vicinity of hot gas which exits underwater volcanoes. Under these conditions, possibly still as in early life starts constantly, waiting their turn.
The secret of biological life is more the control of smaller forces, non-measurable, the Electrical forces, gravitational forces, and without mentioning anything supernatural, without talk about chaos theory and symmetry. For some reason became unstable the symmetry of the universe. From the moment the universe is working with all his might to reach the same symmetry or at least find a balance between the forces released in the beginning of our known universe unstable. Life is the search result to restore order. I do not think that that is going to get this symmetry, at least not with intelligent biological life.

 Josef Bauer

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