Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Batteries by Annunakis

batteries by anunnaki_1

Report: # 097

All the Annunakis, the gods, used electrics appliances. (We also already).

To function in a world without energy, you must have a power generator, and batteries, to always carry a good supply of energy.

With this energy they could move around. More still, because the energy is transmitted wireless.

batteries by anunnaki_2  On one hand always they have the battery and on the other hand the transmitter or an projector of energetic forces with a variety of frequencies.batteries by anunnaki_3 In these images I present ten different reliefs, sometimes with the same god, but in another time and another place.batteries by anunnaki_4 You never see a god without these technical artifacts. Sure, they’re important for their survival here on earth.batteries by anunnaki_5

batteries by anunnaki_6 batteries by anunnaki_7 batteries by anunnaki_8                                                                  A battery?

batteries by anunnaki_9

The material of the handle to carry the device is interesting. Well insulated with a material artificial. Sure, rubber, plastic or something that we have here. In every way it’s an artificial material and manufactured.

These small eruptions are the same ones who have to work with power tools such as pliers or screwdriver. It’s a protection in case of contact with electricity. Also, the laser transmitter by the Annunakis is of the same insulating material. It is not for looks prettier, no, it’s for protection.

Josef Bauer


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