Monday, March 10, 2008

The waterfall on Mars

Report: 002.
The waterfall at Mars with three walls seems to be bunkers.

In the waterfalls of Mars are at least three buildings, visible almost side by side. The Nature can always do something like that man, but this once, not seem that this come from nature.

Three buildings in a small place with walls and rectangular walls in three dimensions, walls with a ninety degree angle in the dimensions of length and width, plus the dimension of height.

The wall is broken at the angle above, and continues after switching exactly at ninety degrees, to this new address.

Likewise, the wall rises up. Exactly vertical, as any wall of a building here on earth, but now nothing more and nothing less on Mars. Casualty?

Work of a human being terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

Dear friends I like to hear your opinion. How many times I said I am not a geologist, I am neither a scientist, but I love the beauty of these places as strange and abstract, and in turn so beautiful. I also often cause extreme sadness at the absence of Life. I am not a fan; I know my limits or boundaries that make us.

I know there are brilliant photos, but we reach only fuzzy photos, and explanation of some lines or shapes, can be a mistake. Not a mistake from these photos. What I see, I see. So I do not hit a tree, when I walk down a hill. My eyes do not deceive me.

But what if the photographic material we receive, had errors, led to a censure of the Government. If the material is failing by default, that is censorship, or by the deception which we are certainly grounds, and we show something different, then our eyes and our analysis is wrong too.

Not, that I do not want to know the truth, but knowing, that we just should not know this truth, so never say yes this thing is such a thing. More I am inclined to see the beauty of all creation. Also a photo, a color image and processed forms, can be a beautiful thing.

Perhaps women with such paint and makeup not fool us a bit?

Once again, greetings to all visitors of this blog. Return always, if you can. Each time, I see that someone is visiting and watching the blog, I am glad. I feel that I can do some for a few moments of surprise.

Maybe serve some words to ponder. Not only a hundred images of a UFO on a sheet of a Weblog, looked in three minutes, satisfied. I look at a picture better aesthetically prepared, and if it any UFOs images to my blog, it is certain that only sightings of me are showing there. So far in the Bell-Art tag.

It may be more photos below show you other unusual items. Always looking for something special, and showing an aesthetic angle. Not as a witness, or a de facto irrevocable.

 Josef Bauer

Las cataratas del Marte

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