Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Mr.‭ ‬Skipper, I pray for you and your beloved

 Reflection: 030.

The sad situation,‭ ‬in what is Don Joseph P.‭ ‬Skipper is triggered in me unspeakable sadness.
As he said in a personal note,‭ ‬his mother died recently,‭ for ‬which he was responsible and caring devotedly until her death.
Even before the death of his mother,‭ ‬his wife was diagnosed with cancer.‭ ‬His mother was dying in Hospital and his wife was also in hospital with chemical treatment .
Don Skipper has written now a new note in which he announced that his wife can not be cured.
I know that hundreds of thousands die in the world of cancer,‭ ‬I too have lost two people because of cancer.‭ ‬Every single loss is a wound no longer healed.
A man in his lifetime filled with his soul and his body a room.‭ ‬Leave this man our dimension,‭ ‬he leaves a vacuum,‭ ‬in space and our own personal dimension.
The hearty laughter of that person,‭ ‬the advice or help from that person, for us no longer exists.‭ ‬The questions which are being set are not answered more.
The affection that one seeks,‭ ‬finds no more.‭ ‬The hand of a mother who did all his life to care for their children is no longer there.
Goodbye forever,‭ ‬is the most painful experience in human life.
I ask all believers to pray for the man himself and woman and the mother of Mr Skipper.‭ ‬Maybe let the Lord-God be a miracle and heal at the last moment the woman.
Oh Lord let this cup go over now,‭ ‬but your will be done. Most heartfelt wishes of the Christian Resignation to Don Skipper and his wife.
Josef Bauer.
a new personal note released from Sir Skipper:
PERSONAL NOTE (2/14/2011): Sandy, my wife, the light of my life, my close partner of 47+ years, passed away today at home in my arms of the cancer before I could get alternative treatment sufficiently developed. She was and is the most important thing in the world to me and never when I was a young man meeting her for the first time did I ever imagine that someone could be so loyal, true, close, and important or that I would be truly blessed in such a way. Naturally I block headily took far too much of it for granted. It's devastating loss without measure but I will endure and go on because I promised her that I would.

I am so sad to have to read this.
The miracle of healing was not done. The cup, with the bitter drink, did not go past them.
it will not be easy to get over it. Once more, Most heartfelt wishes of the Christian Resignation to Don Skipper. I know that many of his unknown friends sympathize with him and pray for his mother and his wife. Also, I will do that.
filled with sadness greet, Josef Bauer
Joseph P. Skipper

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