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Water Falls, alien life, artificial terraces

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This picture numbered ESP_014287_1685_RED.NOMAP presents one of the most beautiful landscapes, and also the clearest signs of water in liquid and frozen state.

This place includes water, in frozen state, a wall, or Terrace very special, my living dunes, and a cave, which serves as a natural range of liquid water. This natural well absorbs water and makes it run to underground places.

I cannot confirm if there is an artificial anomaly in this picture, although the wall, or this terrace are very rare, and their edges and walls are too angular, in an environment which is quite hilly.

This terrace has an artificial appearance, because there is no angular shape in this rocky and uneven environment. Something, I think, that are buildings and terraces, and pipes covered with vegetable plantations. Probably a lot of water comes out of the wall, and someone gives practical use, and directs it intelligently.

Certainly I can confirm, we see here very clear signs of water on Mars. The water came, and today comes from places higher, possibly coming from the pressure exerted by water in underground fluid.

The temperature inside the Martian soil is probably much higher than on the surface, that is probably well above the freezing point of water. On the surface, however, the temperature is well below freezing point, ie between 30 and 50 degree Celsius, and therefore freezes the water, immediately coming out to the surface.

Just to complete my remarks I want to add, that there are different mixtures of water on Mars with different hydrates and acids. In simple words, these chemicals are salts, as well as on earth, but with different mixing formulas.

There is also filtered water, which comes from the interior, and logically has little or no Natrium Hydrochloride and therefore is rapidly frozen.

The other form of liquid water is more strained, mixed with acid, resulting salts, and does not reach freezing.

Examples of such mixtures are Metamizol-Natrium, Hydrochloride Natriumhydroxid.

Text from Wikipedia: ... Sodium is an essential nutrient that plants need in very low doses. However, a slightly higher dose, the salt is more toxic.

Certain groups of plants such as C4 or CAM plants require higher doses of this element and others, called halophytes are more tolerant to excess salt.ófita

... the chloride of Sodium or sodium chloride, commonly called salt, table salt, or mineral halite form, is a chemical compound with the formula NaCl. Sodium chloride is one of the salts responsible for the ocean salinity, and the extracellular fluid of many organisms. It is also the largest component of table salt, is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.

I follow: NaCl is the formula of our table salt. And it does not freeze. We found it on Mars in lakes, wells or rivers covered with a layer of ice.

From all that we will discuss later.

Falling slowly as in a movie of slow motion, are running drops by drops, and melt, and freeze at the same time, or in periods of hours. That gives the impression of a waterfall frozen; looking not only water, but also the time is frozen.

The most beautiful image of the falls is frozen water.

Drops or water jets hit the ground in the lower levels of this terrain, and there are waiting, other life forms, taking advantage, like all life, these damp places.

This accumulation of unequal bodies, but aligned, maximizes water coming down from the heights.

These bodies allow any liquid to enter, but do not let him more out. Many small walls, gates, high sediment as barriers, hinder the return of water to the environment. On earth there is no such facilitate, biological or animal forms, or large plants. The only resemblance on earth is the moss, stuck to rocks that accumulate moisture, and do not let him escape from his tiny filters.

Back on Mars, I guess it evolved this strategy to take advantage of some moisture, which is transmitted directly. Bodies and tentacles with the ability to absorb water, which occasionally runs are placed in angular terms at, to be exact on a 90 degree angle against any stream.

I talk about this phenomenon and I will have to talk more often because that's life, that's intelligent organization.

That in turn does not mean that these individuals are intelligent, but the force is acting intelligently creating life forms, and composite materials differently to something known to us. In our world any rain destroys everything that opposes its way.

Watch only on steep mountains, which are cultivated by humans.

There is damage from erosion, which always occurs in the direction of water run, led by gravity. We will never find anything like it in our world, as seen over and over again on Mars. I cannot emphasize enough this phenomenon.

I repeat it again. Gravity makes the water run down to areas below. In any space body would be the same, because each mass exerts gravity. Our dams on earth, to gain power, are the only constructions, which opposes the gravitational force of the water.

The wall of any dam cut off the flow of liquid, and directs it inside, where it passed through pipes, to pass through turbines, which produces energy.

If these live dunes on Mars goes something like, but do not take advantage of the current strength of the liquid, but the liquid itself. Surely filtered, accumulates, and loses some of this liquid by transpiration or other effects. All these accumulations are strong enough to oppose the fluid path.

In the next image in the corner right below, is a well, which is apparently dry. Because of the washed-out stages in the rock you can easily see that here a long time much water flowed, and this hole has swallowed everything.

Visible erosion on the rocks is surely the product of thousands of years of water, which came, and filled with a lot of aggression these rocks, and as a whirlwind was lost in the depths of Mars.

Mars was once a beautiful planet, a paradise and home to thousands of life forms. Today is presented in an exotic way, but no less beautiful.

Signs of flowing water before and even today there is a lot. We must accept no more, neither Mars nor possibly any celestial body are sterile. Life in one way or another is present there on each of this planets or moons.

Josef Bauer

Although not plan to use the image as a screen saver, as wallpaper, take a look at the picture, because it has a very good resolution.

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Source: Satellite MRO

 HiRISE ESP_014287_1685_RED.NOMAP


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luciano72942 on March 24, 2014 at 7:53 PM said...

What is the name of this image in hirise site?

Josef Bauer on March 25, 2014 at 4:12 AM said...

HiRISE ESP_014287_1685_RED.NOMAP
This is the Link to the original ( there is the Link in green)
thank for your interesting

Anonymous said...

Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the good effort.

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