Thursday, February 11, 2010

Phoenix broke the ice!

Reflection: 023.
I don’t know how to treat the news of the day, week, from 2008 forward. There is water on Mars in his frozen state and as steam. Now we just need confirmation of liquid water.
The same person at NASA makes the confirmation that was found water there. I take this confirmation with satisfaction. It’s like having the Popes blessing. Now I don’t need to believe in something, what we have long suspected. Now we can talk from a fact that there is of water on Mars.
What was once a philosopher’s wisdom is now the scientific wisdom and that from ordinary people.
What was once a desire of a man who was attracted to the immensely large universe, today’s reality. What was once speculation by writers of fantastic histories are now headlines in the newspapers around the world, airing on over a hundred languages.
What was once a blasphemy pursued and fined with death, is now material for discussion between a cafe and another.
What was once treated as a lie, and therefore forbidden, hidden and jealously denied, is true today. I’m satisfied, but I wonder why just now.
Why not let the truth come to education and general knowledge to everyone already.
What a revolution was feared, to tell the truth?
In saying what we always knew?
I’m sad about the two thousand years lost in science, technological advances, in the discovery of simple medicines.
The ego centrism of the church culminated in a Geo centrism unprecedented in history. We don´t have a lot of history written on the earth, although there is much history. But no previous civilization refused and attacked the science and discovering new things so cruel and vehement as the church.
The church already evinced a shift in policy. I’m talking about?
Today the news spreads that there is water in two of its three forms in your state on Mars.
There is frozen water and vaporized water without getting at least a moment in the liquid state. There is water on Mars!
But there is one more sensational new. There are no elements in the soil that would be toxic to humans. The soil is purer and healthier than on earth. How I liked to eat strawberries planted on Mars, without pesticides. The soil was Rich in basic elements like magnesium, calcium, sodium chloride.
Here´s a description of the three main salts or elements found in the soil of Mars. With further evidence of the Phoenix we are going to receive more data.
Salt NUMBER 1. - Potassium sulfuricum
Salt NUMBER 2. - Magnesium phosphoricum
Salt NUMBER 3. - Sodium chloratum
There is no acid soil, full of heavy metals. The floor is like coconut soap. A soil viciously with a pH value of 8-9, it´s mean this is an alcaic soil and not acid.
The difference is in the attraction of hydrogen ions with negative charge. In practice it means or indicates that it is suitable for any planting of vegetables or wheat or corn if the temperature would allow it to grow.
The soil on Mars is like mineral water with gas.
The high pH also tells us otherwise. Not only is suitable for biological life, but has all the ingredients necessary for biological life as we know, although the forms may be different, but the biology of plants and animals or intelligent beings can be constructed of the same basic elements as we have on earth.
And this construction was already living on Mars. Millions of years ago. In very early stage in the formation of Mars there was life on Mars. That we know.
We do not know if there is still biological life. There is Sodium chloride, this is salt which we have in the kitchen, there is a alcaic soil which means there are fat substances in the soil of Mars.
There are lime, silicon, water, methane, Oxygen and many other minerals on Mars. What else use a plant, or a living? The salt and oil in the ground are the clearest evidence of life on Mars. Where does comes our underground oil? Where does the salt in the sea, in the open ground in California, New Mexico, in Argentina. There is salt accumulate some few meters.
If all that comes from biological life, which lived in our world, why it will be different on Mars?
Phoenix broke the ice of the secret of life on Mars.
Phoenix broke the icy silence.
Phoenix broke the ice!
Greetings my friends
Josef Bauer
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