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The unified mars and earth’s and UFOs mysteries


 Reflection: 001.
The unified mars and earth’s and UFOs mysteries theories all together here in this Blog.
Welcome to the Bell-Art of the world’s most strange mysteries in images at OVNI-DIGIART
I am proud to tell you that I have found some very interesting things in this world and have taken a picture from it. Here on the sky and at the Mars.
Photos are taken of myself and transformed in Bell-Art; I named it OVNI-Digiart.
Other photos are with copyright from the NASA,ESA, or other government firms, but theirs photos son public and free to download and so I could make amplifications and so I could see and find some strong evidence of a civilization in the past some been to stand in this day.
My belief is that very much civilizations are in the universe and also I believe, that we had contact with their times ago.
I could see very many times one or more of this Spaceships, UFO, OVNIS, FLIEGENDE UNTERTASSEN, YAHWE, DISCO VOLADOR, HIMMELSBARKE, RAUMSCHIFF, or whatever the people named it flying about me. My satisfaction is to look for there. I am, not interesting to convinced some else of the origin.
I want to remark the beautiful side of all the strange objects, the strange places or at one word the grandness of the creation.
Get a tour without looking for evidences what can help you to win a fight in the court. Evidence of this sort is not out there to find, or to bring inside a court. Some are simply at the ground of the moon or at the mars or other places in the system solar. Other things are flying but always away from us. Never are they coming in my garden or my house to take a tee and a cake whit me. I know they are but before I can convince you, you are probably in the way to convinced me, that I am crazy.
Rapidly they are finding people to make some sighting ridiculer.
Why are so much jokes and fakes out of these themes? I know and I think you and a handful more know that they are. But more are telling the world these peoples are crazy. And so on. Never had they wanted that we know the truth.
I will make you do understand how wonderfully the nature and the creation is.
The Blog “Ovni-Digiart” is written at my second language, en Spanish, my first language is German.
The Blog “” is written at my thirds language, en English, how I said, and my first language is German.
I wish your pardon of all the mistakes in my Grammatik. English is my thirds language, then come a little part from Portuguese, Italian, Frances, Guarani,
Forgive my broken capability to speak with you more correct.
Your friend and the friend of this wonderfully world what could be ours in freedom
Greetings Josef Bauer

Für meine Deutsch sprachigen Leser
Herzlich Willkommen
Hallo Freunde
Zurzeit ist der Blog „Ovni-Digiart“ nur in Spanisch geschrieben, aber ich bitte euch, probiert doch die hervorragende Translation. Drückt auf die Fahne von Deutschland oder wählt die Sprache, welche ihr sprecht und losgeht es. Mit diesem neuen Blog Mars and Ufos Mysteries biete ich den englisch sprechenden Lesern einen Einblick, in die von mir gemachten Entdeckungen und vermittle in dieser Sprache meine Eindrücke von den Zusammenhängen, welche oft zu sehr verschleiert sind um sie als Wahrheiten zu erkennen.
Viele Fotos sprechen für sich alleine.Bitte besucht diese Blog,sooft ihr was interesantes zum Sehen oder zum nachdenken sucht.

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