Friday, January 20, 2012

Carved figurines pyramids on Stone Disk

Report: 142.

Some places on Mars are so fantastic to watch.
I like some locations for its beautiful scenery, others by their exotic expression.
In many images time is frozen, not only the water that ran and still runs under the soil of mars.
Something big had our sister planet once. What was it?
It was a planet full of life, motion, time peace or wartime.
Today we find remains of a lost civilization, as both on earth. The remains of sculptures stone, as in Greece or other countries.
Again I found some stones that difficult nature may have made just as you see now. The biological evolution is more creative than men.
There are life forms unimaginable. But as geological nature is difficult and erosion cannot form circles round, precise angles or lines straight in three dimensions.
Only an intelligent being can transform stone, or wood, or iron into shapes with
mathematical sense, and ergonomic or aesthetic, in the case that this are
ornaments or tools.
See this carved stone and give yourself an explanation.

Josef Bauer

PIA11746: Full-Circle 'Bonestell' Panorama from Spirit
PIA11746.jpg (6,833 MB)

Wallpaper stone disk 1024x768

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