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Shenzhou 9 and the goddess Liu Yang

Shenzhou- Liu Yang_01


If Liu Yang had landed, five thousand years ago, had called it, goddess Liu.

She is the first Chinese Taikonauta, traveling with two companions in a rocket named Shenzhou 9 to a space station.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_02 Looking at the pictures automatically make some comparisons between the astronauts of today and the Anunnaki, the gods of the Sumerians.

Five thousand years passed between the image of the Chinese Taikonauta and the relief of an Anunnaki. Both have a watch on his arm and carry some box in your hand. What the Taikonauta seems to be an air compressor, whereas the Anunnaki team could have been a container with portable power.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_03 in the following image we see a rocket named Shenzhou 9 at the time of takeoff.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_06 in the following image we see Henzhou 9 on their way to spaceShenzhou- Liu Yang_07 Shenzhou- Liu Yang_08 This station, called "Tiangong 1", the palace in the sky, and also of China origin, was already in space, and was recently visited by an unmanned spacecraft. This unmanned approach was also successful. Now is the first time that a crew enters the palace in the sky.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_09 the palace in the sky, Tiangong 1 minute before coupling, the next picture shows the nave and the Tiangong 1 attached.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_10 Shenzhou- Liu Yang_11 three Taikonauta at the station. Striking is as always the modern helmet and its parallel in sculptures of thousands of years old.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_12 Hopefully it is a sculpture of the astronaut or Taikonauta.

The stone sculpture is up today, and for millennia, the safest method to use as storage medium.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_05 Someday in the distant future, when once again the memory is lost to a civilization with advanced technology, including travel to space where astronauts had their palace, was recognized this as the goddess astronaut Yang Liu.

The goddess Liu Yang, beautiful, always with a smiling face, begging the gods to have mercy to humans and always traveling on his ship between the earth and stars.

Five thousand years ago we had our gods and goddesses. The Anunnaki came at this time to humanity.

Liu Yang would be the goddess of the seventh millennium.

It is very likely, that in five thousand years from now we will not exist anymore as advanced civilization in this beautiful world.

The memory to the past will be erased again.

Evidence of a culture for five thousand years no longer exists. Only some legends tell of lights and big cities with convenient transportation in land, sea and sky.

But the years 2012 to 7012 years nothing is known. These years are in obscurity, or never existed, and there was a jump in the calendar, so that the world seems older.

The strange thing is that there is evidence of cultures much more before this date. Stone sculptures found in places like the place called in the legends Rome, and on the islands of Greece, also the pyramids in the sandy area next to the great river Nile in Egypt are evidence that there was someone who built it.

It is estimated that they were a civilization that came from the stars and called Anunnaki.

Some archeologist of the year 7012 does not believe in changes in the calendar, but are convinced that a civilization existed at least until 2012.

After a long time there was possibly a dark, lasting hundreds of years and all the ground was frozen, including the area of Ecuador. Some tribes of humans survived in the area, which is called the Antarctic before and is now the central zone of humanity in their new unfolded.

Is one of the areas most pleasant, when in its temperature and its vegetation is concerned.

This could be the situation in five thousand years on this planet we called earth. Hopefully I'm wrong in this story of fiction.

I congratulate the Taikonauta Liu Yang, the Chinese space agency and the other astronauts for their courage, for his ability and humility, which is reflected in their faces.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_04 His arrival at the space as stated is not a race with other countries. It is another step in its program to understand and realize on their intellectual, technological and economic power all that science is concerned.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_13 the capsule with three crew seconds before touching land after two weeks in space.Shenzhou- Liu Yang_14


Note: I would not expect five thousand years to say that the Taikonauta Yang Liu is a goddess!

Josef Bauer 

Shenzhou- Liu Yang_15

Link: annunakis-and-their-wristwatch-part-1

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