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The soldiers of the Olmecs



Report: # 114

To defend their territory, were a group of elite, skilled, and equipped with technology of extraterrestrial origin.solderss_1  The soldiers of the Olmecs were well-trained athletes, but they were good technical and with strategic instruction and trained in the use of a technology unknown to their enemies.

A small group was sufficient to defend the people of any threat of hostile tribes.solderss_2  With modern weapons could kill, or detain hundreds of offenders, without much effort.

Their weapons were developed technologically thousands of years before anyone could image this thing of power. They used Laser rifles or handgun´s or Taser.

The Laser weapons drilling, and burning the attacker with his hot lightning.

The Taser gives an electric shock, scare and immobilize him for a while, not injure or kill the enemy.solderss_3  That was the biggest surprise when they saw that a motionless body could be recovered again. Greater was than the fear, which the enemies after all had.

How great warriors were the Olmecs, was spoken in their surroundings. Without touching the enemy, they can kill or detain anyone. They were similar to God. The enemy’s life depended solely on the will of the soldier.

It is amazing the use of these weapons by the Olmecs. More surprising is that the gods gave them weapons, which in many other stories of other cultures is described, but only in the hands of the gods herself.

The weapons or artifacts come always from the gods to selected peoples.

The Olmecs were peoples selected from the gods, and they in turn loyal to their gods.

They were certainly unique in his character and were certainly much disciplined in managing these artifacts of the gods.solderss_4  Remember, Moses also received a heavy weapon to defend his people. It is the only historical account, where a human being receives a weapon of a god.

Now I have the certainty that he was not alone. The Olmecs were also one of God’s chosen people.

I send Greetings to my Mexican friends and my respects to the decedents of the Olmecs. Although the people of the Olmecs disintegrated, the genetic material is alive in some people. They can be very proud of their origin.

Not every culture and his people are chosen of God. Although some claim it today, not all are worthy of that.

Josef Bauer

The Olmec and the ANNUNAKIS used the same Power

The Weapons of the Olmec

Laser-Gun or Taser in the hands of the Olmecs

the video: The Laser-Gun of the Olmec

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