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Phoenix-Mars-Lander Abnormalities

Report: 141.
Many images from any camera of any satellite or rover or Phoenix are released to the public with little resolution.
I asked myself a thousand times already,such as that below the Phoenix, you can not see clearly and distinctly the ground.
The camera is on the robotic arm, and can come to touch the ground.But from a height of one meter is not possible, enlarge an image without losing quality.
I do not think they do not do pictures with at least one pixel MB per image. It is still under the standard of any camera phone.
Because they do not directly all in secret, as they do it certain with other projects, if they not want, that we can see something.
Now, when you take a picture, as you know, you have to focus the lens.If the object is about a few meters or hundred meters away. You, or the camera automatic has to select.
Near or far. Panoramas can be approached from a few meters to see objects quite clear. There's hard to hide something, if you want to show something on the horizon.
So it was in one of these images.
Not far from Phoenix, appears different soil formations, apparently rocks, which could be tubes or pipes.
Sir Skipper presented a report, the number 142:
In which he showed the pipe that you can see in the middle of the image. I do not want to repeat what has already explained.
In his report, but in the same image I found three anomalies that are not public yet.
So it's not a repeat. or a copy. Also, I would not do, out of respect to the American researcher. Regulate on the basis of ethical, I'm against plagiarism.
It may be that in some Web already someone was talking of something in this image.
Always it is possible that in any web page, someone has already processed some materials shown here. Good, but as long as I have not seen it, it does not exist and is therefore not a copy. I know that is not so easy with the copyright, but first consciousness, then the laws.
If today someone invents something in China, or have something, it is their intellectual property.But while I know nothing of its existence, and no legal claims of someone, I think you can publish own ideas and images.
Now to the pictures. Give an explanation is difficult. Stone or pipes 1 Images 1/5:  showing Anomalies:1 this was reported by Joseph Skipper or pipes 2 Images 1b/5:  showing highlighted the places of the four Anomalies
between the pipe in the middle of the picture and the screw, anomalies 3, is a rock drilled,  a statue pulled down or a stone for astronomical observation when he was on foot. Much like as the center stone at Machu Picchu, Peru. or pipes 3 Images 2/5:  showing Anomalies:2 a curved line through or beside a hollow stone
Picture above left, are two stones that are attached to a curved line. The stone left, seems to be a stone cylindrical and conical.Screw or pipes 4 Images 3/5:  showing Anomalies:3  a Screw? 
This object in the center of the Image  looks like a screw nut.Machu Picchu Stone 5  Images 4/5:  showing Anomalies:4 Machu Picchu likely central stone tumbled on Mars soilMachu Picchu Stone 6 Images 5/5: showing Anomalies:4
The original images from where come the report evidence is with this code:
Link 1, raw/MOSAIC/S_013EFF_CYL_SR11E1C_L111M4.html
Link2, full resolution: 647.6 KB
Wallpaper: Phoenix-Mars-Lander Abnormalities
tn00002 1024x768  86.7 KB
Josef Bauer

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, ...

please, can anyone tell me, is it allowed to use exerpts from mars panoramas in my youtube video for public ?

Josef Bauer on December 22, 2011 at 9:01 PM said...

thank for your comment. i think all the imges from NASA are public.
Greets Josef Bauer

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