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The Mars-Hexagon

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Day by day I'm watching images of the moon, and images of Mars.
What is the big difference, you see at first glance?
Our moon is sterile, although I do not rule out that there are corners with something we call life. I do not think it's on a big scale, yes, small infestations of bacteria, or something similar, to mosses, which would be advanced life form and flora.
The continuous bombardment of meteorites, and large meteors, punched the moon relentlessly and mercilessly. From million years, or billions of years follow this bombing.
Before, there was still heat inside the moon, and each hit caused a pour out of lava. The craters were filled with lava and sediment leveled these big holes or wells.
in many images you can see that the craters were filled with something to fill them precisely.
Always on the lower side the lava came out, and spilled into the surrounding area.
  Well, anyway, after a few days of the impact cooled everything, and since then it remained so until the present day. No vegetation covering these craters. No erosion, which gradually change the environment.
Only the powder layer gradually increases. Also a little mystery, but I imagine that sunlight with their ultra hard active radiation, destroy the surface. Also, the hammering of small meteorites are like stone mills, and are causing more and more dust.
We conclude that our moon is quite barren, and serves as spatial memory, or memory of creation, because the moon is held since its formation as such.

   However, Mars is a living planet, with all that, that means.  The difference to our moon, Mars is subject to constant changes as well as our environment on our planet.
Until the annual seasons between summer months and colder months with constant changes influence the appearance of the surface. To this must be added the climate variations over periods of thousands or millions of years, with its cyclic warming and cooling.
    Mars is a living planet. Geologically, accompanied by these fluctuations most likely of several forms of biological life, to plant life, and wildlife with forms very difficult for us to recognize as such.
On top of that there are probably very advanced lives, but for environmental reasons, they left their planet to use them such as a shelter.

Now we are three different groups in the search, and observation of Mars and others.
The first category, for this classification, and their training at the same time first.
The scientist, trained in their area, and with the desire to add something to the greatest treasure of our humanity, which is information.
The information, and their sum, their analysis, is the greatest treasure that we have today.
That is also why intellectual property is the most valuable. Intellectual property must be valued, such as hardware, that you can touch.
The matter sometimes transformed into valuable tools, machinery and equipment, or just a house, a yard or a garden.
This scientist is the most valuable to society, because the search for information. On his work, he discovers something new every day.
I speak of any scientist of any discipline.
All pieces are valuable, together with information from other disciplines is increasingly clarified the image of our reality.
The second, in our classification is again the scientist, but now he who depends on government money market funds, or military or other secret groups. The discovery of this class of scientists are so valuable as the first group.
All are scientists, top trained, but this group will not or can not give to us, the general public, any information of his discoveries.
The political, or economic, or military power takes the decision, if you can make public some, or all of a new discovery. What unfortunately happens very rare times or tens of years behind.
The third group is the private investigator, with its limitations in training and economic development.
Here I find myself, and thousands of other civilians seekers. Seek the truth, or knowing the truth is the goal of us. Possibly we rowing a boat against the wind, and if we find something, we know not to communicate the news scientifically, or sensationally.
The honest way, with errors in the description, load with emotion of finding something, does not allow us to reach many people, and convince them of one or another new information. Possibly we are unlikely to add something to all information yet collected.
But I ask all not to lose strength, not the readers, nor the other researchers in their attempts. With our efforts we force the second category that they satisfactorily explains our findings, and so goes one, and other information from them, to the people.

Today I show an anomaly very beautiful, that I found in my walks around Mars. Something similar to a hexagon, or a living thing wrapped in shape of a hexagon.

May be, it is a purely geological, a result of erosion caused from the different temperatures. You can also think of something living, which began to grow in this place, and was wrapped in a circle on itself.
I do not give many explanations because I have not. Watch the exotic and unique form in an environment very attractive, and very exciting. Near this hexagonal shape I can see something like a lake with liquid water probably, but that's another story.
Josef Bauer

Wallpaper: Mars-Hexagon 1024x768  107.8KB

Wallpaper: Mars-Hexagon 1024x768  33.4KB

Source: Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera  E0600005

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