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Report: 099.

At the date of 25 December 2004 I personally witnessed some was could be a UFO. I discovered the special path in the space where aliens leaving the constellation of Orion, with his big ship.
The ship has a large measure by calculating its distance and its brightness. His form seems pyramidal or conical, sometimes with red-purple to blue colors. Suddenly he looked white.
The Orion constellation has in the middle of them three very bright stars, called in the lands with Spanish languages in the three Marys. The star with the name Alnitak on the right is the start point of the space flight of this ship.
Hence or slightly behind his trip home this ship and not to the stars, but from the stars to us. Towards the solar system!

Here, in one of our planets is there base, possibly they is stationed in the orbit, because it’s large size.
I remind the reader that recently I saw an image of a giant UFO hidden in the rings of Saturn.
Once arriving in the solar system, it’s easy to get with a smaller ship to any planet or moon in our system solar.
The space route is like a air route of ours airlines. For one reason or another always used the same route in height and direction. That has mainly to do with corporate accounting.
To save on fuel we are searching for the shortest possible path from one city to another or from one continent to another. But we always have to make compromises.
Even straight and short line between two points is curved. These horizontal curves are not gravitational obligation, but one for sure, because the aircrafts are using paths about the continents so long as possible and seek the narrowest of crossing the sea. The second aspect is the observation on high winds. The headwind is an increase in the effort to do the engines and therefore have more fuel combustion. The space is somewhat similar, but forces and dangers of another nature. For example, the gravitation of the sun can be too large and could be a death trap. In other places it may be, there are more meteorites that could endanger the ships as they did before the rocks of ice to vessels at sea.
The route discovered by me has its origins in Orion. His purpose in our solar system. The history of the gods is directly connected with the universe, with stars and the Orion system always has a special character.
We see the location of the three pyramids in Egypt, the great pyramid of Cheops and his two companions in the vicinity of the city of Cairo. Many argue that the locations of the pyramids are a reflection of the three Mary’s at the Orion.
Similar, they are really. They are really a mathematically and geographically reflection I don’t know. At least the stars help a lot to the imagination of the builders.
Orion, the pyramids, the gods of the Greeks and Phoenicians and Egyptians and further back in time, the Sumerians with their gods Annunakis, the Olmecs and Toltec’s, Incas and Mayas, still have many secrets to reveal. I mean the secrets of the gods and their origins in the stars.
One, of these secrets, the route of his travels, I found. We going slowly discovered where they park their space ships on our system. They came from; we know now, His course in space also. We need to know, where your accommodation is, and what they are doing. The next time we will talk about it.
Josef Bauer

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