Saturday, October 30, 2010

Part-3 Lunar anomalies / frozen liquid covers a crater

  freez moonice_0
Report: 130.
En part-1 to part-2, we saw two impacts of meteors. Now we see the third impact.
No more force to remove and fill the hole caused by this new meteor. And so he stayed.
But because the main crater was flooded? The second was flooded again, and now no water, or lava, he can go out and fill it?freez moonice_1  Resume:
1. A large meteor impact created a large crater.freez moonice_2  2. Is filled with liquid.
3. Another small meteor impacts, and creates another small crater.
4. This crater is flooded with a liquid, either lava or water and frozen or chilled.
5. A third impact creates another crater. This is no longer flooded and is free of material.
6. Why not come out after each impact liquid, and fill the craters?
7. This liquid is water; it came out, and froze on the surface of the moon?
8. The device was not aware melted, even if the liquid was lava. There are chances of ice in the soil of the moon, how Mars shows to have? Yes!
In my report original, at Ovni-Digiart on 21-10-2008,
i spoke about water on moon, now two years later its confirmed !
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: frozen liquid covers a crater on the moon
  freez moonice_0 w

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