Saturday, July 13, 2013

Divine Design - the Ice King

Reflection: 037.
He found me, while I am was walking on Mars and called me with my name. " Come in and come closer, man from the earth," he said.
"You live closer to the Sun, your heart is warmer, your blood flows and fills your body with heat, while I'm waiting for a new era of spring, for our planet.
I am in captivity for thousands of years, unable to move. Bring from your spacecraft solar mirrors, and send the concentrated light from our sun, the sun is also of us, only far, in this cave inward, and the heat will break the ice, which making me a prisoner. „

The voice went on with crystalline tone: "As a token of my appreciation I will reveal all the secrets of the planet Mars, as you call it. Unimaginable treasures i will show you, and offer you to sit on the council of the nobles of this planet.
Come and help me, "he asked with a crystalline voice, which started to freeze again.  Soon I heard no more nothing, but his gaze seemed even asking me the same.

What he did not know, was that I arrived not on a ship on Mars, but in my dreams, such as remote-viewer, without technology, just in my travels out of my body.
It was impossible for me to break the ice sheet, which covered the King to alleviate their state of immobility. The night on earth was ending, and I had to return to my body, and I had to leave the King.
Maybe some other time I can visit him again. With the hope of someday directing a robot with laser capacity in order to defrost him I returned to my body, and I woke up.

That was days before the satellite Curiosity landed near the King.  The fate of the Mars Rover "Curiosity" was not to discover life and explore Mars, but to free the King, and I had the responsibility to change the path of the robot to approaching and to enter, and that he will use his laser casually for an analysis of a rock with a layer of ice.
The heat of the laser beam will be enough to break the layer and the King could go, but that no one knows yet.

Curiosity was sent of fate or divine manipulation?
The king of the ice, someday he will tell us everything. This day will come.
We have to have a little more patience, but this day will come soon.  

Josef Bauer
Wallpaper: The Mars Ice-King

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