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Signs of small runlets of water

water erosion
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Not only rain, moving mountains or tsunamis that inundated coastlines of several countries are signs of water on a planet. Small scratches humidity or drizzle a few millimeters per square meter are examples of this vital liquid or in case of abundance, fatal.
More if you find these testimonies of liquid water on the surface of Mars.
A detective can not see in many cases a suspect, but he sees or finds clues suspicious which can be linked to the suspect.
So are working all scientists in the search for evidence of life and cultures of the past here on earth. Also the Criminal Investigations of crime, or war, is working with these methods.
Looking for clues is the pastime of thousands, not millions. Sometimes it takes years and traveling the world to collect all a puzzle and sometimes the only clue is depressed without knowing that it was one or the one.
Private investigators do the same on Mars in small size, which in turn makes NASA with their power in technology.
The scientist from NASA and other institutions do not seek, but collecting information, which in turn would be classified later.
This is different. If you want something, you know, you want to find and possibly you are not objective.
For the scientist there is nothing unusual.
For example: the measured the temperature on Mars, without anticipating an outcome with personal desires.
The temperature, which gives a thermometer, was analyzed after, without pre-selection of a required temperature subjectively.
Everything is possible as long as you can see something repeatedly in the work conditions.
I think scientists are so curious as any human being, only the data, resulting from research, escape their responsibility.
There, enter politics and the economy. It may or may not release information to the public. Everything is under patent protection, intellectual rights, of military secrets, etc.
We, and I in particular, seek, as I said many times, the beautiful things of creation.
In the way of looking you can see many beautiful things, but in turn, also curious.
On the one hand by their presence in places as unusual is the surface of Mars.
Some picture, nor should it provide always with an explanation, if I have not, and how can I have an explanation of all things, that go beyond the known of a man.
I am not looking for a description vehemently. No. Just I show it and bring it available to the community.
This time with the images of this story I think I can give you an idea of my analysis.
In the three images (the first is repeated with arrow marking) is a smooth of small stones and sand in a small trough made ​​of water that ran and took some little stones and deposit them down on the plates of these rocks.water erosionA very smooth displacement. Barely a few millimeters, only so much to bring the sand twenty centimeter below. Nothing more. But I'm talking about Mars. From there comes the picture. The wind does not displace a small channel in the sand.
Only the water leaves these traces. Beautiful this detail and evidence of liquid water on Mars at any time, nothing to speak of millions of years. This erosion was made yesterday, three weeks ago or is many a year. But no more. It can be also a drizzle this morning.water erosionIt's that simple. Water in liquid form is now on Mars. Does not matter if evaporates or disappears into the rocks and into the depths.
The circuit of rain, creeks, elephant taking and satisfy your thirst and water that freezes and evaporates and collects in clouds works at this time on Mars.
The elephant, we can discuss. But it is an example not more, and we can think of something smaller too.water erosionBut where there is water there is life. The water is a thousand times approved. There is it as a vapor, clouds, as snow and ice.
And explain it once. Nothing is easier for any animal, thawing the ice to water with a little sodium chloride. With salt! With a little saliva, which contains sodium, you will melt the ice and drink it.
I do not think it will be difficult to the evolution to invent a metabolism which can do it.
Our fishes remove the oxygen in the water and breathe quietly. I will not start now with more examples, but life is vital and transform frozen water to usable water is the easiest thing there is.
Here is a small displacement of earth and stones that just moved from the earth wall a few inches down and stayed there and again. The water which ran was not enough to carry further.water erosion
water erosion Mars
Not that we already no have pictures of water in liquid form on Mars and falls infinitely great, but frozen, but I wanted to show small and very valuable evidence.
Josef Bauer
Source: NASA: Spirit Panoramic Camera PIA11753
Full-Res JPEG:PIA11753.jpg (11.67 MB)

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