Monday, April 11, 2011

The STS-133 UFO

Report: 133.
The man on earth was ever visited and observed from a higher intelligence.
Each step of civilization, whatever, at any time in our history, carefully and jealously was accompanied by higher beings.
The instructions for the territorial advances and developments, whether in culture, technology or science in general, always came the gods omnipotent and ever present. The gods of heaven drove humanity. STS 133 UFO_1 Image 1 / 8 shows NASA Astronaut Steve Bowen on a spacewalk outside the space shuttle, outside the ISS
Why would that be different now?
The only difference now is, that mankind shall be raised to the heavens.
not yet have the technology or the height of them, but they share more than the earth with them.
We Staying within the space, the home of the gods.
Not surprisingly, we find them there, between earth and sky, in space and on the moons and planets of our solar system. STS 133 UFO_2 Image 2 / 8 shows where in the image is the object.
We will not have, and never had a single trip outside our atmosphere, without the accompaniment of the gods in their UFOs., the lyrics for flying objects for us not recognizable (identifiable).
I'm sure for this reason alone there were strict orders from them to government with technology to bring people and satellites into space, to keep secret all the presence of the gods today near us. STS 133 UFO_3 Image 3 / 8 shows a close up of the object.
is even probable, that they shares some cutting-edge technological advances to us, but under their absolute control.
Well that's a topic for further reflections. What matters are the small details that escape this control. STS 133 UFO_4 Image 4 / 8 shows a close up of the object and place next to the astronaut's hand.
When NASA astronaut Steve Bowen work on day 7 of the flight of Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133 on the exterior of the spacecraft, the images were taken.
NASA's pride, to show something positive, to have an astronaut in space more than three hundred kilometers above the earth is big, knowing the technological difficulties of such an adventure.
In this image next to the astronaut's hand is a bright spot. Of these there are in several pictures, but some are real stars. In my view we need to see a lot more  and brighter, but it is not the case. STS 133 UFO_5 Image 5 / 8, 6 / 8 and 7 / 8 shows more extensions of the object. Well. This point of it anyway, is not a star. In the best case could be an asteroid, a small moon, or just a ship of the gods, as always accompanying us. Everything seems to be the case. A UFO in the vicinity of the space station. STS 133 UFO_6 We are moving with more than 28000 km per hour and anything is out of sight in minutes or less. At this rate I think there would be some fuzziness in the background image, if the object would be moving. STS 133 UFO_7 In addition, what are doing a moon or asteroid unknown, in the vicinity of the earth. Not to mention the danger that such a step would mean about a celestial body.
No, once again was surprised the UFO, not us.
We know who are out there, but with a camera innocent, and the pride of an astronaut once more we surprised than our guards. STS 133 UFO_8 Image 8 / 8 shows the edges of the object.
The center is brighter, which means more energy comes out of the center, because  the center in the images is the ship and irregularities around  are about particle radiation.
What that means is another story.
Without drawing conclusions in this report on the philosophical scope of their presence, the gods on our civilization and all its religious and political authorities, and military, I leave these pictures for your own analysis.
Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: STS-133 UFO

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Anomalies in the flight STS-133

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