Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something petrified, or rocks

petrified tree stump_0


Here we see something petrified, or is it simply a game of some geological rocks.

A landslide has exposed something interesting on Mars. It was something that grew there?petrified tree stump_1 It is the image number 1P274394321ESF90PDP2445L2M1 made from Mars Rover Opportunity on the day Sol 1647, on day 11-Sep-2008 12:38 here on earth.

At first glance it looks as usual. Sand, stone, and nothing to the horizon.

The only thing, we see, is in the middle of the image. There is a small inclination, an accident in the environment of some meters from above to the flat at the bottom of the image.

Well, let's analyze another image.

No, stop! What`s that we have here? Rare rocks? Yes? petrified tree stump_2 Above the roots there is lying a petrified tree stump!

We zoom in the picture a little. That bad is the resolution, but a little we can increase the resolution. Right.

Look. What is that, what we have here? Rocks, shaped as conical.petrified tree stump_3 All there are with an end as a root of a vegetable on earth. What needs a conical peak, being under the earth? It will be that is alive or was alive?

This is something that moves or displaced under the earth, or something that grew underground, or in this case under the soil of Mars.

By the alongside impact could be that collapsed this part of the soil or the thaw in the summer weak the soil of Mars, and release a few inches of soil.

I believe, which is half a meter, which opened, and left uncovered these things.petrified tree stump_4 If this discovery would be on earth, we would take all that, to clean in a laboratory to see if it is a fossil, or something petrified or just a geological game of rocks on Mars and nothing of biological nature.

I can not define the composition of these objects. I hope that some scientist or geologist tell us clearly what it is. Meanwhile, we will that archive as something very special and probably very close to something that has to do with life on Mars.

Josef Bauer

Source: Opportunity Panoramic Camera Sol 1647

NASA / Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394321ESF90PDP2445L2M1

Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394363ESF90PDP2445L5M1
Mars rover Opportunity 1P274394404ESF90PDP2445L7M1

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