Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God Vasudhara

Report: 147.
A goddess of India. A goddess, with the name of Vasudhara, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.
Like other gods of India with the same devices in their hands.
Its meaning is always the same. Power and wealth.Vasudhara_2 In all legends, there is talk of a very generous goddess, which did not use his wealth for her self, but to help those who most need. This example is the source of their popularity.
The gods in India as in some other countries and at different times with humility and wisdom taught a different way of living.
Although they had their differences. Among the gods. Not between man and gods. It's a big difference. Not punished, but forgiven and patiently showed how to live and overcome human suffering.
I can not describe the life and the origin of the gods. In Wikipedia online is received the best possible information from each of these gods.Vasudhara_3Also by copyright, you can not show some very sharp firsthand images. Private collections are online studies but not for publishing on other blogs.
I am pointing to the origin of some artifacts, which are repeated in all the images of gods, the whole world.
The wealth, which they shared, you must have a source. What is? Taxes of the people loyal to the gods. Or wealth received from the gods themselves.Vasudhara_4Possibly because only technology can tell where the most profitable mines are and extraction is also hard work.
I also believe that the artifacts are delivered from scientists, astronauts, gods ... they live in heaven.Vasudhara_5 In the following posts we'll compare these devices. Artifacts that grant great power. Because they are artifacts, energetic, and effects, superior to the known.
Josef Bauer

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