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The oldest symbol of power Part-2

 Bacchus 1

Report: 152

We continue with Part 2 of the report of the oldest symbol of power.

Then here we see the same object, tied to the stick from the Greek gods, as the highest, the God Bacchus, Bacchus God Dionysus, Dionysus or Osiris, the Egyptian God, who represents all that is reborn,  Osiris to compare Pope's staff, three thousand or more years later.

Today, the Pope walks leaning on his cane with the symbol of power of all these gods. Pope Be that this is not remarkable?

The Gods of India had a similar object in one or sometimes six hands over his head. kubero con transmisor

zoom it to see the transmisor

 kubero God of India with remote control or transmitter kubera vaishravana As I wrote and ratified, the Anunnakis used a technological artifact.

In this image an Anunnaki with the same device as the God of India above! Anunnaki artifact Obviously, they did not explain to anyone its function. Only used it or had it in reserve in case of danger or a need for urgency.

It may be, it opens an invisible wall of protection or it is a remote control to send energy to another device or to have contact with stations in orbit. The fantasy has no limits.

Imagine a phone today with so many applications on a single device. The gods were all interconnected.

All of them are with the ability to fly. Not themselves, but getting up in the air or entering a unit with whom he could go to heaven or wherever they wanted. They also had radio contact logically. Personal protection was also important.

Shoot a laser beam to face or break offensive intentions of the people,Anunnaki artifact 2 to know constantly the geographical position was very important.

Also important was the measurement of the time of this planet, the orbit of its station and possibly the planet of their origin. For that they took their watches.

wristwatch of Anunnakis

As today, everyone carries a mobile phone or laptop with differences in the models,

so all used those who were connected in some way with these devices with the gods.

This ornament, rather, this device has at least 5000 years of presence in the art and direct use.

Protected and helped almost all the gods of all known civilizations. If that's not a sample or a clear signal of its importance, what then?

This magical ornament has also influence in modern architecture.

In London this enormous building was constructed in the shape of the fruit of the pine, under the name of Gherkin. For some secret importance the architects used this symbol. They must do it. London is the center of financial power in the world. Gherkin Tower Some people still know the most effective force behind this symbol and want people to demonstrate that this symbol still means power over the world.

With the departure of the gods, all its utensils also disappeared.

The little, left consciously, or by the plight of its output, are now very sacred relics and out of sight, to the knowledge of people.

If you do not know something exists, then either try to find such an object, and therefore more secure can be saved these artifacts of the gods, because there are simply technological devices at a time, and civilization, far from ours.

The legends are fabulous, but in the true sense. Not like the story of a fisherman who describes his big fish caught.

No, the legends of the presence of the gods are real, Letter by letter.

His powers and magic used are real, not magic, but its origin is advanced technology.

They flew, lived in heaven, had their palaces in heaven, saw and heard everything (of the lord you can not hide, nor in the dark, or behind your house. Your sins are before him, and written in a book ...).

They destroyed cities or places, or palaces with their weapons, flying over and dropping bombs or death rays. They had crystals (screens) in which, it was observed everything.

They had eternal lights (electricity), deep knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, medicine and most lived forever.

I think the connection between God and man or plural between gods and men are undeniable, but not only in the religious sense, also the connection between two civilizations, a technologically advanced and the other, our newly awakened, and began with the help of the other.

There is much to rethink and rewrite on our history.

If these images and thoughts of mine help a little bit open a mind, at least to consider this possibility would be an important step for mankind not to take everything as fact.

You have to think everything over and over again, looking from different angles. Two thousand years we lost because we deny the coexistence of two civilizations, possibly on two different planets.

We were stuck in the middle of everything, man as the planet earth, but in truth we know today are not so far. Yes, we are part of something big. We are part of the universe. Nothing more, nothing less.

But the start point in a circle, in an infinite balloon, in a closed curve, in a universe immeasurable for us, does not exist, and still less can we be the center.

We share a little bit and fill this great vacuum, which is the universe with our presence. Share in an infinite coexistence with other beings this world! The sooner we accept it better for us.

Josef Bauer

The oldest symbol of power

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